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Have you tried Swedish snus?



  • @OscarWabbit: I've only tried a few brands of Makla, but to me there's absolutely no comparison to snus. Flavor wise, they're two completely different profiles.

    The Maklas I've tried have that earthy, somewhat pungent taste of fermented tobacco. While I don't mind giving them a good snort, I can't stand them in my lip.

    Loose Swedish snus is of a finer cut than Makla, but it's much more moist. The variety of flavors available is astounding, from the plain/unflavored brands like Ettan and Prima Fint to herbal (Rapé and Röda Lacket) to the bergamot blends like General and Gustavus.

    Snus and Makla are manufactured in two different ways. Makla is made more like fermented American moist snuff whereas snus undergoes steam pasteurization unique to Swedish (and a couple of American) manufacturers.

    I'm not going to name company names here, but Mick and I are pretty close friends with one of the biggest tobacco exporters in the world, with operations in Africa and South America. Tobacco for snus is grown and harvested to rigid specifications, and only half of the yield meets their standards and makes it to their factory. Of the remaining 50% of the harvest, the better half goes to second-tier Swedish snus manufacturers while the bottom half goes to Makla manufacturers.

    This difference is readily apparent to me. You have snus brands like Ettan which are flavored only with a little bit of salt. You're basically tasting pure tobacco. Every brand of Makla I've tried, even the "plain" and "straight" varieties, have been pretty heavily flavored to get past that pungent, cheap tobacco taste.

    I'm probably showing my bias here, but I think snus beats the pants off of Makla in every way. As far as nicotine hit goes, Makla is a wee bit stronger than regular strength snus, but is no where as strong as Sterk or Extra Sterk varieties.

    If you like traditional, plain Makla flavors, I would recommend picking up Grov, which is flavored in much the same way, but not overpoweringly so. Other than that, my recommendation for snus newbies is to try all the old standards: Röda Lacket, Goteborg's Rapé and Prima Fint, Ettan, and General.

    Of course, I've been talking exclusively about lös varieties. We haven't even got into portioned snus yet. ;)
  • +1 @snuffpub... well described
  • ... says the man that eats a pound of Ettan every day. :)
  • Do any of the snus companies ship to the UK anymore?
  • I don't think so, Snuffster. That last EU raid on snus vendors pretty much scared the crap out of everybody from what I understand...
  • From

    "Ettan Loose offers a distinguished flavor, with hints of light smoke aroma and a characteristic fresh, unseasoned tobacco scent. Its taste is reminiscent of Belgian dark chocolate, under the lip as well as in the nose."

    Do people really sniff SNUS?  Also, from a guy who has had minimal exposure to the real Swedish SNUS, why is it used in the upper lip?  Other than hiding the bump, is there any advantage to the lower lip like American Dip is commonly used?

    (By the way, this is a fascinating thread)
  • Saliva production. In the upper lip even american dip produces a minimal amount of excess saliva.
  • @snuffpub

    Great salesmanship. You've got me curious now.

    So I should try Sterk or Sterk extra, as N content is all I'm bothered about with oral tobacco. Is that loose or tea bag snus?
  • I'm another with a freezer stocked with snus.  I buy almost exclusively online, as my local tobacconist only carries General.  I didn't start snuffing until I read about it on a snus forum.  I continue to use more snus than snuff, although I enjoy both very much.
  • snuffbrantsnuffbrant Member
    edited February 2012 PM
    @snuffpub ... General Sterk White isn't for everyone ..  :D  A man needs his Ettan!!!
  • All this snus talk is making me want to take a break from buying snuff for a few weeks (money's tight right now) so I can order a few rolls of my old favorites.  I am having problems with priority, snus or snuff?
  • @OscarWabbit: Makla is on average about 10mg/g nic content, so Sterk would be pretty close to what you're probably used to. Extra Sterk would be a little stronger.

    Sterk/Extra Sterk varieties come in both portion (teabags) and loose. (Sterk is the Swedish word for "strong", several companies make their own brands of high-nicotine snus. Some call them Sterk, Stark or just simply Strong).

    @Dogwalla: Yes, there are a few people that still sniff snus. I think all three of them are posting in this thread. :)

    Nobody in Sweden uses snus nasally. But all the "legacy" brands of Swedish snus (anything that came before 1840) started off as nasal snuffs. The founder of Ettan, JF Ljunglöf, was horrified at the idea that anyone would use his snus in anything but the nose. (He personally carried a teaspoon with him everywhere he went to shovel Ettan up his nostrils. He purportedly used about 250 grams a day!)

    By the late 1800's, most of all the snus brands were being manufactured with more water content to suit the tastes of the people who were abandoning the "French" method of taking snuff (nasally). For example, the recipes for Ettan and Göteborg's Prima Fint are exactly the same as they were in 1822; the only thing that is different is that the moisture content went from about 30% up to 60%. (Right now it hovers around 50%. Better packaging means they don't have to make it as wet as they used to in fear of it drying up).

