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Snuff for aromatherapy (QSnuff Sandaltood)

DogwallaDogwalla Member
edited September 2012 in General
One of the things I have been told to do more is meditate and do some aroma therapy. The meditation is something that I have been doing for a long time, and just lapsed on, but the aromatherapy is something that's fairly new to me. I have some stinky way heater thingies, candles, etc, and they can help with the mood, especially when I'm meditating.

I was talking with my wife tonight about snuff, and she mentioned that she just didn't like the base tobacco scent of most snuffs, and I got to talking about how the QSnuff Sandalwood had very little if I remembered correctly. Just to remind myself I pulled out my container and had a little pinch, and I was right, I really couldn't smell much tobacco under it.

I was talking to her about snuff a bit more and I noticed that the deep sandalwood scent was actually really calming, and the very slight other scent (musk) underneath was just a total mood changer.

I plan on using it the tomorrow when I do my next round of meditation, but I was just wondering if any of you have found any other snuffs like really have that long-lasting aromatherapy effect on you, and especially if the tobacco wasn't that strong. I don't want something that makes me want tons of snuff at that time, just something that lasts and can help a mood or experience by its scent.

btw, QSnuff is so damned underrated it scares me.


  • Lavender is popular in aromatherapy for it's calming and stress-relief. I like Toque Lavender, it's one of the few snuffs my wife enjoys too. I really enjoy Toque's Violet, and I'm sure that would be pleasant for meditation, though I'm not sue of it's therapeutic qualities.
  • @Dogwalla I would say that my snuff use is more aromatherapy now that I have gotten over the cigarette cravings. I have studied aromatherapy in the past and have found it quite useful throughout my life.

    I primarily use floral snuffs for this very reason. I will agree with @Scurvy on his choices of Lavender and Violet. I truly enjoy the violet and it lasts a long time. I can easily still smell it after 30 minutes. My favorite floral hands down is the Toque Rose. I have stated in an earlier post that it takes me to good places from my childhood. This scent also lasts a good 30 minutes.

    When I take snuff I make it a point to pay attention to the imagery that the scent invokes. I pay attention to the mood changes I may have and the overall physical feeling that takes place. From that point on that particular snuff is used to induce these sensations. This is the beauty of aromatherapy.

    Aromatherapy is used to bring a person back to center, to invigorate the mind, bring on a sense of energy, or enhance memory recall. One great exercise that is taught to college students, and one I have used myself, is to pick a scent you like (essential oil in this case) and use it while studying or engaging in a mental activity that requires you to recall information at a later date. While you study you inhale this scent every fifteen minutes or so and when the study session has concluded you put this scent away. When test time comes you take this scent with you and use it while you are taking the test to help recall the information you have previously studied. It really does work!

    When you attach a scent, or sound, or image, to a thought the mind can recall it with a higher degree of clarity. This exercise also works when you are in a good mood so that when you are feeling down you can use a scent to get you back to that happy place. Pick a scent that vibes with you when you are feeling good then use that same scent when depression hits and it can be much easier to return to a state of well being. I use it for this all the time. The key is to establish the pathway when you are in the "good" state. It's kind of the same theory as Pavlov's dogs.

    If you choose to use essential oils please buy good quality ones. I buy from a company called 'Young Living Oils". Their quality control and manufacturing procedures are second to none. Their main goal is to capture the vital essence of the plant, flower, herb. And yes, I do believe that plants have a 'vital energy' that has the ability to heal, as hippy-dipshit as it may sound.

    There are plenty of good books out there. Aromatherapy is one of the tools I use to help me with addiction and the mood instability that I sometimes have. I hope this helps Dogwalla and if you need any help or more info please feel free to PM me.

    Good luck!!
  • clove puts me in a more upbeat mood first thing in the morning so does dragun. sandalwood does calm so does jasmine. Rose makes me feel very sensual (like I really enjoy my senses after a good rose snuff). And Packards club makes me hate everyone for wearing that horrible cologne.
  • Don't like the QWS snuffs, and despise the Sandalwood. Its just too much. I'm told its all natural, but it smells so synthethic, it really bothers me. I think Roderick once mentioned that trying to up the scents in some of his snuffs that were accused of not being strong enough had a counter effect of coming off synthetic even if it was natural oils used.
    Having said that, I have found that I enjoy sandalwood as a scent and for aromathereputic value. The Gawith Hoggarth is good, and the new Wilsons is very good. The caveat to both is that the GH MUST be from a fresh tub not a sneeze box, and the WoS must be very fresh. Some of Wilson's newer ones are fantastic at first but fade in a few days.

