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Anyone make homemade snuffs?

darklydarkly Member
edited March 2012 in General
I had most of a twist of KingB Sweet drying out to try in a pipe, but I forgot about it and got it WAY to dry.. so I broke it all up and ran in though a grinder till it was pretty powdery.. Gave it a tentative sniff.. and It's pretty tasty and smells nice..
you guys making your own?


  • Oh yes. My favorite home made being NAS RYO cigarette tobacco (additive free), ground up and scented with a fresh orange peel over night. But then I don't have alot of experience in making my own, but I get by.
  • I don't have any experience at all.. i just didn't wanna waste a overly dessicated rope of King B.. I'm a broke schmuck so I try not to waste anything if at all
    Never thought of using orange zest for flavor/scenting... good idea!
  • heh, I've never even gone as far as zesting it. I just take a whole chunk of the peel and drop it in the container, lol. Makes for easy removal that way =P

    I would also think it would work as well with lemons, limes, ect though too. Sorry if my wording is off. I got a cocktail of medication in me right now and I about to fall asleep right here in my chair, haha.
  • lol... I'm about to crawl in bed myself.. gotta work tomarrow.. Rest well.
  • I love making my own snuff. Freshly cured whole leaf tobacco is less than eighteen dollars a pound right now. No taxing and no postal limitations because it is unprocessed. Add sodium carbonate at two percent or so and maybe one percent sodium chloride and your good to go. There are a lot of tips and tricks for all the details of processing you may be able to find on this site. Making your own is a recommended part of snuff as a hobby. 
  • I've made my own for years. It is very easy to make snuff, I would say no harder than baking a cake. You can get very good results using anything from raw tobacco to hand rolling or pipe tobacco, equally as good as anything you can buy. The skill is in reproducing it exactly when you hit upon a recipe you like, so note taking is a must. There are lots of threads on here about it. The best results I got from using everyday, store bought tobacco was with Golden Virginia hand rolling - just get the required amount, leave to dry until it is completely dehydrated, turn into the required texture by using a mortar and pestle or coffee grinder, flavour with enough port or coffee or both to make it as moist as you like it and leave for a couple of weeks in an airtight jar. Bicarb and salt are usually added to snuffs to enhance flavour and nicotine delivery as the illustrious Juxtaposer says, but I never have with RYO tobacco because it is already processed. Of course the real deal is making it from scratch using raw tobacco, but it is fun to experiment with stuff you can get at the local store.

  • Great info there gents. Thanks for the rec. Wonder what the best OTC US tobacco is for snuff making?
  • If you are going to start with an OTC, I'd go with American Spirit--additive-free and neutral and then flavor as you wish with essential oils, etc.
  • Thanks, Mouse. I also heard that Kentucky Spirit Organic is a good base tobacco for snuff. Don't know a thing about it besides that it is certified organic.
  • pardon...that should read Kentucky Select Organic
  • luxaortaluxaorta Member
    edited March 2012 PM
    Pretty sure Snuffster sells his homemade at Mr. Snuff :)
  • Snuffster is Abraxas
  • Well, for what its worth, my homemade KingB Sweet homemade snuff has been in my nose between breaks all day today at work.. and I'm liking if more and more! I could def get used to this snuff thing!
  • gandalfgandalf Member
    edited March 2012 PM
    This @Snuffster cool to be so transparent with us.Your ,here, a vector of very new project for me,I have already some ideas,a coffee grindrer, and found a sailor on tobacco leaves on line.Thanks(juxtaposer too) for democratic information.
  • Would love to make some homemade strong SP like Tom Buck....any ideas on proportions, flavorings, etc??
  • JuxtaposerJuxtaposer Member
    edited March 2012 PM
    Here is a great idea for a Tom Buck like SP. 

    That would be one dram of scent mix to eight ounces of snuff.
  • thank you...will give it a try
  • GlochidGlochid Member
    edited March 2012 PM
    i got some tobacco seeds tobacum/rustica/sylvestris its about that time of year to have em sprouted had some last year didnt do much with em chewed a leaf here/there POTENT!
  • Mr_OMr_O Member
    The uncured stuff'll do that.. :)
  • Thuoc lao snuff is so awesome.  I grind the leaves up in an electric coffee grinder and then get all the larger pieces out by pouring it into a piece of pvc pipe with panty hose stretched out on the bottom.  On the high side as far as nicotine goes.
  • I've made everything from Amazonian Indian style green tobacco snuff to heat fermented rappee.  Haven't bought any commercial nasal snuff in over five years. 
  • I've been growing and grinding a homemade snuff for 2 seasons now.  Here on the east coast of the US, I'm about 3 weeks away from seed starting for the 2012 season.  Seeds start germination in the last week of March, and go outdoors on May 15th.

    A very rewarding hobby. Good luck to you!


  • I've actually been thinking of trying to get a few plants to grow, in a 5gal bucket on the patio.. Couple Virginia, and a burley... Kinda hard though without every listing I've seen for seeds is for like one hundred this.. or 250 that... and frankly, I dont need but about 10 of each to do what I want.. I keep looking for that just right listing though.
  • I've experimented a little with making snuff from pipe tobacco, with fairly good results.  It sounds like others here have taken the experiment a good deal farther than I have, however, and I tip my hat to them.  The only advice I can give is this:  the quality of the snuff begins with the quality of the base tobacco you grind.  You're unlikely to get good results using the cheap stuff.
  • Yeah.... I've noticed this with grinding pipe tobaccos... if I dont care for the pipe tobacco smoked, I will seldom enjoy it ground up..
  • I wanted to know if there is somewhere a recipe for making snuff with brandy or strong alcohols more generally.

    I have a project for collecting fine products in order to do it.Thanks for a link or a recipe.I'll write an history and rewiew about it,of course.Thanks.

  • edited March 2012 PM
    I've been at it for a while but because of my late wife's illness, I did not give it any though for more than a year now..
  • Oh, Pieter! Are you at work on another project? Looking forward to it!
  • Wow Pieter! Seems you got some mad snuff-making skills! *thumbs up*
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