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Toque - US sales keep going up.

RoderickRoderick Member
edited January 2014 in General
Our sales of snuff to the US are amazing as they just keep going up and up! But what's funny is, we keep getting asked if we ship to the USA.

Just for the new members who don't realise, Toque and MrSnuff both ship to the USA everyday and are not affected by the pact act as we are not US based companies.


  • Yes, the US is a very big place. And yes there are a lot of misinformed general population . If snuff popularity takes off, You have to expand your operation
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • I plan on making my contributions to US sales soon :)
  • Our shop proudly stocks a number of the American Toque and Silver Dollar blends!
  • THAT is AWESOME, Roderick--- expect myself and Mrs. Desaix to make an order VERY soon--- we LOVE Toque SP Extra!!!
  • Thanks Lunecat, What a terrible photograph and the weird 'Jesus' face in the snuff tin, is even more scary.
  • Yep! that's the face I see in the snuff tin. He even has the same mane.
  • I know I'm only 1 guy, but my wallet feels like I alone am 12.7 % of US sales. I may have to sell my truck to finance my next order....why didn't anyone advise me that collecting snuff was an addictive hobby?
  • Lol! If you sell your truck where will you keep your snuff?
  • i currently keep my bulk in the freezer, which leaves little room for food. and my current rotations are in my lunch box for work, as well as on my mantle. I also have a stash in a cardboard box in my closet, also, I keep a large tin of Quit and Rooster in my emergency bag in case I have to evacuate……yea, I'm a bit ridiculous.
  • cloudymancloudyman Member
    edited January 2014 PM
    Finally got my order placed and I'm going to get that snazzy flask i've been eyeballing for months now, happy days! I had a tough time deciding between Crazy George and the SP and or the Toast. I went Crazy George so i guess i'll have something to order next time :) will keep ya posted, when i receive my order, on my feelings...wait i have feelings? Thanks @Roderick for the excellent site and stocking such groovey products!
  • Congratulations @Roderick! I hope we are in the early stages of a massive, global, snuff revolution.
  • cloudymancloudyman Member
    edited January 2014 PM
    Giddy like a school girl! Just placed second order...been drooling over the Rustica (score), Sp Extra (score again), and the whiskey and honey (score thrice)! Finally got to place the order, now i just might wear the hinges out on the P.o. Box in anticipation of it's arrival! @Roderick I believe this is going to be the beginning of a beautiful relationship with Toque! God bless sir...and may customs never slow our orders!

    May an excess of customers flood your site with wallets open!
  • Excellent, I am hoping that this steady rise in sales helps establish snuff as more mainstream form of tobacco consumption. Which would mean increased acceptance of snuffing, standard brick and mortar availability, and more newcomers to the world of snuffing. Overall Roderick, your products are simply sublime! I believe that there one day could be a U.S. mass-market for Toque.
  • cloudymancloudyman Member
    edited January 2014 PM

    Spot on sir! just received my first order from your glorious establishment, seven days on the money. we even had mlk day here monday with no post.

    Round flask: seriously digging on it! Going to need more of them now!

    Quit: just shoved a big pinch up each nostril at the post office, going to be a staple in my consumption.

    Crazy George: smells intriguing, waiting for the Quit to subside so i may sample all the goodness it has to offer.

    Bourbon: not sure what to think yet. snuffed Quit so quick i can't get an accurate reading from my sniffer.

    Anywho, i plan on enjoying them all. thanks again for being there for all of us, kind sir!
    Absolute Pleasure!
  • this is what the face in the tin looks like to me.
  • Our sales of snuff to the US are amazing as they just keep going up and up! But what's funny is, we keep getting asked if we ship to the USA.

    Just for the new members who don't realise, Toque and MrSnuff both ship to the USA everyday and are not affected by the pact act as we are not US based companies.
    So a US based company would not be able to mail snuff to customers?
    I went to an old thread and saw this
    "In addition, the proposed rule states that USPS also concluded that cigarettes, roll-your-own tobacco and smokeless tobacco cannot be handled through the U.S. Mail either outbound to international destinations or inbound from international locations."
  • If they don't carry other countries mail, in accordance with the Bern postal agreement, USPS would be in deep trouble. They're happily delivering other countries mail now so why rock the boat. I for one don't want to push it.
  • plus I get the impression the Pact act isn't really that popular of an act with the postal service. It wasn't a rule they came up with and it's given business to their competition.
  • I just today had the pleasant surprise of finding all the new Toque USAs at my local smoke shop. I happened to have a 25gm tin of Natural Toast in my pocket, and took it out and showed the store owner. "Those little 5 and 10 gram tins are just samplers", I off handedly told her. She gave me a weird look, and I proceeded to tell her about all the other great Toques available on the website. I even offered her a pinch of the Rum and Cola, which she politely declined. At any rate, its nice to know that even in my small town, Toque and SD have made a small, but important inroad in an otherwise scarce market. Great job Roderick. Other than one other place that also sells WE Garrett Sweet, the only nasal snuff in town is Toque and Silver Dollar.
  • Although I'm new to the forum, I want to add my appreciation for Roderick et al. at Toque. I just received my first order today. 10 days total shipping time. Not bad! When I ordered, I was too enthralled with all the flavors to take notice of the 6 for 5 25g special. So I dim-wittedly ordered 5. When my order came today and I opened the envelope, what did my eager eyes see but 6 tins! That is excellent customer service. That is class. Thank you.
  • :D :D :D :D :D :D :D $-) @-) :x :(|)
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Good on you @Roderick I will happily prop up the UK sales for you ;)
  • Are UK snuff sales up in general? Does anyone know?
  • It's funny but for us our slowest growth is the UK around 11%.
  • @Roderick growth is growth! Don't ever forget us loyal UK snuffers! I think it's down to my local tobacconists not stocking toque for sale, they say they have never heard of it and can't stock it! When I ask why I just get blank looks back! I tell them gauntleys sell toque so why can you!!
  • Thanks for pushing us Skell, I'll never forget loyal customers. Without you guys we're nothing!

    I think we're too stuck in the smoking groove in the UK. In other European countries they never lost the alternative tobacco products and the states has always had Chew, Dip, Snuff and Snus.
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