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What do you play?



  • All this guitar talk and only one photo!?! I love looking at old guitars. Come on lets see em. ;)

    64 SG mint
    65 Hagstrom 12 string mint
    older/never used Dean 12 string Banjo
    Les Paul copy new

    but I mostly play with myself..........

    I NEED TO MOVE 12 ROLLS OF GENERAL PORTIONS. WILL SELL FOR $35 FOR 10 TINS INCLUDING SHIPPING, USA ONLY.  No problem shipping to Canada but I'll have to include an additional shipping cost.

  • Wow, lots of guitar players here. I play an old electric Guild M75cs that I got for my 10th birthday (back in 1976) and a few Yamaha acoustics my favorite is a beat up FG-75. In the last 10 years I started playing ukulele , I seem to play UKE's much more than I do guitars.
  • AbraxasAbraxas Member
    edited November 2009 PM
    30 years of playing, full time in the 80's. More or less retired from performance now although the odd gig comes up from time to time (my last doing a favour for a mate and playing in a church service!) I play a blues based lead style. I've never collected guitars, but owned and got rid of plenty. Now it's just my trusty old strat that Ive had for years and a beat up Marshall thats had plenty of beer spilled on it.
  • @ PremiumParrots
    That is true ! I will have to get a few photos on here as I hope others will too!
  • PhilipSPhilipS Member
    edited November 2009 PM
    Played the piano professionally until, many years ago, focal dystonia ended my career. Much time spent at a neurological clinic in Hannover (where they pioneer a technique for re-mapping digital representation in the somatosensory cortex) together with injections of botulinum toxin into the FPL muscle has allowed me to play works of moderate difficulty, but not to a professional standard. Last professional engagement played three movements from Stravinsky’s Petrouchka, Klavierstück X by Karlheinz Stockhausen and the opus 25 set of études by Chopin. Most repertory focussed on Rachmaninoff Balakirev , Liszt, Chopin and the avant-garde. These days I attempt to play much less demanding music by Soler, Scarlatti and other pieces originally written for the harpsichord on an adapted piano. Considering I was told by more than one neurologist it was probable I would never play again (a simple scale over one octave with my crippled right hand became impossible to execute) the partial recovery has been a blessing.

    Diagnoses of focal or occupational dystonia amongst musicians, although still rare, is no longer the risk of the professional, and is steadily increasing amongst amateurs as more and more people play an instrument to high standards. Also increasing are the much less serious mechanical complaints such as carpal tunnel syndrome and De Quervain's tenosynovitis. All of these are associated with overuse. So, all you musicians out there, take care.
  • mrmaroonmrmaroon Member
    edited November 2009 PM
    Ive got a gibson SG faded, its he older model when they used crescent moons for fret inlays. Ive also got an EXP-LTD-EX400 with black diamond plate on it. I have an Epiphone SG somewhere, I think I friend has it. I also have an ibanez acoustic and a cheap mandolin. I play heavy metal and classical music.

