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Anyone NOT like High Dry Toast?

It may be the perfect snuff (at least for me). Doesn't clog the nose, easy to store in a snuffbox (dry), great nicotine buzz, and who doesn't like the smell of toast? Can't be beat!



  • edited January 2015 PM
    I concur, it is easy to go through a 50 gram tin F&T HDT in a month. Even with rotation!
    It is as good as WoS Irish high toast #22
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Glad I have a tin of WoS #22 on the way, then. I forgot how much I liked fresh HDT. #22 should be a pleasure as well.
  • That's the one I keep forgetting to put on my orders sadly. I get all excited put a few of sws on my orders and, forget the hdt.
  • I'd say it's worth an order by itself! Of course, I'm not the one paying for your shipping :D

    I guess it isn't quite the perfect snuff - it tends to get into my keyboard.
  • @lunecat true, dry snuffs can be an irritant/unpleasant to some. But what's so great about them, huh?
  • Never far away, never goes out of style, nice classical feel, pretty cheap, good flavor, unobtrusive, strong enough, sufficiently complex to keep you interested. I trust a snuff taker who likes HDT, it serves as a character reference.
  • Jari_TJari_T Member
    edited January 2015 PM
    I don't like it. I love it.

    To me, SG Irish D Light, and WoW #22 aren't actually very close to F&T HDT. They are very similar to each other, yes, but are sort of tired, dusty versions of HDT.
  • Shipping costs have never upset me. My last shipping cost was under $10. $10 to get it over a damn ocean sounds pretty reasonable. Buying Snus for $30+ for shipping alone upsets me a little though. Not that I would ever challenge Moe Unz.
  • If I do, he may take away my Onyx snuff again.
  • HDT, love it. Got some recently for the first time and will most definitely order more.
  • To play devil's advocate, I must say I don't like the BBQ smell of Wilsons No. 22 or Toque Natural Toast. It reminds me a little of scented potato chips. Is this "meatiness" less pronounced in HDT?
  • Based on the communities fantastic reviews on HDT, that'll definitely be in my next order! These Toques were my first fine dry snuffs and I too have thoroughly enjoyed them. Took a little bit of altering my technique, but within the first day and the 10 tins of toque sampled I had easily adjusted! Looking forward to trying it for definite!
  • Going against the grain, I'm not a big fan of HDTs. I don't mind them, and do occasionally crank it out, I just prefer something in between, though coarse snuffs like Thor's Hammer feature regularly in my rotation. I've come to love 41P WE, and a few other fine grinds, just not a lover of HDTs. I guess that speaks to my character eh @JakartaBoy‌ :smiley: Maybe I just haven't tried the right one yet, which may be F&T. Each to their own though :smile:
  • I don't care for ANY of the toasts.
  • I do not like F&T HDT, I love it !!!!!!! :D
  • F&T HDT is the snuff of the Gods. Second only to Viking Dark in my current Pantheon of Snuff.
  • What's the weird Wilsons toast? I think it's No. 20

    Very underrated snuff. Super earthy, not like any other toast, not very toasty at all really just dryish fineish and plain but a really great tobacco blend.
  • I believe HDT is a staple not just among toasts, but snuff itself. I discovered it early on in my time as a snuffer. I was told to stay away from toasts, but it was the first one I really tried. I have no regrets.

    And the nicotine? It really speaks for itself.
  • F&T HDT was my first love
  • Only experience with Toast made me toss it away. Not for me.
  • I prefer SG Irish D Light to HDT or IHT, and I used to be able to take them ok, but now snuff has opened my airways unless I'm careful they all make me cough!
  • Wouldn't say I'd enthuse about HDT but when it slips out of my rotation I find myself wishing I had it around.
  • I've probably done 3 grams in less than 24 hours. For me that's huge.
  • @Jari_T I agree with you, partially at least. HDT has that unique I don't know what that makes it stand out.
    Some non-snuffy friends who like menthol snuffs for the refreshment said of HDT that it was "like taking a nostril full of sawdust", and I couldn't understand them. However, when I tried Irish D Light, the woody character stood out more prominently. Don't get me wrong, it's still a good occasional snuff, but it's not the same as HDT, which I think is currently the best snuff on the Wilsons' roster.
    @Idbowman I understand you very well: there's no plain snuff like these two.
  • F&T HDT. My first toast, and it damn near killed me the first time. Once I figured it out; short, shallow, sharp sniffs after a deep breath...heaven. Once I got the hang of getting it in just far enough, and no further, the sneezing, coughing and other shenanigans stopped. With a few tins under my belt I found that really large spoonfuls, sniffed in a shallow, gentle manner worked best.

    Counterintuitive I know, but it worked, and still works, for me at least.

    I've been out for a few weeks, but check the mailbox daily waiting for my order.
  • coreymilliacoreymillia Member
    edited January 2015 PM
    I find nothing special about it. Sorry, it kind of reminds me of how bland most food is with out garlic and cayenne. Yep, I just did some. You can curse me out if you want, but it feels like WE garret Scotch. Except, pleasant. Don't get me wrong I don't dislike it, I gave the Garret away, but I probably wont buy it again. However, I mostly use moist, coarse snuff in general. I only use dry snuff if my face gets clogged or for runny noses.
  • @coreymillia‌, I've never tried the Garret. But there is certainly some kind of relationship between Swisher Square and HDT, like cousins. But I think Swisher is great! So for me, that's a GOOD thing.
  • I recently sampled GH Irish D, and to me it resembles strongly to a sweet scotch I´ve tried before (possibly Devoe´s Eagle mills without edulcorants). So similar I´d say they both are the same if I were blinded...
  • I really enjoy toasts but for me HDT is not the grail.
    Now I like it well enough but there are quite a few others that I like more. SG, Wilson's, Toque, SWS, and OM all have at least one in each respectives lineup that I prefer to HDT.

    If it were the only toast available I would use it regularly but that is not the case.
  • I feel this is a bit like swearing in church, but the last couple of tins with HDT has left me more than a bit underwhelmed; the buttery nutiness aroma has been lacking in all of them. Got a 50g tin in the mail yesterday and got dissapointed once again. Anyone else having this experience?
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