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Get a free 15g tin with every purchase of Sir Walter Scott 50g tin.

Hi all what size is this...?

edited August 2012 in General
Now I have been taking snuff for only a few weeks, and am really enjoying it but am wondering what size these tins are in gramms:

You see I wanted to work out what 'habit' I have formed - but can't work out how many gramms a week I snoot without knowing what is supposed to be in these little tins! Might sound a silly question but no shop can tell me and I have no scales at the moment!!

Thank you


  • Wilson's small tins are 5g.

  • bobbob Member
    I think the little ones are five grams
  • bobbob Member
    the medium are 10 and the larger are 25.
  • Fantastic, thanks so much! So, I have been using a tin a week - a little less than a gramm a day... that doesn't sound too bad!
  • bobbob Member
    pretty light use. I use more then that in a day. It's amazing how when you start a tin of snuff seems like a lot. Then when you've been snuffing for a while a tin still seems like a decent amount for the price but useage does go up.
  • I asked the same question here last year! :-) @AllanH replied: "5g, 10g and 25g in theory but tins are filled by volume so tins of more moist snuffs are heavier".
  • bobbob Member
    yeah think of the tin size as an estimate of how much snuff it should hold.
  • I never really thought about it before but the WoS snuffs are always overfilled so the more moist snuff would most likely be over 5g.
  • I always open tins over a piece of paper because of that.
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