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Opinions on Toasts

HeluvagiHeluvagi Member
edited August 2012 in Types of Snuff
Hi. After realising that, despite the name, Wilson's No 20 is not a true toast, I bought a tin of No 22 in order to find out what a true toast is like (by the way, I really like No 20!).

I found to my surprise that, despite all the positive reviews and opinions regarding No 22, I didn't like it. Maybe it'll grow on me, but the jury's out on that one.

How representative of the toasts is No 22? If it is fairly representative then I'll hold back on the toasts in the future.

Also, while we're here, what is your favourite toast and how does it compare with No 22?

Thanks in advance!


  • XanderXander Member
    edited August 2012 PM
    Hello, @Heluvagi! Wilson's no. 20 is a true toast. However it is only lightly toasted, and is also an SP (a usually bergamot scented medium grind English snuff). You may find that the SPs are more your taste.
    Wilson's no. 22 is a high toast, meaning its toasted a lot! Nowadays its very representative of the style. Almost all other toasts are high toasts. This one happens to be my personal favorite, but the other snuffmakers all have ones similar to this, some are flavored, but most are not. Generally some are a bit less or a bit more sweet, smokey or buttery than the No. 22, but I'd call that one the one that others compare themselves to.
    (As soon as I post this somone will say F&T HDT is the standard, or the best, so try that one too)
  • IHT 22 is the cadillac of toasts. If you don't like it forget about the others.
  • 22 to me is very similar to SG Irish D Light ... Toque's Natural Toast is quite good too, but will remind you of 22. The toasts that you may find enjoyable are Toque's flavored toasts or maybe Wilson's Lemon Toast. As an odd duck of toasts, one of my favorites is GH's Irish D ... unique from the others, less buttery, more bite. But as far as toasts ... Toque's Natural, Lime and Toast & Marmalade are worth trying. I find Whiskey & Honey to be toast like too ... your mileage may vary ... ;)
  • Irish D Light by SG is sweeter and more creamy than most toasts. That and Toque Natural, and Lime toasts are my favourites.

  • I would not give up on Toast yet. I like Wilson's #20 as well.

    Snuffbrant had some good recommendations. Wilson's Lemon Toast and all of Toque's scented toast - Lime, Toast and Marmalade, Whiskey & Honey and the yet to be released Almond Toast.

    If you didn't like WIlson's # 22 I would be surprised if you like the SG or GH toast. (But you may)
  • That's interesting, to me #22 is totally different to SG Irish D Light (and G&H Irish D). The latter two are rather similar, being quite sharp and smokey (the G&H isn't as sweet), and to my nose they are sort of toast/scotch hybrids, whereas IHT #22, Toque Natural Toast, and F&T HDT are "true" toasts, having a very subtle buttery/nutty/smoky scent.
  • Yeah, it is interesting how the nose works, Jammer, as each person's sniffer picks up flavors so differently ... I find nothing similar to Irish D, certainly not D Light ... Irish D has a vinegar bite, much like a toast/scotch cross. Someone may be able to clarify, but I thought 22 was one and the same with either D Light or HDT ... more likely HDT, right? This is why snuffs are so great, each scent is unique depending on the individual sniffer sniffing them.
  • Right! Now I'm confused. I've tried Toque's 'Quit' which I've been led to believe is the same as Toque's 'Natural', but with more nicotine (is this true?), and I really like it. I get none of the 'campfire' aroma from Quit. Please help here.
  • I assume you are confused between "Natural Toast" and "Natural"? Natural Toast is just a toast and completely different from Toque Natural. Quit and Natural are similar in nature ... Natural Toast is not like either of them. Naturally! ;)

    I believe Quit does have a bit more nicotine than Natural, but both share the same flavor profile, in my opinion. Hope this helps.
  • Thanks for that snuffbrant. Yes I was getting confused. There's so many snuffs out there, it's making my head spin. I was only looking at the selection on ''. They don't appear to have 'Natural Toast'.
  • That's interesting, to me #22 is totally different to SG Irish D Light (and G&H Irish D). The latter two are rather similar, being quite sharp and smokey (the G&H isn't as sweet), and to my nose they are sort of toast/scotch hybrids, whereas IHT #22, Toque Natural Toast, and F&T HDT are "true" toasts, having a very subtle buttery/nutty/smoky scent.
    I don't find them similar either. And maybe I should retract my comment :) But I really don't see someone disliking 22 and liking the SG & GH Toast. lol But I should keep in mind that I can only judge it by my nose...
  • Not only are each of noses different, but realistically each manufacturers take is different, and like in the case of Wilson's there are often several options for a given type. So no wonder we get confused at times. AND no wonder we all suffer from TAD...... However, the suffering is not bad!!!
  • bobbob Member
    Only had one toast I hated and I'am not allowed to talk about because someone will probably kill me if I do.
  • Toques Bourbon is a toast too, yes? That wasn't it, was it bob?
  • Yes, Toque Bourbon is a toast. No, I won't guess bob's hated toast.
  • bobbob Member
    I'am not saying. Though I still have to try Bourbon toast.
  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Moderator
    edited August 2012 PM
    I'm guessing it's either F&T HDT, Toque W&H or WoS IHT#22 since these are the most loved toasts and talking shit about them is a sure fire way to get yourself lynched
  • bobbob Member
    not saying anything.
  • Toque Bourbon is an awesome toast. I'll have to remember to add it to the order I'm placing today. I know it's a bit of a standard answer on here, but F&T HDT is the best thing that has ever gone in my nose, and I love it more in the fall because of all the familiar scents that it carries.

    I never thought I'd be much of a toast guy, but apparently I am. Good for me!
  • My opinion on toasts is that they rock.
    A favorite is hard to pick, but I have the most stock of toque natural toast and F&T HDT.
  • bob- I was going to amend my post to add "but I don't want to put you on the spot". Anyways I do like the bourbon, I thought it was a toast. Surprisingly I haven't found one I dislike.
  • You cannot go wrong with F&T HDT. Anyway, what is about GH Irish D ? Imho it is a splendid toast as well.
  • i second your opinion of GH Irish D being a splendid toast @Prismaster. In my top 5 since the day some went up my sniffer. ;)
  • bobbob Member
    the F&T is one of the greats of snuffdom. Even if you don't think you'll like it try it just so you know one of the classics.
  • F&T HDT is the one I have bough the most of, with WOS 22 a worthy second though the stronger scent makes it only an occasional use for me. Weird thing though, with the Toque Natural toast I got a really bitter scent. This may have been an old tin, as I bought it in a tobacconist. Guess I should give it another try, as I had high hopes of this one, having enjoyed, on occasion, the other Toque toasts. Regarding the Irish D Light, I found the sweetness off putting.

  • IHT No 22 is da bomb!
  • I am beginning to like toasts more and more.
    Toque Lime Toast is fantastic and I do like Irish D light but it reminds me a bit of pipe tobacco with its flavor.
    When I first started snuffing toasts tore me up a bit, now they are quite pleasant.
  • In general, I'm not a big fan of toasts/scotches. However, I greatly enjoy Toque Whisky & Honey, and would not want to be without a supply of it. I also have several tubes of various American scotches in my collection. I don't pinch from them often, though -- only when I feel the need for a truly eye-watering nicotine blast.
  • Wilsons #22 is the toast for me. All the others including scotches are good too. Never had a bad dry snuff.
  • @AllanH - It is funny how I go back and forth between WoS #22 and F&T . Considering they are the same source, with subtle taste variations, I prefer one, then the other, back and forth.
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