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If you could have only one...

wildwilliamwildwilliam Member
edited July 2010 in General
A bit of frivolity if you don't mind...

Say earth was conquered by alien invaders. After a while an edict comes down from the Great Intergalactic Grand Phoobah himself. "All snuffers are henceforth and for evermore allowed only one variety of snuff."

Which would you choose?


  • NachmanNachman Member
    edited July 2010 PM
    Navy Plain. Not too anything, just middle of the road. Or maybe Aecht Altbayescher Schmalsler. Or maybe, I can't get down to one.
  • Only choosing one would wipe out my top three. Too strong in flavors to use all the time :(

    It would be Toque's Quit
  • I'm afraid I have to agree with our disorderly friend there. While I do absolutely love love love the stronger flavours, I'd prolly just quit using snuff after a while. (Well, not really. I'd just start trying and making my own favors, ¡Viva la revolución!). But Quit, it's darn tasty, and not too thick of inyourfacedness.
  • NJE03NJE03 Member
    edited July 2010 PM
    Easy choice for me, 5 Photo - Himalaya Golden.
  • Schmalzler SF Südfrucht
  • iggyiggy Member
    Gotta have Toque Quit!
  • Is grind up the aliens trying to oppress me an option? I'll make it one!

  • Fubar!
  • Sandra Bullock
  • Would that be Sandra's Bollocks??
  • Might as well make it count, NTSU.
  • Tough question, but I would go with Molens A/P.
  • Either of the Garretts.
  • Predictably O&G. Nothing else beats it for me.
  • k5btpk5btp Member
    I'd hate to see all the flavors go, but, if I can only have one it would have to be Garrett.
  • Learning a lot here so far; keep 'em coming:-)
  • Wilsons SM Blue. I can go all day without a pinch, but the first thing in the morning and last thing at night I need my Blue.
  • probably Wilson's Crumbs of Comfort, or Wilson's Irish High Toast #22
  • SG's Gold Mull
  • Toque Pomegranate!
  • gbrhysgbrhys Member
    edited July 2010 PM

    Silly Alien, I measure my snuff reserve by the pound, he can make all the rules he wants to I'm not playing his game.

    First thought would be to breakout my Russian .308 VEPR in the face of such a despicable law and teach Mr. Alien a little about insurgency.

    Oh all right! I'll go along, probably 'Honest' Snuff, I started with Levi Garrett many, many years ago but 'Honest" is a little easier on my decrepit body now. But I'd still have ny reserve of O&G, SM500, HDT, IHT 22, Toque Natural,Sparrow, 'Standard' and the Bernards, but I'd promise never to sniff them ... honest!
  • McC O&G
  • Either Toque Whisky & Honey or F&T High Dry Toast
  • Wilsons Gold Label...but what about my beloved NTSU.
    Got a plan. Start a rumour that the aliens have located massive oil reserves. Rumsfield will go apeshit. Suddenly the banning of snuff will be unconstitunal and un american (PACT what PACT). The yanks will attack the aliens under the pretext of protecting the snuff lovers of the world (oil,its nothing to do with oil). The aliens will put dish cloths on their heade and claim they are Muslims. The taliban and Al Queda will rush to their aid.
    Prehaps its not such a good idea after all......
    Just have to settle to WoS Gold Label
  • No question here - Irish High Toast No.22. If the aliens land I've got 3.5lbs stashed from the Wilsons sale :o)
  • Sandra Bullock, I won't need snuff if I can be in her company. Sniffing her will be enough.
  • Kamal (at the moment)
  • My god, please let it be so. Why do I have all these distractions? Why can't it just be done with? My lover is here with me yet the magnetism of another veers me. Why should I choose? They can take all my garbage and stir it all into one big pot and that is what I will snuff. Actually, I'll just have what you're having.
  • Absolutely. Well said.
  • O&G definately.

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