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  • So after just reading post after post on this site I thought I would finally sign up. I am a smoker but cutting down thanks to snuff and I am loving every minute of it. So far Tom Buck and well pretty much any s.p. is my favorite. I am looking forward to a long and wonderful journey with everyone here. May the snuff be with you!
  • Hi all im new to this forum and am glad I have joined it. It something so different from the norm.i live in the uk and getting snuff is easy here.i do feel for the people who struggle to get it or taking along time as i have read on here.Happy snuffing.
  • Hi! Well I'm another new one to the snuff world and to this forum! Mover off fags finally and taken up the pipe and snuff and haven't looked back! Snuff should be on the national health !
  • welcome everyone!
  • Welcome!
  • Welcome everybody.
    If you like snuff this is the place to be.
    This forum is loaded with lots of members who really know their snuff.
    Hang out and you will learn a lot.
  • Welcome to your new family my new brothers and sisters
  • Hi! Was for a long time just a visitor, googling different tips, read discussions. 6 yrs ago I tried snuff. Was quitted from any form of tobbaco use for about 3 years and started once more with my pipes and snuff. Been nicotine hooked, smoked good strong pipe tobacco I realised from that time that it's a part of most pleasant experience in a daytime. So I back already couple of months and rediscover the world of snuff and pipes.
    My favorites were plain snuffs. Now my taste changes a bit to my surprise and it's nice to take an occasional pinch of some aromatics.
    George, Russia, St-Petersburg.
  • Welcome, George. Anyone making snuff in Russia or is it all imported?
  • There is only pipe tobacco fabric "Погарская". Did not tried myself as far reviewers are telling, that it's bad, tastless and cheap to compare another imported brands on market. Mainly here we have a lot of Poshl snuff(President and Apricot). There are some places with SG, McCrystals and Lotzbeck. So I purchase from MrSnuff.
  • Welcome to Snuffhouse, George. It's nice to have some input from your part of the world.
  • Welcome all new members!

    Dustin, Louisiana,USA
  • Welcome George!
  • Greetings! This is my 23rd post; I guess I forgot to introduce myself.

    I am a 55 year-old Yank, living in "fly-over country" in the U.S.A. I started snuffing about 5 years ago, gave it up and am now returning.

    My first taste of snuff was the original English Dr. Rumney's. at 18, it nearly killed me. LOL

    I am eagerly awaiting 3 (!) separate orders from that place in N. Ireland. I am too dman eager to try too many different snuffs. Currently sniffing some 4-5 year-old Crumbs of Comfort. Can't wait for the fresh stuff to arrive. This is a wonderful site with tons of information; I've got my work cut out for me! Thanks to everyone who has already extended such a kind welcome and so much useful information!
  • Greetings, all!

    Name's Jesse, and I'm from Milwaukee. Been trying to get off of these cigarettes for years. Tried going cold turkey, and I'll let you guess how that went. Tried using the electronic cigarettes, and that worked out alright until the initial massive order ran out. Having to make expensive orders and then wait a week to get your fix is, well, I'm not really too much of a planner. God forbid you took a camping trip where you wouldn't be around electricity for a few days... those batteries need charging for Daddy to get his fix. It just became more convenient to pick up a pack at the gas station down the street.

    Snuff was something I was introduced to in college, but it was a brief encounter and struck me (at least back then) as more of a novelty.

    Upon getting a little more serious with the non-smoking girlfriend (and being kind of sick of smoking myself) I caught a "Modern Marvels" about tobacco on History. They spent a few minutes talking about snuff. "Snuff," I thought," I haven't seen that stuff since college!"

    After checking out most of the shops here in Milwaukee, I found one that carried some snuff, so I thought I'd pick some up.

    Long story short, it worked out well. Picked up the first few tins (at a premium local price... wish I'd have found this site prior to forking out $30 for 30g, but it still beats paying $8/pack for smokes) a few days ago, and the pack I had on Monday afternoon has stuck around 4 days longer than it's usual 24-hour lifespan. The local place carries a limited selection of WoS, so it'll do for a short-term fix if I slack on my ordering, but I'm pleasantly surprised at how things are going so far.

    Looks like there's a wealth of information here to dive into... just thought I'd throw out the initial hello. :)

  • Welcome, new members!
  • Hello my name is Brady. I've been a avid pipe and cigar smoker since I was 18 and smokeless user for a few years before that. I have been wanting to try dry snuff for a while and finally made my first order yesterday with a handful of tins to sample and see if I like it. Good day to all.
  • Welcome one and all..... Acigargod I like your handle. I too am an avid cigar guy.... This is a GREAT SITE for all types of tobacco. Sit back, Click, snuff, click, snuff.... you get the idea.
  • Welcome all you new folks.
    Good to have you all aboard, this is a great forum and if ya hang out long enough you can learn a lot about snuff.
  • Howdy, y'all!
  • Welcome all!
  • Greeting all new house members , Love meeting like mined folks of all diverse backgrounds. We all stand on equal ground here, take what you need and leave what you can. And please keep are house clean. And if your lost, ask for direction. Some member will surely point you in a direction.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Hello and welcome.
  • bobbob Member
    Welcome everyone. I just wanted to add that the longer you use snuff the better it gets.
  • Hello all, snuffing for a few months. I love it. Glad to be here and reading all I can.
  • Welcome @Lithua Glad to have you with us. Hope you enjoy the hospitality, the new information and a few jokesters as well!!!! This is the place to be if you have any interest in snuff. ENJOY
  • welcome folks!
  • Vito445Vito445 Member
    edited August 2012 PM
    @Jmitchelliv Welcome to snuffhouse! I always love to find people using snuff as means to quit cigarettes (the crack of tobacco imho). It worked for me and a lot of other people. Make sure you purchase your snuff from an online dealer if your local shops are gonna cost you a dollar a gram, there are 4 or so good sites that people use, and Mr.Snuff comes out with periodical coupons which is usually the signal for everyone to deplete his stock hahaha. Anyway, that modern marvels on tobacco sounds really interesting and I would like to see that, I wish they did a whole one on snuff!
  • @Vito445 Already being all sorts of impatient waiting on a Mr. Snuff order. I'll just keep saying it to myself... "maybe tomorrow." ;)

    I haven't checked yet, but I know a bunch of the Modern Marvels can now be found on Netflix... maybe you can find it on there.
  • TAD is like that, you feel like your snuff is never gonna arrive, and once it does you want to put ina new order. Glad to see we have infected another hahaha
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