    Others I have found with aromathereputic value: almost any floral, or floral blend, but specifically WoS Lavender, Wallflower, Carnation and most others. F&T Seville*******Amazing effect! Very invigorating!
    Most any lavender snuff, very calming.
    some of the various other F&t snuffs are good in this department, but Seville wins always. Also some of the GH ones with enigmatic names (Western Glory, Ambassador, etc) are good at this.

    So many snuffs can help. Grand Cairo and Strasbourg from WoS are in my regular rotation and both of them have some aromatheraputic valure. GC is lavender and bergamot (among whatever else) and both of those are effective. Strasbourg is Violet and citron and cinnamon, and those too have effects.
    Good luck and enjoy the exploration. Meditation can even help you appreciate snuff more!
  • I've been using snuff for aromatherapy in one form or another for a while now, but I didn't know it could do that much. I'll have to try the studying things with essential oil only with snuff.
  • I think you hit the nail on the head, folks, and this may also be why I predominantly use florals, as well, bigdaddysnuff. I know that nicotine is a part of my enjoyment of snuff, no doubt, but the soothing scents have far more to do with my delight in snuff. I make a very big point of parking the snuff in the lower part of my nose so that I can really pinch my nose and revitalize the scents.
  • I like F&T Patchouli last thing at night as it is really calming for me, I love the smell of Patchouli, wonderful woody aroma and it blisses me out. Dholakia Sandalwood is also amazing.
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  • Snuff for aroma therapy.Ok I am sold. Like I need a reason to enjoy snuff. But yes orange snuffs make my day brighter, The six photos keep me alert. Violet calms me down. and I will have to try some of the previous mentioned snuff
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  • QWS Sandalwood is probably my favorite sandalwood snuff. I find it very relaxing.
  • Can anyone recommend a good scent to use to alleviate depression? I find tobacco in general to help a bit. Sometimes when I wonder why I'm living I tell myself that if I hang around 50 years all the pipe tobacco left in the jars I have will be out of this world. If I could find a scent to magically pick me up other than Bubble Gum that would be great.
  • JuxtaposerJuxtaposer Member
    edited September 2012 PM
    Fortunately bergamot is said to relieve depression. Lots of others...
  • @TomStrasbourg What's wrong with using Bubble Gum? Hey if it works go with it. Maybe try other candy type scents. I know there isn't a cotton candy snuff but there are other things that smell like cotton candy. Do you like sweet fruity scents or just more of a general candy scent? You can find an essential oil for any scent. You are one step ahead of most people because you know EXACTLY what makes you feel better.

    If you know what it is that you like about Bubble Gum then maybe I can help you find something similar but different.
  • I know people who have had good results using neroli oil as aromatherapy for depression. I believe F&T Seville is scented with neroli (someone please correct me if I'm wrong -- I know it is in one of the F&T snuffs).
  • TomStrasbourgTomStrasbourg Member
    edited September 2012 PM
    @BigDaddySnuff Bubble Gum is great but I want to make that one last and sometimes taking me back to my childhood backfires. @PipenSnusnSnuff Seville is scented with neroli oil and I have a good supply of that one. Thanks for the suggestions
  • Thanks for all the input. Not I have an excuse to make another order of an entirely different line of snuffs than I've ever had. Have any of you found many of the Indian snuffs (I understand they have very complex aromas) to have a similar effect?
  • I have detected neroli in one of my Sun snuffs. I would agree that snuffs from India all have therapeutic aromas.
  • F&T French Carotte has a lovely sandalwood blast with what I think is a musky undertone. It was the first perfumey snuff I tried, and was really a revelation. It's still in my top 5 snuffs.
  • @ericthered The F&T French Carotte is indeed excellent and has a strong note of sandalwood. I bought 25g last Friday and am already well down the tin.
  • With this thread in mind I visited the tobacconist last week and bought a tin of F&T Seville. I had tried this snuff some years ago and it had gone to the top of my most offensive snuffs list. Trying this one again, over the last few days, I find that I was so wrong about it. It has, as @Xander noted, an invigorating effect.

  • @khalid Seville is not one of my regular snuffs and I can see how people wouldn't like it, but it does have its time and place. It's also a good one to mix with other F&T.
  • It still amazes me that some of the snuff I found SO foul as a newbie I really enjoy now. That's why I just can't stand to throw anything out...with a few exceptions.
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