    Funny you mention that, I also have carpal tunnel. The doc said it was from playing guitar, computer games, and masterbating extreme amounts daily (joking).
  • The best Christmas song ever is by "The Happy Flowers".
  • What are the symptoms of carpal tunnel? I can certainly play for less time than I could a few years ago, now I get a sort of cramping feeling in my right hand. Also playing fast pieces I get the same type of thing on my right - even using a proper relaxed technique (ie I know how to play). Its not that much of a problem as perfromance, for me, is mostly finished, but I still practice and it can get annoying.
  • @ snuffster, Nigel there is quiet a lot on the internet if you google. I just found this for you carpal tunnel
  • Thanks so much for that John, well I've read it and diagnosed myself as having a mild case of it. Something to watch for sure. In my case it's only evident when I play so now I know that decent rests are good for it and I'm not playing every night as I once was.
  • I'm not a musician but I thought I had it. With me it's cramp from time to time. I can wrap my fingers round a drinking glass and then have to force it free with my other hand! Not funny when it happens in public.
  • Maybe its our age my friend, next milestone bitrhday is the big 50 for me. I know full well I shouldn't (and my wife beats me up when I moan because she will hit it some months after me) but I can't help dreading it! Five years to prepare mentally....
  • Snuffster, you're a young cat. I turned 56 last July and THAT was a trip. Sliding into 60. OH shit. On the upside, ten years ago there was no YOutube and I'm haveing a lot of fun with some of the guitar and bass instruction vids people have been kind enough to post. It's the greatest thing since sliced bread. I have learned a lot from them. And when I start to feel too cocky I can watch a 12 year old girl or a one armed bass player put me to shame.
  • Lol, not been called young for a while! Youtube can be inspirational or sould destroying regarding musical abiltiy. There's a ukelele player who makes better guitar music than I do and he looks about 15 as well!
  • well, i try and generally fail to play bass.

    ont he otehr hand i worked in as tudio for a couple of yeas and am pretty good at editing/compiling songs.
    i help out my freinds who are in bands witht hat stuff.
    btw, if anyone wants a hand with that shoot me a pm or something and i can see what i can do.
    its great work when you can get it.
    (its better when yuo get paid for it LOL)
  • imageimageimage<img
  • what kind of hats have you got?
  • imageimage<img
  • BartBart Member
    edited November 2009 PM
    The only marks on this guitar I can find are Five Star and made in the USA. I'm guessing it's a Harmony made out of Chicago. It actually has as good a tone as some more expensive guitars I've played.
    The accordian also has no name but what resembles a Cadillac emblem-(possibly a consolation gift to Cadillac owners in the 1950's when they purchased a new car? LOL,,I may never know...)
  • Zonesix,

    Interesting, what year was the prototype made? I had read Martin was experimenting with different tone bar configurations and that is how the D-16 came about. It's a very plain guitar but sounds good. I thought it was developed in the eighties but it may have been earlier.
  • i play a mean blues harmonica
  • elganso, I don't know. I remember her getting mad at me for opening it when it arrived and playing Slayer's Divine Intervention on it before she had a chance to break it in with Gordon Lightfoot. I believe the luthier had it in his own collection for some time, but sold it to her in roughly... 2000?
  • Reviving an old thread here, if only to announce that after decades of inactivity with regard to musical instruments (growing up I played piano and saxophone), I have once again gotten the bug.  I bought an inexpensive starter package for acoustic guitar, including guitar, gig bag, picks and instructional CD-ROM, and am practicing daily.

    I'm not doing it for any reason other than my own amusement and edification, so if nothing comes of it, no big deal.  But who knows?  I may actually learn to play halfway decently, eventually.
  • bobbob Member
    It shocks me that playing a musical instrument isn't considered part of being normal. It used to. There is a joy in playing music that surpases things like making money from it or being able to impress people. These things are nice but the joy of making music is a special thing. And anyone who is more concerned with fame or money then the joy of playing and instrument isn't going to be likeily to be very good at it.
  • bobbob Member

    Also playing a musical instrument increases the size and activity of the corpus callosum which conects the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Because you have to use both sides of your brain to play an instrument. So for men it gives you womans intuition and increases your chances of success with the opposite sex (even if they never hear you play). So my point it's kind of like working out doesn't matter if you get to be a famous athelete it's still good for you.


  • I play guitar ALOT. I also play bass and piano and I played those before guitar but now I identify as a guitar player. I don't have any wish I didn't get rid of that stories because I have GAD along with TAD and I collect both with no intention of getting rid of either.

    I play bass in my band ASTRUM. This is a live clip here.

  • MouseMouse Member
    Celtic harp, well an inexpensive Pakistani copy of one, played very poorly, but I enjoy it.
  • Wow lots of musicians here. I play guitar
    And mandolin
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