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boxcar vs pinch

so what is the pros and cons to each? does one way deliver more nicotine or give better scent etc ets


  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    pinch gives more scent due to you heatin up the snuff between your fingers, releasing oils and whatnot.

  • 2nd for the pinch technique, easier to do while driving. 
  • Depends on the grind and moisture of the snuff as well as the package. All other things equal, the boxcar is much more convenient when using a tap box, and all other things equal, a very coarse and moist snuff (for example Gawith Black Rappee or Taxi Red) is better taken via boxcar in order to avoid pinching together clumps. Conversely, a dryer snuff is better pinched in order to control the release of the snuff into the nose, and snuffs in a tin are more easily pinched than taken via boxcar.
  • I nearly always pinch. I have more control of dosage and destination, can pre-warm the snuff my holding it a while, and get less snuff sticking to my fingers than with the thumbnail method. I only pour onto the thumbnail for the very last pinch from a snuffbox, when there,s simply not enough left to get hold of it.
  • Pinching. Simple, easiest and best.
  • This, like anything else, depends on the snuff and the nose doing the sniffing.  I usually prefer to use a spoon, and find pinching less appealing, but it depends on the snuff. 
  • I've recently become a box car convert when at home. On the road/working it has to be a pinch because I can make sure it all goes on the Inside not all over the outside of my nostrils :D
  • Die-hard spoon user here. Great for portion control, and much less messy than pinching. 
  • Back of the hand almost exclusively, because, for me, I can get it more easily where I want it to go using that method. But I do pinch occasionally to try a snuff in a different way.
  • I used to snuff off my knuckle to feel all macho ...but switched into my anatomical snuffbox a couple of years back because it was more efficient .

    I occasionally use a boxcar for certain snuffs , LA natural for instance , but this is a rarity .

    Once in a blue moon I'll pinch , but I can quite be clumsy so I don't like to fuck about with open tins close to hand . For me , everything gets decanted into tapboxes . Almost all of it goes off the back of my hand . Pinching may well be the superior method for scent and powder distribution ...but for economy and practicality I favour a tapbox/bottle type arrangement .
  • Depends on the snuff. Good luck boxcaring Taxi Red.:D
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    I agree with the type of snuff determining the method. For me, finer and drier snuffs demand the controlled-release pinch to avoid taking it in too deep. Boxcar works great for moister and coarser. Pinching those can compact and mold them which limits their dispersal throughout the nasal cavities.
  • Does anyone out there box car Indian whites? I've done it a few times now with dried out J&HW Top Mill. Gives a rush! But those whites try to run for my lungs if I don't mix em
  • I pinch almost everything, apart from German snuffs which usually come in tap boxes so they are boxcars. I use the back of my hand to get the last crumbs out of a tin or box (just upend it onto my hand) but this normally results in it going to the wrong part of my nose and isn't a good experience. Same with using a spoon.

    Slightly off tangent, does anyone know where the term boxcar comes from?
  • I've done a lot of reading of the archives and happened on this Gem a while back:

    My theory is that it's the device, knuckle, that joins train cars (and other industrial equipment). I like the other ideas on that thread though :D

    @Bizzle go check your mailbox, there's a boxcar of snuff on the way!
  • @ar47 That does seem to make sense.

    Hopefully there'll be a boxcar of snuff in my mailbox tomorrow! I am so, so lucky that I live in the UK and most of my snuff orders arrive next day. The thought of having to wait weeks on end like some of you do makes me shudder
  • 7 business days from my last MrSnuff order. I hope there will be something in my mailbox today, and if not, at least sometime later this week. :D I need my taxi red.
  • Spoon. 100% of the time now. It's cleaner, easier to control, places it the correct part of the nose every time, and works perfectly irrespective of the style of snuff.
  • boxcar/back of hand since I prefer poschls/coarser snuffs, with the occasional fine one I'll use something as a spoon or anatomical snuffbox.
  • It depends as others have said on your nose, and the Snuff being used. If you have a narrow nostril; the pinch method gives you more control. The boxcar on the other hand is nice as you see the amount of snuff, and can replicate this for both nostrils. I am a fan of the boxcar method. All said I use bullets very often, and usually decant a days worth in a tap box - boxcar or, directly from the bullet to the nose.
  • Nobody appears to have mentioned wind in this topic.
    Wind is not just a problem suffered by old men, and the people in their immediate vicinity.
     Wind also determines the choice of method to administer your snuff.
    It's no use sitting in your bath chair on the sea front promenade in Frinton, and trying to get snuff to balance on the back of your hand when a force eight is blasting into your face.
    It's horses for courses.

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