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US availability in the short and long term

cakeanddottlecakeanddottle Member
edited February 2012 in General
Sorry if this is covered elsewhere, but I couldn't find a FAQ that addressed it.

I've been cellaring pipe tobacco for the inevitable apocalypse. Now I've gone and fallen in love with snuff. Near as I can tell, Snuffstore, Mr Snuff and Toque are it for US customers, and Snuffstore stops accepting credit card orders from US customers on the 22nd according to their site.

How bad is it? I mean, we'd be screwed without Mr Snuff, right? Should I be taking out a second mortgage and putting away a 20 year supply this month? Just how worried should I be regarding availability, and do we know how Mr Snuff is going to proceed if their credit card processor tells them to pound sand? Are us Americans going to be limited to US Scotches soon? Thanks.


  • I think your concerns are legitimate. I have no crystal ball though. Where I live in the states there is no snuff to be found.  There is more snuff in my nose than there is in the rest of the county.  You have me scared came. "Are you surprised at my tears sir? Grown men also cry...:"
  • One thing you can be certain about: Toque and Mr Snuff will get snuff to you for as long as it is remotely possible - the two main suppliers won't be rolling over at the first or even 51st obstacle. But, you have good reason to be worried - it seems like the US has stricter laws on tobacco that the UK does on handguns. If I was in your shoes I would lay in a good supply but more importantly I would be learning how to make snuff from what you have to hand. If it comes to it we will get the experts on this site to start giving some snuff making lessons; there is enough expertise here to get you reproducing the basic styles and from that you can make your own snuff to your own taste. It's doable so don't get too despairing.
  • @ Snuffster That's great to hear as I have been worrying about the same thing. Thank God for Dave and Roderick! I have a small grinder that I have tinkered around with making a little bit of coarse snuff, but I don't possess the expertise to make something really noseworthy. I would love to learn more about how to make good flavorful snuff from readily available (in the States) pipe tobacco and flavorings.
  • Thanks guys. I guess I will prioritize snuff TADs over pipe tobacco for a while. 
  • Watch this space then.
  • ToqueToque Member
    edited February 2012 PM
    The main problem is not the Govt but the credit card companies. They are deciding what you can and can't buy. They're not even "Big Brother" they're private companies trying to control you, for what they think is your benefit. Gambling was first, tobacco is second, alcohol will be next and then they have their eyes firmly set on sex. What comes next? 
  • By the way we're OK for now but, ask me again next year!
  • Can we get around this via Paypal if the cc processor bails?
  • Darn it I'am so tempted to get political right now. Why do we let companies have so much control over our lives. It's like some how we forgot that everyone hates busybodies and somehow we forgot to hate a few busybodies along the way. Oh there are always ways around always. If you can't credit card it then there are other ways like bank transfers. If that happens why doesn't he ISTA suggest the creation of a non-profit tobacco credit card. The age is verified at the start of the card. I don't know the logistics but the point is instead of looking at a problem as a victim of these stupid companies let's take a page from mr. snuff and toque and deciede we will and then figure out a way. :)
  • This whole thread is scary
  • I adore snuff, and if there is a way for me to get it I will.  I'm willing to do wire transfers if that's the only way to get snuff.  I will say though, if there is ever another big, ugly bill that looks like it will go through, i will hoard enough to last for years.  I guarantee you that.

    If I restrict myself to 1g per day, and supplement with other tobaccos, I should need about 30 x 500g containers to last me about 40 years.  I'd guess that would be $1,500 - $2,000 depending on what I ordered.  It's really not that bad if you think about it.
  • cakeanddottlecakeanddottle Member
    edited February 2012 PM
    gah, how do you delete a duplicate post? heh
  • If it gets impossible to get snuff then we'll all become master millers one way or another.
  • @cakeanddottle If you refresh your browser, it usually goes away.  it's quirky like that.
  • The duplicate posts are just something you see, they don't appear on the thread, ignore it.
  • after reading the proposition of cellaring a lifetime supply of snuff wouldn't be as daunting as starting from scratch with pipe tobacco. I have 14kgs cellared and 40kgs is my magic number. If worse came to worse it would only take me a few hundred dollars in 500g containers and I'd be set for life for snuff. Thanks for all the comments, I am a fraction less worried now.
  • Don't worry guys, if all else fails we'll take a leaf out of our German friends books. In Germany very few people have CC's and they all pay by electronic transfer. We already have this facility in place and are ready to go if the **** ever hits the fan. 
  • Their livelihoods  are at stake. (Not to over emphasize the north american markert). If anyone has stayed up nights thinking about this Roddy and Dave have,
  • If nothing else, I'm of the belief that American Scotch will always be available as long as there is a rural south. :D
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    edited February 2012 PM
    From what I read, SnuffStore is not ending CC purchases from the US but are being qualified by a new processor.  

    Not sure where this hysteria is coming from.  Sometimes we seal our own destiny.  I remember quite a few paranoid threads/posts after PACT, and lookie here a few years later and things are still going.  


    This is directly from the SnuffStore website:
    ** Urgent Notice ** 22/02/12
    We are still currently unable to accept payment via credit or debit card. Please 
    Do Not Attempt To Use The Card Payment Processor
     it has not yet been activated. 
    We hope to be able to accept payment via card again as soon as 'compliance' checks 
    have been completed. If you'd prefer to pay via cheque or bank transfer in the mean 
    time, please contact us via the contact us page. Thank you for your understanding

  • WhalenWhalen Member
    edited February 2012 PM
    Well I am stocked and ready for anything, and there were five cases of small scotch cans on the counter of the food lion yesterday, RR mills and Superior. All of the Society that you could ever want. At least 30 different chews, and every moist snuff there is.
  • @Toque What about Paypal???
  • Paypal refuses to have anything to do with tobacco, so paypal isn't an option
  • I gotta agree with @Zanaspus , as long as there is a rural south in the US there will be scotches. And while the flavoring part is hard, actually making your own basic snuff is easy.
  • I have about a 5 year stockpile now. Shooting for 10 years by June and will re-evaluate then.

    I can make use of scotches but we don't have a great selection here even though I am in the deep South. I did find Rooster the other day and Railroad Mills Sweet (So I got to try Snuffster"s blend)

  • I have a good deal of pipe tobacco squirreled away in my "cellar."  I've experimented a bit with making snuff from it with good results.  So I should be OK, if the need arises.  But I sincerely hope it never comes to that.  There are too many great snuffs I would hate to have to do without.
  • @Zanaspus, Amen for that, I am fortunate to have a very good selection here in the grocery stores and with all of the tobacco fields I see around here it's nice to know I will have a backup plan.
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