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Do you use several Snuffs when Snuffing

WingcamnutWingcamnut Member
edited May 2012 in General
Her indoors can not understand how I can go from a Menthol, to a fruit , to plain, to a Schmalzer in the same hour.
I don't think I am snuffing wrong, and I have told her that one Pinch will clear the other.
 I have not noticed any discernible reduction in the experience & pleasure from taking one after another, in fact ( and I might be kidding my self here) I think the differences enhance the whole experience.
Your thoughts please?


  • Variety is nice. I keep a few tins on my desk and switch it up frequently, although when I'm out I usually carry only 1 flavor with me (unless I'll be gone overnight). Using the same snuff all day can get boring. It's still good, just not very interesting.
  • khalidkhalid Member
    edited May 2012 PM
    I have an all day snuff, usually something plain and take a more rich and complex snuff in the evenings.
  • I be lost without at the very least 3 different snuffs on hand at all times. Perfectly normal for this SHM.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Glad to know I am not alone! 
  • JustinJustin Moderator
    Exactly the same with me as with jrf - I have several boxes on my desk, but I generally only carry one in my coat pocket.
    "Reality," sa molesworth 2, "is so unspeakably sordid it make me shudder."
  • JackJack Member
    I carry several tins with me everywhere and most of my tins on my desk so there.
  • jpb123jpb123 Member
    I Carry 8 or so to work with me most days. I love mixing 2 orals like a plain with a sweet scotch and I usually start of with a snuff a  Square or Superior in the morning. I have taken to snuff like a fish to water in the last few months. Can't wait for my first order of Wilsons, Molens, F&T and Toque I'm planning next month!!! Besides RR Mills Mac and Checkerberry, I've had only fine dry Scotches.
  • When I'm out, I usually only carry one type of snuff - usually a natural or something like Grunt. But when I'm at my apartment I switch constantly. Scotch, floral, menthol, you get the picture.
  • SlideSlide Member
    Currently I fill my snuff box in the morning and use it till it is gone. After that I switch to a different snuff. So on most days it is two different snuffs.
  • One in the box during the day and then multiple at night out in the garage while smoking my pipe.
  • I carry 6 to 8 different varieties to work, lay them out on my desk, and pinch from whatever tin or snuffbox suits my fancy throughout the day.  At home I have most of my collection stashed within reach of my computer desk, which is where I spend most of my time.  Variety is a necessity.
  • I have a tendency to latch onto a plainer snuff for most of the day, and might hit a more interesting snuff in the evening. I used to take a bunch of snuffs with me, but grew out of it.
  • I usually take an English snuff in my turn tin and a tap box of a poschl with me every day. When I am home I like to use schmalzlers because I have tissues on hand, but I also like to use some of the English ones I didn't get to use during the day.

    Today I took SG Vanilla and Poschl Ozona President. I use the English ones far more frequently throughout the day and most of my Poschl intake seems to be in the afternoon.

  • I have a whole section of my bag that I keep several tins of snuff in for carrying about whenever I'm not in the house.  I like a good bit of choice and variety throughout the day and will often switch from one type to another with seemingly no real transition.
  • I have a rotation I take with me everywhere. Toque Vanilla, Toque Quit, Toque SP Extra..when I'm home i dig into whatever I feel like, scotches, schmalzlers, menthols. Variety is wonderful.
  • Mr_OMr_O Member
    Always several on hand at home or about.
  • I always carry 3 different types (usually a plain, a fruity and a floral or similar) inside one snuffbox and two bulllets, at home my entire stock is at arm reach from my desk.

    I like to be able to snuff according to the moment.
  • When I'm out and about I always have toque whiskey and honey with me.  At home Klostermischung and when I get an order in from mrsnuff... everything in that order is up my nose.
  • generally stick with one all day and add variety per mood. Usually start and end the day with a medicated.
  • erictheredericthered Member
    edited May 2012 PM
    I don't snuff much during the day, but I often take a tin of SP out with me just in case.  I usually have three or four on my desk by my puter for the evening, the same ones until I feel like a change.  When I first started snuffing I somehow thought seasoned users took the same one kind, much like cigarette smokers stick to a favourite brand.  Now I know that's not how it works at all.  
  • Usually stick to two or three during the day. Every few days, I change out which three I carry with me.
  • I enjoy variety.  I may use 7 or 8 different snuffs during the course of the day.  There is no right or wrong here.  Whatever works for you is the best way to enjoy snuff.
  • My pockets always rattle a with snuff tins. I just need different kinds at different times and throughout the day. Usually before bed I pick a certain kind and stick with it for the night though.
  • I use around 5 different snuffs a minute sometimes when I'm at home. I just take 2 pinches of each tin. Sometimes say when I'm watching a movie or TV I'll just go through up to 10 different ones. Variety is life.
  • My usual daily rotation contains about 3 different snuffs.

    My staple snuff would be a more natural, usually tobacco scented snuff, hopefully high in nicotine content (eg. Toque Quit). Next comes something a little less plain — yet not overly fancy — to provide a little variety (eg. WoS Tom Buck). And lastly, something a lot more flavoursome (though the flavour depends entirely on that day's mood, whether it be something fruity, floraly, or else. eg. WoS Crumbs of Comfort).

    Come to think of it, I haven't used any of the aforementioned snuffs in a while and so there's tomorrow's selection sorted!
  • tom502tom502 Member

    I used to have a ton of various snuffs and do one different one after another back to back.

    Now, I only have one snuff, so I'm only doing one kind now a days.

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