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Toque - Pumpkin Pie - Limited Edition

RoderickRoderick Member
edited October 2013 in General
Another limited edition snuff from Toque. This one is £1.99 for a 10g tin and is a very small run just for a bit of fun at this time of year. Nutmeg, cinnamon, clove and ginger notes.

It's in the specials section on the front page.


  • Thanks. just ordered some and R course for the minimum
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Sounds Tasty !!!
  • Come on man! I gotta pay the light bill, well, maybe one more small order wont hurt.
  • Just got my order in ! :D
  • had to order. sounds too wonderful to pass up.
  • Sounds like this is right up my alley, just ordered 2 tins!
  • Bah, go to order it and my card gets declined. My bank hates when I order from overseas companies.
    Gotta wait 'til tomorrow to call them now...
  • GrimGrim Member
    edited October 2013 PM
    Bah, go to order it and my card gets declined. My bank hates when I order from overseas companies.
    Gotta wait 'til tomorrow to call them now...
    I had this issue every time I tried to order snus. I would then get a call the next day, this happened every time, from my bank asking if I tried to make a purchase overseas. I would then say yes, and I would get the same lecture about how it is dangerous and that I should not make purchases like these.

    YET, these morons could not stop the three times my card was stolen and was used for a computer in Laos, for McDonalds and Home Depot gift cards in California, and another purchase in Washington. I asked them how the heck could I have used my card in Atlanta at a mall and bought McDonalds in California at the same time? Yet they always block my purchases to England and Sweden without hesitation.


    Just placed an order. I didn't need more snuff necessarily but you cannot have too much snuff. I bought some of the 6 for 5 25 gram tins of my favorites and 2 new ones too. I also bought 2 tins of the Pumpkin Spice. Should be here just in time for Halloween. Cannot wait to try the new snuff. Based on the description I am sure it will be awesome and I wont be able to stop using it.

    Thanks again Roderick.
  • I hope pick up some of this the other side of payday :)
  • @lunecat I hope you get it tomorrow! I can't wait to hear a review of this one!
  • I want to hear about this too. I love cinnamon, I love nutmeg and I love ginger.
  • just put my order in :D
  • Skell18Skell18 Moderator
    ordered! :D
  • Just placed my order and while at it may as well try the Rustica course and just one more Crazy George.
  • ^ mold wine? Do you mean mulled wine?
  • Thanks for the review
  • @lunecat you've convinced me, order placed. Roll on Tuesday!
  • I cant find it on toques site. Is it sold out? #sadface
  • Wow! Sold out already. That was amazing.
  • not amazing for me. I didn't get any... that'll teach me to wait until I have spending money lol
  • Just got mine through the post and opened it straight away. I can clearly detect every fragrance in it. First cinnamon, then nutmeg, clove and a noticeable ginger scent. I love all these ingredients and it has a nic hit too. A+++

    I can see this being nicely warming on a cold winter evening after being out cycling in the wind and rain.

    Shame you've run out @Roderick .
  • That would be good i missed out this time as well.may be more soon?
  • shezzuk1shezzuk1 Member
    edited October 2013 PM
    All I need now is a large glass of steaming Glühwein. Gonna stock up tomorrow, roll-on Winter!
  • GrimGrim Member
    edited October 2013 PM
    Bet this goes good with Gotlands Julesnus
  • I'm having a hard time discerning the difference between this and Christmas Pudding. This seems a bit milder, but very similar to me.
  • I am jealous of you all
  • As with @Pincher I find this to be very similar to Christmas Pudding
  • Agreed. I do find subtle differences but quite similar.
  • My wife thinks it's very similar also but, there are subtle differences that you should look for, particularly the cinnamon.
  • This is somewhat like Christmas Pudding but more spicy.
    Both the clove and cinnamon seem to stand out more in PP.

    I hope that this comes around again cause it is quite excellent.
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