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  • nosembossnosemboss Member
    edited September 2012 PM
    Hello all. I don't know what all this is about, but one thing I like is to share what I like and I like snuff. Only been doing it for a month... but I already got plenty of favorites
  • @nosemboss welcome! You WILL find many more favorites and fortunately will 'suffer' from TAD (tobacco acquisition disorder) which is a good thing. Especially as there are so many of us out there to support you in your new improved self.
  • Welcome folks. :-h
  • DxxDxx Member
    Afternoon all. I've been a member here for some time but rarely get to post anything - maybe I'm one of life's spectators. Anyway, I live in the northwest of England and have been snuffing for 10 years or so. I consider myself a reasonably heavy user, as does the long-suffering wife whilst she launders my hankies. Despite my nostrils' best efforts the snuff collection continues to grow apace, particularly since my recent visit to Kendal (more of which soon). Favourites are too numerous to mention, so I won't.

    Kindest regards,

  • Which bit of the northwest?
  • Hi All, my name is Tibor. 43 years old, live in Hungary in a small village, work as a software engineer in Budapest. I've been a heavy smoker for almost 30 years, and decided to quit. I put the cigarettes down two weeks ago, and started to enjoy snuff. I bought two tins of Pöschl at a local shop (Löwen Prise and Mac Craig Royal, that was all the offer), but now I am certain that this is not my style. I started to research and of course to read this forum, and eventually rented some WoS and McChrystals from MrSnuff. The favorit is Irish High Toast No 22 - so far. It is very surprising for me, but I don't feel the crave for cigarettes at all... and found snuffing is a very enjoyable method to intake the necessary nicotine dose.
  • Welcome @b4xter and may your enjoyment of the snuffing life just increase from this point forward!!!
  • Thank you, Stogie.
  • Welcome @b4xter!
  • DxxDxx Member
    Which bit of the northwest?
    Evening Snuffster. As you ask, I have the dubious honour of living in Oldham (7ish mlles from Manchester). It boasts a rubbish football team and is the home of the tubular bandage. On the other hand, Winston Churchill was MP for Oldham at one time and there's a shop with a decent range of snuffs. Every cloud etc...

  • Welcome all newcomers!
  • Hi my name is Jason and I am from Connecticut. I have been using snuff for five days in order to help in my efforts to quit smoking. So far it has worked better than anything I have tried. I truly enjoy the whole experience.

    I have been a cable guy for six years and I enjoy fishing, hiking, photography, and peering at the night sky through my telescope. I look forward to participating in many enjoyable conversations with fellow members.

    Jason (BigDaddySnuff)
  • Howdy to Jason, Tibor and all newbies! This is a great place with some great information. Enjoy!
  • @b4xter I know the concept of renting, And Mr.Snuff's stock is rarely old and tired.
    Welcome home. Your enthusiastic approach to snuff & independence of stupid cancer sticks,Will have your lungs thanking you.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • @basement_shaman, I think the appropriate phrase is 'order' instead of 'rent' :) As I am not a native speaker, I often make such mistakes when I speak/write in English... Anyway, thanks for the welcome messages.
  • I'd say, snuff IS the best way to lay the cigarettes down. It's a shame that, that fact can't be brought out into the light of day with the general public. Welcome all newcomers!
  • Welcome all!
  • You know, I've been lurking/posting for a couple years now, and I don't think I've ever posted in this thread.

    So...wassap, I'm FireMarth! Work at a tobacconist, and I'm the only employee there that enjoys snuff...
    ANYWAYS, yeah, how's it goin'?
  • You know, I've been lurking/posting for a couple years now, and I don't think I've ever posted in this thread.

