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Brick and Mortar Store for Toque (I'm in the USA) Please Help Me!

So, I ran into a small box of 5 gram tins of Toque Spearmint (the blue labeled USA version), and ended up buying the whole box. I fell in love, and when I asked the tobacconist to reorder he said he would and never has. That was 6 months ago. I can drive 45 miles away and get WOS Spearmint (yuck), WOS Cherry Menthol (No nic kick), Dean Swift Bezoar (smells good yet not enough nic), Dean Swift Raspberry Menthol (not enough nic and smells too perfumy) and Dean Swift Apricot (smothers me to death and not enough nic). Now I'm dying for more Toque and can't get it. I'm wondering if anyone here knows of a place in Northeast TN, Southwest VA, Southeast KY, or Northwest North Carolina where I can walk in and buy Toque. I NEEEEEEEEEEEED me some more Toque. I'm sick of Bruton's. lol


  • You'll probably have to make a bulk order from the Toque website if you want to be ensured of a steady supply. It would probably be much more economical that way and you could even branch out and try some of Toques other wonderful types.
  • Except for the fact that Toque Spearmint is only available in the US B&M range. No other way to get it unless someone on the forum has it locally and wants to trade.

    @Brownnoser as to your distaste for the WoS Spearmint (and probably the other ones you have found) is because that stuff has got to be ancient. The Dean Swifts must be at least 7 years old, and I'm not sure how long its been since Wilsons sold in the US, but a couple of years at least.
  • cmxcmx Member
    I do it all online. Too hard to find a place
  • Ok, my bad. I see the problem now.
  • They also have some wilsons , garrett and Dark Horse
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  • IvanIvan Member
    Also, in your region there is a good supply of FRESH American style snuffs as you live where many of them are produced, have you ever tried those? They are very high in Nicotine. Also some tobacconists are sorting out the issue with PACT as my local shop (Stag Tobacco of Santa Fe & ABQ, NM) has fresh (I checked the box stamps) albeit a small collection of Dean Swift & WoS as well as Toque America & Silver Dollar.
  • Well, we carry Toque here in Southwest Ohio...but that's probably too far for you to travel...
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