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The RPG Thread



  • I'd play that mike

    Dark souls is great. Really old school in the way that you have to figure out what you are doing. I reccomend not looking up info online as it kills some of the specialness. though that guy that eats items makes me happy.

  • I have heard nothing but amazing things about Dark Souls. I'm starting to think I should give it a go if I can ever afford it o.<
  • That guy who eats items wouldnt talk to me. so I attacked him and he disappeared.  I looked it up online, and I was pissed.

    You guys use ps3?

    PSN ID: JohnnyFriday
  • Excellent!  Then I will make a working Demo this weekend when I have time and I will do the whole Upload thing.  I'd love to hear Criticizm and Feedback regarding my game.  The graphics are nothing special, something you'd see in Gameboy LOL .  If you have ever played Fable 1, then it'll be a LOT easier for you to understand.  My games story is based around Jack of Blades, the villain from Fable 1 .  He is my favorite game villain of all time, and I thought I would make a game in tribute to the awesome character.  I am very pleased with it so far, and I would love to continue to work on it, if I had more time lol.
  • Yeah I'm running a PS3, also never got rid of the PS2. I've got the first Xenosaga, and another, don't recall which. I'll check out Dark Souls and ME2 sometime. My friend raves about Dragon Age 2, but is that more action-rpg'ish? I gotta get Skyrim and see what all the buzz is about. Also I'm wondering if games like the Elder Scrolls are better on a PC or PS3...

    MikeMoose- I'd do some beta testing if I can learn how to download it and stuff (I'm kind of a PC/Windows newbie)

  • @Mr. O: I really enjoyed playing FFIX.  Most of the complaints I heard about it were people who didn't like the return to the less than realistic roots of the series in terms of character design and such, after FFVII and FFVIII were becoming progressively more and more realistic in terms of character and world designs.  IX returned more to the fantasy origins of the series, and that pissed a fair few people off for some reason.  This may be a bit controversial amongst PS1 RPG afficianados, but IX was my favourite of the PS1 Final Fantasies.  Granted, I haven't finished Tactics, but they're different varieties of game anyway.
  • @MrO  If you have a top-spec pc then go for the pc version of Skyrim.  I personally prefer the ps3 version.  Only bad thing on pc is that the controls are geared more towards the consoles.
  • @FlippinBird  Does your ps3 have problems with large save files on skyrim? For me, all bethesda ps3 games have problems in the later stages of games when the save files are large it starts to get very slow and sometimes freeze.
  • Thank's for your input guys! What about some of the (relatively) more obscure PS1, PS2 titles? Saga Frontier, Tales of Destiny, Theads of Fate (more action/platformer rpg I guess), etc.
  • @FlippinBird:  For those of us that prefer the PC, one can pick up a console-type controller for PC without spending very much, which solves the problem of console-oriented control interfaces.  I bought a Logitech Rumble F510 gamepad from Amazon for about $35.  It's perfect for Skyrim.
  • farming hint in Dark Souls. The guy that eats items gives you 100 souls per most items he eats some of these items can be bought for 10 souls you can carry 99 of this item. Just saying farming isn't as dangerous as you'd think once you have access the tooth monster (that's what I call him).

  • Not really single player mmos, but I play SWTOR and EQ2.
  • @johnnyfriday After this latest patch 1.4 i think.  I have had no problems, it actually runs more smoothly than in  the previous patch.

    on a side note, I have been playing Breath of Death VII, it's old school/final fantasy nes graphics and play style.  It is also quite funny, the game likes to make fun of other rpgs.
  • So, will anybody enlighten me about Steam? Or anything else valuable for PC gaming?
  • My dark souls farming spot was the bonfire you break into in the forest.  Well the door right next to the bonfire, there are like 3 hard enemies, but if you run in a quick circle they will follow you and you can stand on this cliff and they will climb above you and jump to their deaths for I think 3k souls each. That really changed my game as it was a total byatch to get any souls.
  • did that too. Now in the painting damn it's tough there. But fun.

  • ahh, what can I say about soul farming in Dark Souls but that it provides hours of fun (not)~ Skyrim is a fantastic game too, sadly the feeling of not hitting the enemy dampens the fun a bit...

    On the other hand, Mass Effect 3 is coming this March 6th! Can't wait until I get my hands on it~~
  • Skyrim how is that you are so joyfull and surpass my expectations and yet at the same time disapoint so much. Oh by the way also plays Tales of Vesperia which is suprisingly awesome. It's the first action J-rpg I've played that holds up on all fronts. Usally in most the combat is overly complicated and boring. Most have the following effect Wow check out what my dude can do even though I can sleep through 90 percent of the combat. It also does the story right. You don't spend so much time in the cut scenes that you think mother funker when am I going to get to play again.
  • Did anyone do the 1 Year WoW subscription to get the free Diablo 3?  I did!  I'm also so damn obsessed with the new Diablo coming out that I ordered a new PC with an i7 2600.  Diablo, Warcraft, and Unreal Tournament have been responsible for my PC upgrades since the original Warcraft hit.  It's just a sickness.  I may fight TAD, but I embrace Diablo Upgrade Disorder!
  • I am kinda on the fence about Diablo 3 on one hand it is great to see the franchise growing, but I am afraid of what the younger player may have done to the entire genre.

    I have been playing rpgs since D&D 2nd Ed. As far as computer rpgs go, I kinda stopped after Oblivion and I am waiting for Skyrim to get a little cheaper( or my brother in law to give of to me because he is done with it :) )
  • @ Mr. O:  I'm not sure what you want to know about Steam. From what I can tell, it seems to offer a wide variety of games.  I've only had a membership for a short time, as I got it when I bought Skyrim, which requires a Steam account.  Steam seems to have frequent sales, so I imagine that, with a little patience, one can get good deals on new games.  They also keep your games up to date with patches and DLC, which is a nice feature.

