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Dholakia Madras Toast



  • Cats out of bag.. Uses this as base for my homemade Banana Fostner snuff for years. Will look for time to make another big batch sooner than later...
    Banana B has a different baseline.
  • Madras Toast has a very unique flavor profile. I like it but not as an all day snuff.
  • anyone else just not like this stuff at all? i found it to be very barnyard smelling and not toasty. just kinda gross plain tobacco. i gave it another go a little while ago...went just a little too far back in my nose and had me in a sneezing/nose-blowing fit for several minutes, which very rarely happens to me regardless of how carelessly i snuff something. is that what a 'madras' toast is supposed to be like?
  • I didn't enjoy my pot much either barnyard in mine just a sweet unremarkable tobacco ...with some odd aftertaste . Mine does not appear to be the same snuff as described on the first page of this thread . 

  • Tried it when it first came out. Only snuff that ever made my nose bleed.
  • Waiting forward to try the new batch. I hope I'll get my small order with 10 g tub of DMT tomorrow. Will report back here.
  • Awaiting your valuable feedback Volunge
  • tinhueytinhuey Member
    edited October 2018 PM
    I received a tub within the last two weeks. Definitely not barnyard. A delayed burn, no crazy drip. Somewhat clogging. Pure tobacco taste without any trace of incense. Found it to be unremarkable, but not bad by any means.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited November 2018 PM
    After revisiting it, I got to admit I'm not overly impressed with it now either. This is not to say that I dislike it or find any significant deviation from the last batch. It simply seems my nose became more educated (or should I rather blame my heightened need of nicotine) over the last two years. Back then, when I still didn't know Indian white snuffs, before I tried other Indian fine snuffs, such as Dholakia Sparrow, FUBAR Toasted, 6P Gul and another Madras snuff - 6P MG, Dholakia Madras Toast was my first experience of strong Indian snuff. I was astounded by DMT's fine grind, sharp, prolonged burn and nicotine kick. All these traits are still there in the latest batch, it's good, simple, plain (but in no way bland), fine, dry, stronger than medium snuff, which might suprise any snufftaker with low-to medium nicotine tolerance. Mine is a lot higher now and I need three good pinches of DMT for each nostril to feel satiated (as opposed to a single medium-sized pinch of FUBAR Toasted or 6P MG Madras per nostril or one large pinch of Neftobak, Taxi or NTSU).

    I can second @Hitsuzen on DMT being 'Madras light'. It's more about toast than Madras snuff. I enjoy toasty notes of this snuff and prefer it to most other proper toasts for a daily use in terms of strength. There's a slight sourness as well, which reminds me of the discontinued GH Irish D, the toast I loved and, regrettably, discovered too late. This snuff does have it's character, which is strong enough to be used as a mixer with other plain snuffs. Tried mixing it with 6P Cheeta Gul (1:1) earlier this morning and found the combo of instant gul slap and nicely lingering toasted tobacco scent very enjoyable.

