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No man (or women) is an island...

sneezewortsneezewort Member
edited January 2009 in General
Although with my snuff taking I sometimes feel that way. I live in upstate NY and snuff is all but non-existent. My favorite MYO tobacco supplier has no idea what snuff is all about and when I asked them they had but 2 cans of the WE Garret in the place (and who knows for how long those were in the shop!!) Everything I've learned so far related to snuff has been online and/or through this wonderful board. I've never found it in another shop at all and I've visited quite a few!!

I did do a search on here for others that might be in NY but came up empty. It would be nice to cross paths with some other human beings that actually take snuff, no one in my circle takes and I've never seen anyone in the slightest who does, if you can believe that!! I've mentioned it to my friends but not a one of them appear to be even mildly interested or curious. I usually get, "Oh, that's nice, doesn't that cause nasal cancer!!".

So... Anyone on this board live in upstate NY? Specifically I'm located in Binghamton, an hour or so south of Syracuse. If you are, hit me up, maybe we could catch a few drinks and revel in our common pastime!! :-) Hope I don't come off as being lonely (LOL), I really do live a busy life which is even more surprising that I've never met anyone who takes or enjoys snuff...


  • Welcome to the site Sneezewort. Mr Snuff (screen name of a member and also the name of his online company) is based in NY.

    I believe from occasional comments that there are a couple of places to get snuff in NY but none will compare to Mr Snuff so maybe whisper him? I must admit though, from my few visits it did seem like a snuffing desert.

    Believe me, its pretty much the same all over - most of us don't know many if any other snuffers, which is probably why this site is so busy. And in terms of buying the stuff, no shop will compete with online stores - although there are a few that are very good; the trouble is that they are few and far apart.
  • Snuff will become more popular I'am sure. Especialy with the smoking bans. I think people should start looking into selling it to bars.
    Just heard a great line
    "you are giving me a heart attack, it's the kind I like"
  • edited January 2009 PM
    Sneezewort, welcome to the world of snuff and by that I mean this forum!! I'm a loner at the very bottom end of Africa. I do not even know ONE person around who takes snuff. So, I agree with Snuffster, this forum is my snuff world. I buy almost all my snuff via internet, no problem except I have to wait so long for the stuff. But, if you want it badly enough, you will get it, believe you me!!!

  • Well if you want a couple hours drive you can visit me up here in Ontario, Canada..........
    Same story my way.
    No one snuff's here, and ALL my purchases are made via internet.
    Except for 2 weeks ago when I was in Kingston, I stopped in to a smoke shop and they sold McCrystals O&G.
    After I blew the dust off my purchase, I opend the crypt, I mean tin, and took a lovely stale pinch.
    I take it that product doesn't move very well.
    Anyway, welcome!
  • Thank you everyone for your comments! I can see I'm not alone in my predicament. Although we may never get a chance to share our penchant for taking snuff in person, we can at least share it here. To those more experienced than myself at this practice, thanks for providing the guidance.
  • ChapmanChapman Member
    edited January 2019 PM
    Only ten years later, but what are the chances, lol. I am from kirkwood NY, ten minutes from Binghamton. Bored at work reading through crazy old posts and saw this, what are the chances lol, small world
  • Dave (MR Snuff) moved his business to the United Kingdom many years ago in a galaxy far, far away in response to the Pact Act. Basically it ceased all domestic shipment of snuff to save the children! 
  • one of the things I've noticed about snuffers is we are a diverse lot. There isn't a type that uses snuff. So even if you're geographically near another snuff taker there is always a really good chance they're not in your circle. 
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited January 2019 PM
    Out of over 40 people from my circle (friends of friends including) who occasionally (for the most part) used to take snuff, only one buddy cares about it yet (preferring vaping nowadays, he still enjoys his daily pinch or two). The rest just choose cigarettes, vape or don't use tobacco anymore.

    I'd love to share a pinch with my snuff-taking friend now and then, but he's 450 km away.

    On the brighter side, my smoking brother converted to smokeless tobacco last summer. He was excited with the nasal snuff initially, but switched to favour makla and snus later on.
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    edited January 2019 PM
    I feel very fortunate to live 20 minutes away from a great guy and fellow snuffer who I met on this forum. It is really cool to meet up with someone and talk and share snuff! By the way, he is a successful snuff proselytizer. The snuffing community grows. Anybody else on SH in the Chicago area?
  • I'm lucky too to have a distinguished snuffing gentleman named @SammyD13 so close to home :x
  • NotalynnNotalynn Member
    edited January 2019 PM
    @SammyD13 and @ar47    8-> So jealous. You two make a real cute snuff duo.  :P
  • tinhueytinhuey Member
    edited January 2019 PM
    I have given snuff to some of my cigarette smoking friends and they definitely enjoyed it, but not to the point of further pursuit. There is a guy I met through this forum that lives fairly close. We have met a few times for trading. It feels like a drug deal going down, sitting in a car at a gas station snorting brown powder together. Waiting for the black helicopters to appear.
  • I never met somebody in Indonesia who'd using snuff. Some blogger and member here (@jakartaboy) is from Indonesia but never had the chance to meet them. Hope some day, some of us will notice how wonderful is snuff taking.
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