    As with anything else, however, it pays to shop around and compare prices.  I've noted that a couple of the games I've had my eye on are available from other sources at a lower price.  I wouldn't recommend using Steam as one's only source for games.
  • @PipeSnusnSnuff The main advantages I have found to Steam are these:  Usually decent pricing, Steam Cloud which saves your game for use across multiple systems, and access to all platform clients no matter which version you bought.  For example: I bought Civ 5 for PC, and when i registered it with Steam it also gave me access to the Mac client, and my save games are always up to date no matter which system I decide to play on.  Not all games have these features, but it's pretty darn cool when they do.  Amazon also has some really good deals on games too.  if you want to camp for some of the best deals out there, the DealsModo section of the Gawker Network of sites has some rockin' deals on a regular basis.  It's worth checking out on a daily basis.
  • Thank's folks! It's just that I'd only heard about Steam maybe 3/4 months ago and just kinda wondered if I need a "Steam for dummys" or if there's not that much to learn. Didn't know if it's some kind of big "game changer/life changer" or just more of a basic service or hub or what not.  So far I've only got a couple of  PC games, PoPersia, Elder Scrolls Oblivion Game of the year ed. So I'm very much a newbie here.

    Another question, has anybody ever bought a PC game controller that (apparently) just wasn't compatible with one's games? In my case a logitech. Now I wonder if I should go for the Xbox 360-PC controller.

  • shikitohnoshikitohno Member
    edited February 2012 PM
    I can't imagine there's a controller out there that's totally incompatible.  Even if it says "Requires Windows 7," it's typically a load of crap.  I've got a usb controller that looks like an Xbox pad with the analog stick positioning of a Playstation on that was allegedly only compatible with Windows.  Works perfectly fine with Arch linux without using their crap install CD.  I use it for when I play games on emulators so I can have a proper controller, rather than mucking about with my keyboard.  It's seen much less use since I got my PS2 back from a friend and picked up an FC Twin.

    It's just a matter of getting your computer to acknowledge it as an input device.  Typically for Windows, this means installing the drivers.  For linux and BSDs it would involve configuring it as an X11 input device.  This often happens automagically, or in some cases you'll need to modifying the relevant config files by hands.  Don't know what the process would be for Macs, as I never touch the things.  Once your computer recognizes it as an input device, if you've got a game that provides custom control mapping, you should be able to select a control option in that menu, press the button you desire to be mapped to that particular button, and it should change the control to that option for you.  Repeat until all options are mapped, and you should be all set.  If you encounter issues with getting your computer to recognize it as an input device, often searching "Device Model foo and ${Your OS}" on google will lead you to people who've already solved the issue for you.

    I really need to give my FC Twin some more use.  The guy who runs the local retro game store (seems to make most of its money as an internet cafe and selling new games, but it stocks all sorts of old games) recommended it to me since it does NES/SNES games.  He also told me Yobo was putting out a new model in the near future that would play those two consoles' games, plus N64 games, which would be cool.  Looking on amazon, that one hasn't materialized yet, but there appears to be a NES/SNES/Genesis system out by them, for anyone who would prefer using a real console with a proper controller, rather than playing ROMs.  I may well purchase a copy of Chrono Trigger this month, if I've got the money.  Those machines can be handy if you have a bunch of old games floating around, and your consoles either got sold off or don't work.  Looking at their wiki page, some games seem to not work properly with them.  The SNES Dragon Warriors and Super Ghosts and Ghouls seem prominent on that list, along with Super Mario RPG.

    Of course, for those of you with a Wii, you can do all this already, with your Virtual Console.  Which reminds me, I need to head over to my friend's house and finish playing Beyond Oasis.
  • I got cheap and went for a 3rd party XBOX controller and I love it.  It's great for Console -> PC ports, and it's even better if you run any emulators at all.  If you have bluetooth on your system, you can also use a PS3 controller.  I like those better, but the only computer I have with Bluetooth is my mac, which is old and sucks eggs for most games.
  • Hmm I'll have to read all that slowly and carefully... If I recall, I went through a calibration(if that's the right term) process, also I think it was the kind of deal where it includes a mini rom disc, but for some reason it just didn't work right- I think it worked for one of my games but not the other two. All I know off the top of my head here is that I'm on an hp dv7-4080us notebook with windows 7 and a intel i7 proc. I don't know if it has any bluetooth function for sure, but I don't think so. I should take a remedial PC class anyways- a lot of computer talk goes over my head. But my gut decision is to probably buy the usb xbox controller and take it from there, bummed I lost the receipt from the other one.
  • I'm hooked on Dark Souls these days ( PS3 ), it's really really cool. More action and less talking.. Really great game.
  • My new computer shipped almost a week early, and should be here on Friday! *nerdgasm*

    If that thing won't run Zork, nothing will.
  • I've got a Logitech controller that was recognized by Windows 7 without any problems whatsoever.  You may want to go to the Logitech web site and see if they have an updated driver for your controller.  That may very well solve your compatibility issues.
  • TheatreTheatre Member
    edited March 2012 PM
    There probably is some kind of fix for it, that would save you from having to buy another one.

    But the PC Xbox360 controller is brilliant. When I bought a new laptop I decided to give some games a go, and that's perfect. It's so much more comfortable than a keyboard, and it's compatible with all games that accept controllers - it's made by Microsoft for Windows so game designers make it with that controller in mind when they're designing their games that why when you sometimes have top change it to 'controller' on the menu screen it has a picture of the Xbox controller. Just plug it in and go.
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