    And for the final remark, I was a bit disappointed to find this 10 g tub not filled up to the rim (my first 25 g tub was full). I don't care much about the weight match (I believe there was every label-declared gram in that sealed container), but I just love to find any snuff tin/box/tub/can full of snuff. Well, this wasn't. And strangely, contrary to my expectations, there was no ammonia in supposedly fresh product (no date of manufacturing on the tin). Full tin preserves freshness (i. e. moisture, whatever low it originally might be in drier snuffs, and ammonia, which rises pH and enhances free nicotine uptake) so much better.
  • volunge totally agree with the last paragraph.I was also disappointed with my last 50g tube(not filled up and drier than my old 25g.And the smell is not so buttery like before-more biscuity I think)
    I prefered the previous one wich was dark brown and moister...had something solid in it...
    Maybe the problem is the storage of the vendors because I also recieved two SWS Havana Toast pale and dry compared to the older batch...I don't know...
  • My little tub of DMT isn't really my thing. It's got a funny smell to it, which might be an over-abundance of slaked lime.
  • @Epitango, It made my nose bleed for some reason.
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    I get the funny smell, too- not off-putting to me but just not my taste. Will revisit it later.
  • I tried it but didn't think it was that great. I prefer the much cheaper NC Madras available from Hookah 1 for about $20 for 12 tins. Enough for a lifetime!
  • I have a tub from the first batch that Mrsnuff received(I think).  I like it, but now that I've had 6Photo MG Madras I like the MG much more.  MG has a much more rounded and richer toasted tobacco flavor, and is less clogging for me.
  • yup, I can't get on with this snuff either.  Less and less I'm thinking that it's just my noob palate to blame
  • After a couple of weeks away I came back to DMT I am warming up to it. Earthy sour clay, buttery, a tad scorchy, loads of tobacco flavor without any sweetness at all... bone dry dust in a medium fine grind...    However the nicotine can creep up and fool you in this one.  It does not have a great initial kick but there is enough in there to get your heart racing and your mouth running dry after a boxcar-load or two has been in your nose for 20 mins. 
  • If you enjoy DMT and 6P MGM, there's another one of that kind. FUBAR Toasted. A kicker when fresh. Really deep toast. Almost burnt. @haveawhiffonme
  • edited September 2019 PM
    @volunge if my present stash does not do me in I would like to make a small purchase to try it out down the road. Always down for a trade too! I have a variety of of snuffs not pinched from or otherwise contaminated unless you count opening the lid to transfer contents :)

    Edit: MG Madras damn near did me in already. There is also a minor scare always lurking in the DMT haha
  • can't say I enjoy it, reminds me of dholakia swiss chocolate with a sour rancidity added in.  I had to look twice at the label to make sure they hadn't sent me out the swiss chocolate, that's how similar it seemed to me.  too bad as I really wanted to like this, in my mind I was imagining a buttery ghee over top a toasted flavour.  
  • I was going to ask how its base compares to Dholakia chocolate which I can not get beyond its horse dung after smell.
  • I'm not crazy about the Dholakia base myself either. Swiss Chocolate, Coffee Cream & Sandalwood all have a prevailing scent of the base with the specific scenting at most riding alongside, if not in the back seat to the base. Swiss Chocolate I actually love the aroma of, but the others not so much. The Chocolate is strong enough not to be overpowered and in my opinion it's the best Chocolate on the market. Part of that I think is because I bought the 250g bulk - the others are 20 and 40g tins are not nearly as moist & aromatic.
  • This is the only snuff that made my nose bleed.
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    Something is just off with Dholakia in my nose, although this is least apparent with the Madras Toast. Dholakia has some really wonderful scents in the foreground IMHO, but the background puts me off to the point of nausea in some cases. I would pay a premium for them to make some batches that were alkalized with something like sodium carbonate.
  • My least favourite Dholakia was Black - like sniffing chalk with charcoal. My tub came completely dried out.

    @RS422 Did it happen once, or every time you took a pinch?
  • @volunge Twice and so I binned itm
  • @sammyd13 yes, I threw away my chocolate because of exactly what you said... I was walking my dog to the park in the morning, took a hit, and said I just cannot handle this rancidness and tossed it in the trash. I cannot fathom what my dog would of made of the scent knowing the things he likes to roll in...
  • Dholakia snuffs are the only ones I've tossed, tried about 6 of them, I enjoyed the white the best except my snuff technique /nostril shape just isn't adapted to it and I was getting actual pain in my lungs telling me it was entering.  I thought the swiss chocolate would be good and it wasn't awful, it just reminded me a little too much of snorting cocoa powder like you find in the baking section of the grocery store, it just wasn't an association/image that felt good on a subjective level, nothing against the scent itself.
  • For some reason before this thread I thought Dholakia was universally loved here. While most are not my thing, I never did not finish a fine of 6photo, so obviously not all Indian snuffs are the same,
  • 6photo makes excellent snuff, haven't had one I didn't enjoy, I think they do mentholated snuff perfectly.
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