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How many US orders got through today?

RoderickRoderick Member
edited June 2010 in General
Today being the 30th I wonder if any shipments have been stopped? I'm willing to bet none!


  • I got an order from NicRush today,though I wasn't surprised because there is no mention of the company on the box....
    I might just place a Toque order to see if it comes through,though I have enough Toque to last a year :)~
  • I might place a small order with Toque for some Natural Toast & Quit this evening.
  • Got my order today Rodrick so they haven't stopped anything yet :) Just started sampling the 10 for 9 pack I got, and i must say Roderick, the Spanish Gem is awesome! Almost like a good coconut/vanilla burley pipe tobacco to me: sweet, smooth, and aromatic. I now have a load of toque to last me a long time as well. When the shirts arrive however, I will be buying a couple of them :) Keep us updated if your shipment gets blocked, i want to see how this all pans out. There was a FDA ecig scare about 5 months ago that seemed to blow over, so ill keep my fingers crossed that they don't block Toque.
  • If one doesn't 'broadcast' what's inside, you have about a 1 in 1 million chance of losing a package to the feds.
  • Exactly.
  • It's a risky business. Every package has to have a CN22 Customs Declaration form attached which requires a "detailed description of contents".

    As soon as one or more are intercepted and found not to be labelled correctly I imagine there would be consequences.
  • CarolCarol Member
    Pipe tobacco isn't specifically mentioned in PACT. Nothing saying you can't bong up your snuff. Cheap labels to re-label the packaging would not be difficult.
  • bobbob Member
    I wonder how accurate that is. Because I wonder if there is even a watch list of people or addresses that don't supply proper customs declarations. I mean that would make more work for them and seriously goverment employess aren't noted for their get up and go spirt. Then again it wouldn't suprise me if they did have a list of suspected addresses. What makes me think that they don't I knew a guy who worked for a publication that was about something that certainly shouldn't go through the mail. Some "coffee" shop suppliers sent him unsolicited samples regularly through the mail and most of them got through custoums even though they found a fair amount too (probably by the skunk smell seriously sometimes I'd smell a package and say how the hell did that not grab anyones attention) yet he'd keep getting samples in the mail all the time.
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    My crystal ball says that all shipments are going through just fine!
  • RansRans Member
    I placed an order with Toque today and am waiting to see what happens. I also have one coming from Mr.Snuff and Nicotine rush as well....... hopefully all 3 will get here!
  • CarolCarol Member
    Damn bob, you have a lucky friend! "Coffee shop supplies" are hard to come by in little redneck Kansas towns of 100 people.
  • bobbob Member
    had it's been years. The point being even something easier to spot with more obvious red flags regularly went through the post.
  • "For incense use only."
  • @Juxtaposer........For the good of all people I will gladly donate my shit. Be here around 9:30 am on any day. Bring a container that seals up real good to carry it home in.

    I NEED TO MOVE 12 ROLLS OF GENERAL PORTIONS. WILL SELL FOR $35 FOR 10 TINS INCLUDING SHIPPING, USA ONLY.  No problem shipping to Canada but I'll have to include an additional shipping cost.

  • RansRans Member
    edited July 2010 PM
    got snus signature....
  • I received my 10 for 9 from Roderick today. . .US Mail. Just a few minutes ago UPS delivered my order from GetSnus/Northerner. I was worried about it all day, thinking I would have to call them and make a trip after work in response to the note they leave. However it had not yet been delivered. At about 6 o' clock, the doorbell rang and I tore down the stairs, ready to sign. . .only to open the door to find my package sitting by the door and the driver already getting back into his truck! :-)
  • I have an order coming from snuffstore (Julia & Tim) of 8 various kinds, about ~ 150 grams that I am anxiously awaiting :) They are probably mid-shipment so we will see in a day or two...
  • Since this is post pact, this thread should be stickied. It's important to know what come through and what didn't.
  • RansRans Member
    edited July 2010 PM
    Just recieved an order, no problem!
  • I think we are ok for now. The new date to worry about will be July 7th after the court hearing.
  • July 7th and beyond with some luck.
  • FWIW,

    Order of 3 jars of 'Honest' from LilBrown, delivered today via UPS. No problem but I note the box is prominently marked as follows;

    "Cigarettes/smokeless tobacco Federal law requires the payment of all applicable excise taxes, and compliance with applicable licensing znd tax stamping obligations."

    Now the Yakima situation is a little different, they already refuse to ship to Montana, Idaho and Oregon, citing treaty violations, and they don't ship within the state of Washington, Washington has been trying to shut them down and/or collect taxes for several years now.

    The Yakima consider the product becomes property of the purchaser the moment they hand the package over to the carrier, therefore all sales are face to face with the carrier being merely the agent of the purchaser. Same as asking your neighbor to stop by pick up some McC O&G and drop it off at your house.

    Always had good prompt service from them with all tobacco products and I do not know but I suspect they will continue with business as usual insofar as possible. BTW, they do pay all Federal Taxes on their products so the label is slightly miystifying.

    They also have a feud with the state of Maine and refuse to ship there too. I buy what I can from them as I greatly admire their attitude!

    Todays delivery was the usual fast UPS service I normally get from them.

    I have another order in the pipeline, this one from Mr Snuff, it hit Denver about 24 hours ago, and being priority mail will disappear until it arrives on this side of the Mountains, maybe tomorrow (unlikely) probably get delivered on Tuesday. I do expect it to arrive eventually with no other problems.

    Many on this side of the hills have long suspected that mail is delayed in Denver while they load it onto mule trains for the trek over the Rockies, then switch back to modern transport for delivery.
  • k5btpk5btp Member
    Dholakia Black
    FT French Carotte
    FT Old Paris
    McChrystal's Clove
    McChrystal's SP
    Toque Cheese Bacon
    Wilsons Grand Cairo
    Wilsons Best SP
    Wilsons Kendal Brown

    and a 10 gram free sample of Quit with Snuff smokers blend!

    All of the above arrived safely in my mailbox today around noon, from Mr. Snuff, in a USPS priority mail envelope. Olfactory OVERLOAD. Happy day!
  • From Toque, a 50 gram bag of Quit, a 10 gram tin of lime and toast and a 10 gram tin of natural toast. All came USPS without a hitch.
  • I want to order some today perhaps a bulk bag of Toque Spanish Gem because its my favorite snuff by far currently. I just don't wanna get screwed if they seize it or whatnot.
  • I've received two orders after PACT hit.
    Mr. Snuff came in last week via USPS, Toque just came today through what I assume was USPS once it hit America (it's only labeled Royal Mail Air)
  • iggyiggy Member
    Nice order arrived today USPS:)
  • Mine came yesterday USPS from Toque, Thanks!
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