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snuff in allergy season

TomStrasbourgTomStrasbourg Member
edited September 2012 in General
I knew I was sick yesterday because I woke up sneezing and had to blow my nose and my snot had no snuff in it. I figured out that since my nose was making too much moisture, I'd tackle it with a dry snuff. Scotches have done the trick and the post nasal drip I'm getting anyway is made sweeter by Loriillard. Oddly enough snuff helps me sneeze less it seems. I've also found a new appreciation for Dragun since it usually makes my nose run and over the course of the day my nose gets plugged by the mucus sometimes. I try to keep my rotation as much like it normally is but I've found that scotches with Dragun here and there and some SPS for good measure is the best fix for these issues that I've found so far. Have any of you had your rotation altered to combat sinus issues?


  • The best thing for allergy season are those snuffs that don't give you a runny nose, but dry out like armour plate on the mucus membrane inside of your nose. The allergins can not penetrate it.
  • I used to have to give up for the summer season as it just compounded my hay fever. When I got into my 40s I just grew out of it. I strongly support the use of Dragun in cases of hay fever. In fact in cases of anything >:)
  • @howdydave I agree with you. This past week or so have been rough on the allergies for me. I have found that as long as I stay away from toasts and keep a steady intake of snuff in my nose I don't have the allergen induced sneezing attacks. A pinch before bed and my nose is as dry as a popcorn fart in the morning and no sneezing.

    @Snuffster Haahaa you crack me up sir.
  • One advantage to these allergy issues is my technique for scotches becomes perfect. I pinch them and none of it hits the back of my throat because the mucus soaks it up.
  • The fall allergy season is just starting up here -- or at least that's what my body is telling me. I developed a sudden case of the sniffles a few hours ago, minus any other symptoms. I assume that means the ragweed has begun to bloom.

    I must concur that coating one's nasal passages with fine, dry snuff does seem to block the allergens and prevent, or at least lessen, nasal allergic symptoms. Unfortunately, it has no effect on itchy, watery eyes, but I suppose one can't have everything.
  • @PipenSnusnSnuff sounds like a job for Eye drops or rinse. I've used both over the past few weeks between itchy eyes and the usual eye strain that comes with missing cones and needing to look closer at everything to make up for lost acuity.
  • Just have to say since snuffing for a few years my allergie have gone down in a way that I never ever thought would happen. I used to have more then a few days a year ruined by sneezing and watery eyes. Doesn't happen now which is a god send. Love the snuff. I honestily think part of it is that it triggers allergies and burns out the mast cells in the nose. I think there is more going on then that but it makes sense to me. Since it seems like it is more then just covering and cleaning at work. Especialy since even if I lay off the snuff for a while (sometimes I'am too busy to snuff odd I know) and I'll still have less allergies then the average person.
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