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  • Hawaiian_Ryan
    Awesome man!! What colors do you have available?
    I'll take(buy) 2.lmk

    Peace and mahalos,

    Ryan O.
    November 2016
  • HRSnuffinPuff
    Thanks for the warm welcome, and the feedback!
    I'm very glad to be here; I've been getting a lot of useful info,
    and I hope to maybe share some as well.
    This seems like a great group of people, and I'm happy to be a part.
    June 2016
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    March 2016
  • Hawaiian_Ryan
    Hello can I still purchase Two boxes I can send my payment asap.just lmk if u have dem.I want a black and white or green one.please get back to me .I'm just waiting for your response back.


    March 2016
  • Hawaiian_Ryan
    Yo I'm gonna send my payment for my two boxes on Friday or Saturday.I hope that's ok.

    Peace and Aloha

    Ryan Orta
    February 2016
  • Hawaiian_Ryan
    Yo man I'm very interested in getting(purchasing) those snuff boxes you make.They look awesome.can u keep me posted when I can buy a few.how much u think is it gonna be?just wondering.I love the design and colors.
    Can I purchase one or two when is available& can u let me know when it will be for sale??

    Thanks I I think u have a product and will do good.I would like a smaller version so I can keep in my chef pocket.
    Thanks for your time reading this I appreciate it very much.

    Peace and Aloha,

    February 2016