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Top five pipe tobacco

edited May 2012 in Other Forms of Tobacco
Here are mine in no particular order
of course at the top
1792 flake
And so to bed
1888 Early day
tied for fifth Hearth and home's Ambassador,s blend and Armada
My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  


  • SG Kendal Plug
    MacBaren Stockton
    McClelland Black Sea Sokhoum
    GH Rich Dark Honeydew
    McClelland 2025
  • original Balkan Sobranie
    GL Pease Raven's Wing
    GL Pease Westminster
    John Patton Stormfront
    Cornell & Diehl Epiphany

    honorable mention for GL Pease Odyssey
  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Moderator
    Irish Flake
    Royal Yacht
    London Mixture

    I know thats six, just five is too hard
  • bobbob Member
    edited May 2012 PM

    university flake

    foxes bankers


    sweat mystery X


    as you can see I like aromatics but my two favorites are natural

  • My top five is based on blends that I enjoy the most without breaking the bank.  Supply and cost issues force me to omit some blends that I like just as much.

    McClelland Beacon (VA/Per)
    McClelland 5100 Red Cake (VA)
    Peter Stokkebye Balkan Supreme (Balkan)
    Altadis Count Pulaski (American English)
    GL Pease Westminster (English)
  • Not been at it all that long but have gathered a few i enjoy.

    1792 flake
    Presbytarian mixture
    Gh best brown flake no2
    Skiff mixture
    Gool ol' Condor.
  • Hmm... I thought I had already listed my top 5, but perhaps I'm thinking of another site to which I belong.  Anyway, here goes:

    Butera Kingfisher
    Escudo Navy Deluxe
    G L Pease Cumberland
    McClelland Tudor Castle
    Peterson University Flake
  • SpamSpam Member
    Orlik Golden Sliced,
    SG's Best Brown Flake,
    Orlik Bulls Eye Flake,
    Carter Hall.

    Subject to change at any given moment.
  • JinderJinder Member
    SG Navy Flake
    Dunhill Nightcap
    GH Rum Flake
    Peterson 3Ps
    SG FVF

    honourable mentions to:

    SG Chocolate Flake
    GH Balkan Mixture
    SG Westmorland Mixture
    Dunhill De Luxe Navy Rolls
    SG Sam's Flake (hated it at first, then realised I was smoking it in a sour pipe)
  • Thanks to all that contribute to this discussion. I had found like, taste, smokers and in doing so discovered some leaf I need to acquire  
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • 1792 flake
    University flake
    SG Commonwealth
    SG Navy flake
    rest of SG
  • No particular order as they are all brilliant.
    Dunhill Early Morning pipe
    Petersons Irish Flake
    Dunhill Royal Yacht
    GLP Union Square
    All the other GLP blends are right up there too as well as a bunch from Mcclleands!
  • My current top 5 are G&H Dark Plug, G&H Coniston Cut Plug, Scaferlati Caporal Bleu, GLP Triple Play, Old Ironsides.
  • SG Grousemoor
    MacBaren Mixture
    PS Golden Dansk
    MacBaren Latakia
    Frog Morton
  • SG St. James Flake
    G&H Coniston Cut Plug
    G&H Bosun Cut Plug
    G&H Balkan Mixture
    tie between G&H Kendal Flake and Dark Flake
  • 1792
    Carter Hall
    GLP Maltese Falcon
    SG Navy Flake
    GH #12 Mixture
  • Revor Plug
    MacBaren Mature Virginia
    MacBaren Navy Flake
    Prince Albert
  • in no particular order...
    Orlik Bull's Eye
    Dunhill Royal Yacht
    Petersons University Flake
    G&H Coffee Caramel
    Erinmore Mixture
  • In no order- do these have to be current production?

    Balkan Sobranie-at least the old stuff (still must try a newer batch)
    Dunhill Aperitif
    Dunhill Nightcap
    Crown Achievement
    University Flake

    (I may have to revise this 5 or 10 times and add another 5)
  • SG Squadron Leader
    GH Dark Birdseye
    MacBaren Vanilla Cream (flake or mixture)
    Dunhill Royal Yacht
    MacBaren Navy Flake
  • Some of you guys have Penzance??? Where did you purchase it? WHERE!?!?!?!?!?

    Here's my current list of top five favorites (not in any particular order):
    Rattray's Hal O' the Wynd
    Japanese Tobacco Inc.'s Koiki (since I can't get it cheap from Japan anymore [I refuse to be ripped off by that one site!], I searched for an alternative brand that also offers an all natural, additives-free tobacco; and I found it in American Spirit's Original Blend. This stuff is awesome!)
    McClelland's Townsman Cavendish (Blue)
    McClelland's Frog Morton
    Samuel Gawith's 1792 Flake

    Other rotating favorites:
    Samuel Gawith's Squadron Leader
    Captain Earle's Ten Russians
    Peter Stokkebye's Golden Dansk
    Butera's Royal Vintage Sweet Cavendish
    Benjamin Hartwell's Evening Stroll
    Dan Tobacco's Sweet Vanilla Honeydew
  • @itsuke you can get penzance from if you don't mind paying 40$ for a 2oz tin. The stuff is good but not 40$ good.
  • University flake
    Louisiana flake
    Orlik Golden Sliced
  • The tin on 4noggins is also a consignment, and they don't guarantee quality of the stuff inside. The prices for some of those other consignment tins is absolutely ridiculous, there are plenty of good tobaccos out there to try.
  • MacBaren Navy Flake
    McClelland Tudor Castle
    Peterson's University Flake
    McClelland Yenidje Supreme
    Peterson's Irish Flake
  • @itsuke Mayan Imports in New Orleans "had" 3 tins the other day. Strangely enough when I left they were out of stock...

    My favorites are quickly becoming ropes/twist. I enjoy the taste and strength. I a little goes a long way making it pretty economical even though on a per pound basis it appears to be expensive.
  • JuxtaposerJuxtaposer Member
    edited September 2012 PM
    @MikeB. That looks like a great line up for my tastes.
  • $40? I've bought old batch Balkan Sobranie for much less...
  • Mr.O you are a lucky man :)
  • Here's five that I like:

    Hartwell's Evening Stroll
    Savinelli Aroma
    Glen Piper ( a good English/aromatic cross)
    McBaren Scottish Mixture
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