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Toque New flavours in 25g tins now available

RoderickRoderick Member
edited August 2012 in General
Almond Toast, Coltsfoot, Camphor and Clove, Ginger and Strawberry are now on the Toque website in 25g tins aswell as the 10g tins. Bullets and bags to follow.


  • bobbob Member
    I reccomend the camphor and clove. It's the most clove like of all the clove snuffs I've tried. Most clove snuffs smell more like clove oil which is wonderfull but the camphor and clove smells much like actual cloves. A little drier but slightily more complex and compelling.
  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Moderator
    edited August 2012 PM
    Just what I was waiting for, I'm off to get my order in

    Edit: I was just on the site and 25g tins are nowhere to be found, only 10g tins :o3
  • JustinJustin Moderator
    I can find the 25g tins, but it won't let me buy any Camphor and Clove. I am bereft. I have been checking the website compulsively for days, anticipation growing hourly, and now to come so close to my goal, even to see it, but to find it unreachable - such is the stuff of which nightmares are wrought! Maybe if I go to bed now it will all be better in the morning...
    "Reality," sa molesworth 2, "is so unspeakably sordid it make me shudder."
  • Camphor and Clove has been fixed. It was so frustrating by using the symbol "&" instead of typing the word "and" it simply wouldn't load. Hope you sleep better now Justin.
  • n9inchnails, refresh your page and you'll see them.
  • JustinJustin Moderator
    Order made. Blessed relief. Now I can transfer my anxieties to Royal Mail instead!
    "Reality," sa molesworth 2, "is so unspeakably sordid it make me shudder."
  • snuffbrantsnuffbrant Member
    edited August 2012 PM
    OK --- @Justin, @Roderick --- how is it possible you ordered the 6 for 5 25g tins? Yes, I can find them in an individual list, but not on the 6 for 5 selection list. Justin, did you refresh and they appeared? Because I refreshed my page and that did not happen here. I will try another browser to see.

    EDIT: Just tried another browser and still no sign of Almond Toast, Camphor&Clove and Ginger in the 6 for 5 list of snuffs.
  • BUt there isn't the 6x5 offer for new flavour? Or did you forgot to modify the page? I'd like to order 6 x 5 x25g
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    I think @Roderick said that if you add 6 25g tins to your cart they will apply the discount.
  • aha! the clouds have parted! thanks cstokes4! i do think it is time for me to get some reading glasses. ;)
  • well ... I did order my 6(2 of each - Almond, Ginger, and C&C) ... but did not see whether the discount was applied or not. Here's hoping ...
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    Hell, maybe I was wrong. Doh!

    It might have been what you stated, @snuffbrant. Knowing @Roderick, he will get things sorted.
  • i am high maintenance ... clearly. :S
  • I'll wait till roderick fix the site
  • Finally got it sorted now on 6 for 5.
  • Roderick! Toque! The best.
  • thank you and bought !
  • Forgive me if it sounds stupid, but what exactly is "coltsfoot"?

    Oh, and I've finally got to try some of the American Toque blends. Wild Berry and Spearmint, both thumbs up. Especially the Spearmint, it's a waker-upper.
  • I know coltsfoot as a Native American smoking herb. A variety in Europe is said to have a sweet vanilla scent. I don't know if this herb has anything to do with it though. It may be just a name.
  • Roderick ID'd it for us when he announced it. Dandelion and licorice, I beleive.
  • Coltsfoot herb has flowers very similar to dandelions.
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