    So...wassap, I'm FireMarth! Work at a tobacconist, and I'm the only employee there that enjoys snuff...
    ANYWAYS, yeah, how's it goin'?
    How do! Does the tobacconist you work at sell any snuffs?
  • I am Cros, live in Minnesota, started using snuff over 10 years ago purely for religious purposes, rugby is a religion to some of us, I have been a lurker on here for a couple of years but joined about 6 months ago. At the moment I make my own snuff but love anything with enough menthol in it to raise the dead. Been great reading all of the comments and have taken alot of the advice given to others. thanks!
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    Welcome to Snuffhouse @Cros!
  • Thanks cstokes4, always good to feel welcomed!
  • Definitely good to have you aboard @Cros!
  • @Cros Welcome friend. I am interested in your procedure for making snuff. Do you just grind up pipe tobacco or blend your own tobacco and add toppings? Maybe start a thread and let us know your experiences if you feel inclined. Good to have you here.
  • @BigDaddySnuff thanks for the welcome, i am now using whole leaf and making it from scratch, its been fun and hope to get better
  • Hello. As per my username my name is Chris and I live in London. I first tried snuff many, many years ago and while I enjoyed it - particularly F&T Dr J R Justice that I purchased from the F&T shop in the Haymarket - it simply didn't fit into my lifestyle then.

    I gave up cigs nearly 6 years ago and have been smoking cigars and pipes since then.

    For no particular reason a few weeks ago I suddenly felt like trying snuff again and started looking around for info on the web and spent some time lurking here. Then last Friday I found a local shop that amazingly had a small range of snuffs - so I picked up some Poschl Gawith Apricot, Gawith English Rose, Toque SP Extra and Wilson's Best Dark.

    The Apricot is great and a good start to the day. The Rose and the Best SP go down well later in the day. Unfortunately the Best Dark was a disaster - when I pulled off the sealing tape the tin underneath was covered with snuff and rust and there was a small hole in the tin. So I will be replacing that tomorrow - I didn't fancy trying snuff mixed with rust so I have no idea of whether I like that or not.

    I look forward to participating here and thanks for all the info that I have already picked up.
  • snuffbrantsnuffbrant Member
    edited September 2012 PM
    Welcome Chris (after an EDIT) ... and TexiCaliSlim! (welcomed him before he posted!) ;)
  • My name is Johnny, I live in Texas U.S.A I'm originally from California. I first tried snuff in high school from an acquaintance of mine and really enjoyed it. I remember my first snuff was a moist blueberry snuff & I kept trying to get the same quality snuff in America with no luck. I tried the dry American snuffs and they just didn't measure up to me, I almost gave up had it not been for such a pleasant memory of "the good snuff". 12+ years later I found Mr. Snuff online and I have loaded up on a wide variety of snuff, I really enjoy it. I also appreciate all the help on and Mr. Snuffs reviews, it really led me to a informed decision on my order!
  • Good day! I am Dugan. I live in the United states,in the Chicago area. It is hard to find snuff here so I order my snuff from Mr.Snuff.
    I have a degree in Philosophy,but it has not done me much good so I am in school to become an auto mechanic. Some of my hobbies include: working on cars,Philosophy,Theology,reading urban fantasy and of course using snuff. I also work out a bit when I have the time and motivation. I am an Obama supporter.

    Mein Deutsch ist nicht gut,aber Ich möchte mich auf Deutsch vorstellen. Ich Heisse Dugan,Ich wohne in der nähe von Chicago. Als ich an der Uni war,habe ich die Philosophie studiert. Leider habe ich nie eine gute stelle gefunden,deshalb habe ich mit dem Studium wieder begonnen. Jetzt studiere ich Auto Technologie. In der Zukunft finde ich hoffentlich eine bessere Stelle als Automechaniker. Ich interessiere mich für Snuff,Urban Phantasie Bücher,die Philosophie,Autos und Motorräder. Ich bin Obama Unterstützer. Es ist fast unmöglich gute Snuff in den Statten zu finden. Ich bestelle meine Snuff von Mr.Snuff. Mein Lieblings snuff ist Pöschl's Gletscher Prise.
  • Hello. Sorry, this may have been in the wrong discussion.............

    JP here.

    New Bee but member of Graemes at yahoo. Friend of Griff and customer of Martin McGahey.

    Just back to snuff after a trek to snus. This after a job in Sweden. I do like snus but snuff is much better!

    Reside: Northern Michigan USA
    Trade: Inspection. QA/QC aerospace
    Snuff likes: HDT/ IHT, Seville, Morlaix, Dr. JRJ, Old Paris
    Dislikes: anything menthol
    Looking forward to: Toque/ Silver Dollar (Spanish, Bourbon)
    Drinks: most ales. IPA a must. Guinness draft !!!
    Lagers- to the bench.

    Just started acct at mrsnuff so will be trying Rodericks
    USA= snuff wasteland
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