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 We are launching a new website. Free shipping for first 500 orders!

Black Friday Deals

I was just going through my stock of snuff with an eye to making a  shopping list.   Then I remembered Black Friday Sales Day.

Do any of the well known suppliers mentioned, or contributing here have a Black Friday Sale?

Cheers all.


  • Pretty sure MrSnuff had a free shipping deal last year for black friday. I could be wrong.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited November 2018 PM
    Wilsons of Sharrow did that kind of promotion last year.
    Something was going on at northerner.com and snuff.me.uk as well.

    Northerner is the best place to buy American scotch snuffs, dip and chew for European consumer. No VAT on those goods there and free shipping thing happens there once in a while, too.

  • A bunch of good offers at snuffstore.co.uk / mrsnuff.com and sharrowmills.com

  • BizzleBizzle Member
    edited November 2018 PM
    A drum of Grand Cairo for nine pounds on sharrowmills.com is insane!
  • Mrsnuff has 25% off and free shipping. Same at snuffstore.com.
    Code BF18
  • tinhueytinhuey Member
    edited November 2018 PM
    Snuff Store:

    Great deals this Black Friday Weekend!
    Save 50% on all McChrystal's Original & Genuine Snuff this Black Friday Weekend!

    PLUS: Get a FREE McChrystal's Hankerchief!

    Prices are already marked down on McChrystals including drums, so this includes free shipping over $25 too. And 25% off everything else.
  • Drum of SM Blue 7.49 at Wilsons of Sharrow. They've even got Samuel Gawith snuffs at V good prices. Free postage over a tenner too!
  • Wilsons Sharrowmills not only have snuff on sale,    they also have pipes, and snuffboxes and lots of bits and pieces as well.

    Tuck in and enjoy.

  • Does Sharrow Mills ship to US?
  • Regrettably, SM don't ship outside the UK.
    ("Due to credit card company rules we can only supply to the UK")
  • EpitangoEpitango Member
    edited November 2018 PM
    i ordered and forgot the madras. i emailed them, & i hope they add it, & just use the other code they'd given me. Would hate to not try it. What do you think the chances are?
  • @Epitango Try sending a PM to @ManxSnuff, a guy from MS warehouse. Hopefully he will help you.
  • I did so. Thank you.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited November 2018 PM
    snuff.me.uk has reduced its own Jaxons snuff price on this occasion.
    V2 Thunder Abri Cool Strong nasal snuff (coarse grind) still available there.
  • 25% off on everything at seedsman.com

    Good selection of tobacco seeds there (https://www.seedman.com/Tobacco.htm).

    "Save 25% on everything we offer from now to
    midnight Monday! Simply type in TK2018 (case sensitive, no spaces )
    into the coupon field of the shopping cart when you check out, and the
    discount will be applied. ( You must use the code in the coupon field to
    get the discount, we cannot apply discount after order is placed)"
  • @Volunge thanks for the heads up on Jaxons! His Club Special is one of my favorites and I only have a dream left. Snuff.me here I come!
  • Jason from MrSnuff here :)

    We had 25% off over Black Friday weekend and 50% off on McChrystal's Original & Genuine PLUS a free Handkerchief.

    You may now know until your order arrives.. but anyone who ordered on Black Friday is also receive a free 6Photo gift - we've sent out watches, tote bags and many other gifts!

    We're also about to launch our MENTAL SALE for 3 days only from today which is 30% off our Top 10 Best Sellers.

    Any queries - just let me know!
  • More nice offers at Sharrow Mills! Rows of Sharrow, Grove, M and Extra M, to name but a few.
  • tinhueytinhuey Member
    edited November 2018 PM
    Received this today via email. MrSnuff Mental Sale:

    30% SAVINGS on our Top 10 Best Selling Products!
    Grab 'em whilst you can!
    Poschl Gawith Apricot - NOW $2.66
    Ozona President - NOW $1.97
    Poschl Red Bull Strong - NOW $2.79
    Poschl Gletscherprise - NOW $2.52
    Ozona Raspberry - NOW $1.75
    Makla Africaine Platinum - NOW $3.14
    Makla Ifrikia - NOW $2.68
    McChrystal's Original & Genuine - NOW $3.98
    Oliver Twist Original Tobacco Bits - NOW $6.06
    Poschl Alpina - NOW $2.20
    FREE SHIPPING extended by popular demand when you spend over $25!
    You'd be mental not to take advantage of these big savings!
    Save BIG with MrSnuff

  • ar47ar47 Member
    edited November 2018 PM
    @tinhuey thanks! Fascinating list of top sellers too

    BTW it takes 30% off for MrSnuff to beat Snuff.me.uk's price on Oliver Twist by $0.105 :P
  • tinhueytinhuey Member
    edited December 2018 PM
    @ar47 I liked the Oliver Twist samples and put a couple boxes of the brown ones on the last order. They are tiny little things but may well come in handy for those times when it is impossible to use snuff.
  • @tinhuey I also use the oliver twists when I feel like a smoke. Helps me get over my oral fixation. Also good for when your family gets embarrassed when you snuff at a public event. Price is definitely a killer though.
  • So I hear the MrSnuff ship sale is still going on ...

    @AgentSmith I cant believe how small the Oliver tins are! They look like toys!
  • @ar47 - it is!

    We've extended 20% till later this week and free shipping still available on orders over $50 :)
  • ManxSnuffManxSnuff Member, Administrator
    Hey guys, our MrSnuff website guy has taken down the specials off the site and is going to be starting fresh with a new set of offers.

    Does anyone have anything they would like to see on a special offer?! Let me know!

    I will put it to the boss and see what I can do :) 
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