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  • Hello everyone!

    First time poster and very new to snuff. I've only started snuff taking just 4 days ago. I was a long time smoker that switched to vape about 4 years ago. I still enjoy a good pipe on occasion. I started snuff purely out of curiosity and found I genuinely enjoy it. I live in the states and have a hard time finding anything outside of navy and railroad mills. If I can enjoy snuff taking with railroad mills scotch....

    Anyway, moving on! I would love any suggestions you might offer a new snuff taker. I'm not one for perfumed or fruity things, in anything I do. Is there any good snuff that would be close to a good pipe tobacco with a decent nicotine kick? I don't need to buzz around the ceiling all day, but just a nice mellow tobacco would be fantastic.

    I appreciate this site and all you fine fellows and ladies out there!
  • Hi everyone!

    I'm lurking this site for quite some time now and finally decided to sign up.
    I'm from South Germany (Bavaria) where snuffing has a great tradition. 
    My first snuff was 8 years ago when my father gave me a box of "Gletscher Prise", but I didn't really like it back then. About 6 mounts ago I had a very very bad cold and couldn't smoke for some days. I remembered the "kick" of freshness I had with the Gletscher Prise and thought I should re-try it, since my nose was totally clogged. It worked wonders and I continued snuffing even after my cold, but not regularly (shame on me: I'm also still smoking  :-S  ).
    At the beginning of this year I discovered a german online-store for snuff and ordered a big variety of snuffs, mostly german brands. I can't really remember why, but I ordered a lot of different "Ozona"s (fruity ones) and just out of curiosity I ordered a 3.5g-tin of McCrystal's "Original&Genuine". 
    The O&G changed it all!
    I would say I am still a newbie when it comes to snuff(-taking), but became a regular user over the past months. At the moment I'm using O&G, WoS Apricot&Menthol and when I'm on the go Gletscher Prise.

    I really enjoy medicated snuffs, but I'm open for different kind of recommendations!
    See ya around  :)>- 

  • SlavaSlava Member
    edited April 2017 PM
    Hey. I'm from Kiev, Ukraine. I am 34 years old.In my country sniff snuff is not a common occupation, there is little information and the choice is not great. Therefore, I'm here. I will be glad to get acquainted and communicate. So far I have only found tobacco poschl: gletscher prise, gawith apricot, ozona president, ozona cherry, ozona raspberry.
  • welcome all! this forum is not just the best place for information on snuff, you can find answers to all your tobacco questions here
  • haemonyhaemony Member
    edited April 2017 PM
    Welcome newbies and hello all you old timers. I missed you guys. I'm not new but haven't been around for awhile. I stopped posting much on the What's in Yer Nose thread because mostly what I do is sniff HDT all day or the snuff I make from my own tobacco which is just a basic Virginia and Rustica blend.

    I used to experiment more and now I have this huge collection of snuffs just sitting around waiting for the apocalypse. I should at least sniff up the ones that won't last.

    Welcome aboard. This is still the best forum I've ever been on. Enjoy!
  • Im Dick, also known as Toxikmynd, I'm new to snuffing and came from a dip and snus background. I hope to learn about snuff and other enjoyable things! :)
  • @SnuffyJanitor @Mr_Monk @Slava @Toxikmynd Welcome to Snuffhouse <:-P

    @haemony Welcome back. :-SS
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • cppcpp Member
    Hello! I've picked up snuff recently from a dormant interest in tobacco in general after smoking for a couple of months and deciding that those health risks were just too much and my smoking was also bothering my significant other.

    I still smoke sometimes -- less than or around a cigarrette a day lately--, but snuff has enabled me to do much less of it than before, and I'm the happier for it.
  • Hey all I am new here (obviously) and just wanted to introduce myself. I am an OR Nurse do not use snuff that often but have recently been due to a non-smoking policy at my new apartment (due to a move to North Carolina). I generally smoke cigars and do some snus but I have found the availability of snuff here to be quite a pleasant surprise. I had previously ordered from Mr Snuff and hope to learn more here.
  • edited April 2017 PM
    @cpp Wise choice phasing out the cancer sticks. 
    @mrbugg People are always looking for American Scotchs ,I am sure you can help them out.

    Welcome to the Snuffhouse fellows where the party never ends  
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Hello fellow snuffers. I started using snuff back in the early 00's, but I eventually gave it up along with cigarettes, cigars, and pipes. Recently I've developed an appetite for pleasurable experiences and I find myself once again in a love affair with snuff. Oh, how I missed it.
  • Hi, Matthew here - started using a vape to get off fags. It worked! Then snus to get off the vape... it worked! Now trying to up my use of snuff to get off snus lol. I love the melodeon, the banjo and not being at school teaching.
  • tobaccojoetobaccojoe Member
    edited May 2017 PM
    Hey there! I've been lurking here for ages and wanted to finally join and be able to interact with you folks. I'm a pipe tobacco lover that used to manage a smoke shop. Used to adore the snuff we could get, but fell out of the hobby when I left the area. Perhaps some of you may have seen me on the pipesmagazine forums under the same name. Glad to be here and thanks for having me!
  • CobguyCobguy Member
    Welcome to all the newest members!  :-h
  • @cobguy: thank you very much! Love the Moomin avatar!
  • CobguyCobguy Member

    @tobaccojoe :  Thanks ... Snufkin was my favorite!  :)

  • @cobguy: I very much agree with that statement.
  • edited May 2017 PM
    @Deified @guinessandsnuff @tobaccojoe 

    Many come and many go, the ones that stay make my day 

    Welcome to the celebration 
    <:-P <:-P <:-P
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • zenistarzenistar Member
    edited May 2017 PM
    Hi all, after lurking for quite a long while i thought it about time i actually create an account.