    Loose snus makes excellent nasal snuff in some cases. Röda Lacket for example was a dry nasal snuff for almost 150 years before they started making it moist. (You may recognize the original dry variety by its American name: Red Seal.) Göteborg's Rapé and Ettan are two that are really good nasally.

    My method for taking snus in the nose is to let it sit uncovered on the window sill for about a week to dry. You could use it straightaway from there, but the texture is a little coarse for my liking so I run it through the grater one time. After that it's basically the texture/moisture of Railroad Mills Maccaboy.

    We usually have at least one article per issue about the early snus producers in The Snuff Taker's Ephemeris, so if you haven't yet bought your first copy, DO IT!!!!! :)
  • @Snuffster Odens snus does. I thought the northern started again as well.
  • Northerner ships snus to the EU. From the US warehouse. You can get a lot of brands but not nearly the selection of ordering from Swedish based shops.
  • JackJack Member
    edited February 2012 PM
    @FlippinBird: Make sure your next snuff purchase is dholakia sparrow , that will mush up your brain and last you a long while so you can save up for some snus.
    @snuffpub: that was a highly interesting post you just made, thanks.
  • Also...snuff can be made into snus quite easily. 
  • I've tried a couple different snus brands and haven't found one that I like yet.  The loose feels so strange in my lip and the portions just don't seem to satisfy my nic craving.

    I've got a bone to pick with The Snuff Taker's Ephemeris but I guess I could make another thread about it once I have taken the pictures or I'll just make a youtube vid about it during my next snuff review.... I don't know yet.
  • @joesnuffer - If you got a bone to pick with them why don't you contact them directly? Generally that would be my first step rather than calling someone out without giving them a chance to address it...
  • @joesnuffer bigmick and I can be reached anytime through here or via email: and If there was a problem with your order or something, we'll be happy to take care of it. We're pretty easy that way. ;)
  • Snus is superior product to makla, but makla is more practical currently in EU at least. They are both good though and makla is very clean tobacco as UK government lab tests show.

    By the way, pope Leo XIII (deceased 1903) was a fan Ettan, he used it nasally. Cool pontiff!
  • Snus is a disgusting habit forming product, then there is the TAD problem, I wish I had been told this by the fanboys from the getgo. Then there is the deep freezer, vacuum packing, rotation, international shipping, countless hours on the Forums, Jeesh!

     Ettan is worth it though!
  • Oh yes I have tried the "black gold from Sweden" and enjoy it very much. I've been using it for almost half a year and I have found that I prefer strong loose - in particular Skruf Xtra stark (now deceased), and Thunder Frosted.

    As far as shipping to Canada: I have used two retailers in the past, and both would split my orders into packages of 5 and ship each a day apart. This would allow me to take advantage of ordering a roll at a time for the discounted price, and give me a fair chance against the outrageous customs duties I would have to pay.

    Would your shop be able to do this? I'm sure that orders from Canada represent a very small portion of your sales, but that would put you on equal footing with the other online retailers.

    @n9ninchnails: Only 1 package nailed by customs? You're lucky - my "success rate" is only about 50%!

  •  200g maximum order/ 25g/tin =8 tins max x 4 bucks each = 32 + 10 bucks shipping= 42 bucks... 50% chance of that getting taxed anther 20 bucks = 62 bucks / 8 tins = just about 8 bucks a tin.

    I guess thats not SO bad... If it was split into 2 separate shipments there would be less chance of being taxed. 

  • @Slide I don't really feel like I called them out, just commenting that I have a bone to pick with them, I wasn't puffing my chest out at them or anything.  Didn't post any specifics.  I will be contacting them.

    @snuffpub  Thanks for the info.
  • @scopopulus if you order from Northerner you can order as much as you want and they will ship it to you in small packages containing 3-5 tins each so if you were to order 20 tins you would receive 4 or 5 small packages.
  • scopopulusscopopulus Member
    edited February 2012 PM
    @n9inchnails Do you need to tell them to do that specifically? Or do they see the order is coming from Canada and it happens automatically?
    Also, if it does get charged duty - how much for 4 or 5 tins?

  • I like Oden's extreme and General extra strong protions, haven't used loose yet.


  • @scopopulus they do it automatically and the one small package that I got nailed for cost me 18 bucks in duties
  • @scopopulus:  5 tins of portions average around $25, 5 tins loose average $29 for me in the last two months (been stocking up during the cool weather).
  • I use General loose snus in my nose. I let it dry a day or two, so it's not quite so moist, then use it like a rappee snuff. It's very nice if you don't like it in your lip, like me. I bought a bunch at the local "kum n go"(yes, it really is their name!) for $.99, it was out of date, but I put it in the freezer and its just fine. If you like dark rappee(think SG Black Rappee) snuff, its worth a go.
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