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What's a Dark, Peaty, Smoky, mid to coarse grind snuff with strong Bergamot in it's Composition?

SCaseySCasey Member
edited July 2011 in General
I seem to have come across one like this, but I can't remember which one it was. Will one of you snuff Lexicons help me out? Thanks.


  • WoS Brunswick.
  • Nice. Thanks for that! Cheers!
  • Could also be WOS Best Dark
  • Thanks. I added both of those to the 'buy list'.
  • I don't think either of those as smokey or peaty.
    @Scasey: You might be asking for the best of both worlds from WoS and SG dark snuffs
  • @Xander What would you choose (to blend together) to get that result then? I want: dark, peaty, smoky, and a strong bergamot component would be nice. I didn't see a strong bergamot component in either of those listed above however WoS Best Dark sounds 'smoky'. Are these statements true, and if so, then back to the original question: what would you mix together to get this result?
  • XanderXander Member
    edited July 2011 PM
    We're essentially discussing the rappee style here.
    I'm not sure blending is a good idea either. For dark, peaty, and smokey, go with any of the dark Samuel Gawith snuffs that were mentioned in the concurrent thread. I can't think of any of those with a strong Bergamot component.
    The WoS Best Dark and Brunswick are indeed dark and moist with bergamot, but these are not as heavy and coarse as the SG rappees, so they may not mix well. Neither are they smokey or peaty.
    There are a number of scented rappees from SG (Lavender Dark, Cob Dark, Princes Dark, and probably a bunch I have never tried), you might find what you are looking for there.
  • XanderXander Member
    edited July 2011 PM
    I'm looking over the list of Sam Gawith snuffs, and nothing is ringing a bell, and none of the reviews describe one lke that, although there are plenty of scented rappees.
    Perhaps put some bergamot oil in some London Brown?
  • Thanks. I might well do that.
  • Don't let me put you off tryng Best Dark and Brunswick though. They are first rate snuffs and also a nice departure from Wilsons standard grnd.
  • Be not concerned. You haven't. ;)
  • What about that toasted sp from Wilson's? Was it #22?
  • #20
  • Yeah, that one! It's nice and dark too.
  • Almost as dark as snow.
  • UweUwe Member
    @ Xander: ;-)))
  • To me, the description sounds like Samuel Gawith Kendal Brown Original.

    It's got a deep rich smoke, an earthy tobacco scent, and a citrus element that's probably more bergamot than lemon or orange. Plus a hint of floral to smooth it all out.

    Personally, I gave up on the WoS Rappees after I had 3 tins corrode on me.
  • Thanks. That sounds good. It's on the list. Cheers!
  • How long ago did you try this snuff? Can you remember where it was purchased? Did it come in a tin and, if so, how large was it?
  • JammerJammer Member
    WoS Best Dark is highly smoky/peaty, not sure why some can't detect it. Even my wife detects it from across the room every time I walk in with a pinch in my nose... lovely snuff.
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    snuffstore black magic is extremely smoky, but no bergamot..would recommend you mix that for smoky aroma.

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