    During the non winter months I love to smoke pipes (formerly cigars) and have been taking snuff on and off for quite a few years, generally just Gletscher Prise or Red Bull as these are pretty much ubiquitous across every kiosk and petrol station here in Switzerland. In the last year or so Ive branched out and have been trying more and more different snuffs.

    I cant really explain why I love the smell of tobacco, going into a walk-in humidor or into a pipe shop is heaven for me.

    I used to roll cigarettes for my father but have fortunately never fallen into the trap of cigarette smoking. I do have fond memories though as a child of cleaning and packing my grandfathers pipes. I also have memories of him letting me try snuff and blowing my head off with fisherman friends (I was around 6 or 7 at the time) :)
  • Welcome all those who are new to the forum. You're at the right place with some great people. Enjoy your stay and look forward to your views and contributions.
  • So, I guess I should be polite and introduce myself before I start making my way into the threads eh? I was introduced into nasal snuff around 2007 and used it up until roughly 2014. I recently got interested in it again from running across a video made by uncle squinty (Paul Schallbetter) on Youtube. So here I am now, a 28 year old male from the southern USA!
  • Welcome all future Snufftoneiums  <:-P  Keep the party alive
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Hello from Orlando FL. I have been snuffing for about a month now and can see this becoming a regular thing. I was introduced via a pipe tobacco purchase from a Reddit user. He threw in a couple of tins of snuff and what started as a curiosity now seems to be a full on habit. Busy making all the newbie mistakes but with help from this site, getting a few corrected. Biggest issue just seems to be it always draining to my throat. Anyway, just checking in!
  • Hi everyone , 762ron here, I,m a commercial fisheman and I just recieved one of my orders of railroad mills plain and  rr mills sweet. I used to buy it at our local grocery store some years back and I just redescovered all the different snuffs at mr snuff.. I also ordered silver dollar coffee, and wow coffee bite ,but did not arrive yet. Im happy to be on here with you all when I get a break from the sea ! B-) ~O)
  • PsickoPsicko Member
    Welcome to the group @mini_42 and @762ron.
  • Greetings from Washington State, USA. I used to be a lover of snuff (Dean Swift) back in the 1980's and have started to experience it again. Sadly, I can't find Swift anymore, but Ozona and Bernard's are favorites now.
  • I'm new here.  I'm new to nasal snuff taking.  I've made several overseas purchases since I began several months back.  My flakes and various blends will have more time on the shelf as a result of this new discovery. Not only do I find snuff taking to be very satisfying to the nose and to nicotine satiation, it is also very convenient in this busy tobacco hating world of ours. So what else can I tell you about me.  I'm 39 years of age. I have 5, soon to be 6 children.  I think I've got some things figured out now.  I've learned how not to make make more children.  Being a father can be so sweet at times and so cruel and bitter at other times.  I work for a company that sells auto financing to people with poor credit.  I don't derive too much meaning from the work itself.. but rather look for a higher purpose within the community of people that I belong to.  I have extremely high anxiety levels... crippling at times.  I think I miss out on a lot of really good stuff because I will spend days in doors while away from work.  Sure, part of that is due to utter exhaustion.  Snuffs:  I started out with a few Toque varieties.  I was about to place an order with an online retailer that charges exorbitant shipping rates.  A friend in the "nasal snufftakers" community pointed me in the direction of Toque and I was happy to find quality, beautiful snuffs that could be shipped at a fraction of the cost.  I've enjoyed their Limited "Ambrosia" immensely.  I've also enjoyed several of their toasts and on of their USA snuffs in particular, the "Citrus".  To me the Citrus is remarkably true to form, very easy to take, perfect moisture level to my taste.  A little further down the road I've discovered the mentholated or medicated variety and that is where my spending began to get a little out of hand.  L260, O&G, Med99, 6Photo #6, all wonderful meds.  I've really enjoyed the 6 photo line here recently.  Those snuffs in particular seem to be very fond of reminding you of their presence. They seem to linger on an unprecedented level.  I've also gotten my mits on a couple of Rosinski's snuffs which are a rare treat.  I look forward to ordering more directly from their mill in the future.  I think this is now an option.  For now I've tried the Goldapper and the Stargarder.  I'm amazed at the craft and the care that goes into some of these recipes.  Truly remarkable.  Last but not least, of the snuffs I've tried have been Christopher Oldham's Open Source Snuffs.  Some of you I will assume have tried these.  I don't have the nuanced vocabulary to describe what I perceive to be going on when his dust hits my nasal cavity.  I might sound like a five year old if I were to try.. so I'll leave off there.  Both the #3 & #4 are at the very top of my rotation.  Lately I will alternate between them with a nice med to clear the nasal palette in between.  I hope to learn from you all while I am here.  Cheers!
  • Welcome to all newbies, from a newbie :) Amazing note @GreenNose. You're in a really nice place for all kinds of information on tobacco, in all its forms. Enjoy your journey. 
  • Long time no see... so i guess i post in here again to mark my coming back. I am pretty sure that ome of the stalwarts of this forum can remember me. I was out of the whole forum thing for quite a while and lately i
    felt the urge to visit Snuffhouse again. First only to read but i guess i want to take part again and write down
    my 2 cents here and there. As always, forgive me for my rather strange (bad) english.

  • @GreenNose, welcome to the forum. Soon to be 6 kids? Damn. Must be a slow learner if you are just figuring out how to not have anymore kids, better late than never though. J/k. Congrats on the new one. My sister has 4 kids and that household is always chaotic. Enjoy your stay.
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