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your favorite snuffbox?

I have three: one large no-name black plastic, a green Snuffhouse.org, and a wooden snuffbox from: http://woodensnuffbox.com/shop/category_S/Snuffboxes.html?sessid=HTE0qzn9jd68wUe9oVuf1zHXa4Y5CJFq31RQMGvgoPTklKyoQVFcrPQQW3YnFnHu&shop_param=cid=&

My favorite has to be the wooden box, despite its warning to avoid moist snuffs (I'll take my chances a time or two). What's yours?



  • I own that P.C.Box
    i have got a couple favorites can't pick just one
    half way down the page are some of my collection and more on page 4
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  • havregrynhavregryn Member
    edited January 2015 PM
    Metal screw lid 1/2 oz like this one is by far the best snuffboxes I have, and I've tried a lot of different ones. Built like a tank.

  • Metal screw lid 1/2 oz like this one is by far the best snuffboxes I have, and I've tried a lot of different ones. Built like a tank.
    Where might one buy these?

  • my avatar
  • https://c3409409.ssl.cf0.rackcdn.com/snuffhouse.vanillaforums.com/FileUpload/9c/8ee9b2b80a6d293b95041734e6d9af.jpg
    The pewter one on the right . Fribourg & Treyer london made in england L145G On the back, Fribourg & Treyer High dry toast inside.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Metal screw lid 1/2 oz like this one is by far the best snuffboxes I have, and I've tried a lot of different ones. Built like a tank.

    Where might one buy these?
    @Jari_T‌ , you can find them on Amazon... I also have some that are the .5 oz..

    I just ordered some 1oz... They are about 2" in diameter...


  • I like all my Patrick Collins' snuff boxes, I hardly ever use my pewter boxes or my silver box. I like the Mr Snuff plastic boxes, too.
  • Mine is a table snuff box made around 1830, from timbers of the 2nd London Bridge. (the 1st, built by the Romans in the 300s, lasted until the 1180s. The 3rd, of stone, was eventually taken to bits and carted off to Arizona). Alas I have no camera.
  • My favorite snuffboxes are my 2 bright orange snuffhouse.org boxes. They are the perfect size for me. They are durable, have a snug fitting lid and have a sliding door to pour out a nice size boxcar dose. The main box is also great for spooning or pinching too. I hope they come back into circulation, I would love to get some of the other colors, although orange will always be my favorite.
  • handy if you are out in the woods deer hunting, less likely to get shot while taking a pinch.
  • @Mouse excellent observation! And also very easy to see if it falls out of your pocket too.
  • I use 10g blue gletscher prise plastic boxes (bought a pack of 10 at my local shop and put 5 of them in a jar) it s handy plus it s written in french on it(tabac a priser) not that important but at least people know what it is :P
  • No favorites, Some get more action than others. Only grab a few when away from home. At home I will just spoon some out of a glass storage jar into a empty box and use it up, if I want something different I have several snuffs I use often that stay in good condition in various boxes, Sometimes I just spoon directly from the jar for a pinch or three. I wish I could had settled on a handful of snuffs but that never happened. Since I have more snuff than a human could ever use, I often make mixes to shake thing up rather than buying something new.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • I have a nice pewter desktop one that I had engraved, and also like using the MrSnuff Rococo boxes.
  • I got a few of these ABS snuff containers from mr. Snuff. These are awesome. It's like a tin of Silver Dollar. You just slightly unscrew and tap out on the back of a hand. They are in different colors too, which I find really nice. I think these are excellent snuffs boxes, especially for casual use. It actually makes me want to take snuff. Just freaking perfect :P

  • Probably the one that never gets to empty.
  • The post by @Mouse      "Handy if you are out in the woods deer hunting, less likely to get shot while taking a pinch."

    Reminds me of a hilarious article that I read many years ago here in the UK.

    Not sure if it was about Canada or USA  but apparently when the hunters go out into the woods and wilds, deer hunting,  they manage to shoot, maim, and kill  quite a few of their fellow hunters each year.

    One of the reasons given was the use of white toilet tissues.

    Apparently after being caught short, and  whilst squatting down in the bushes twitching a bunch of white toilet tissue in their nether regions, other hunters mistook them for white tailed dear, and subsequently let loose with their guns.

    Hence the deaths and  injuries.    

    The advice from the hunting groups and powers that be was to take bright pink coloured toilet rolls with you, and you would be less likely to be mistaken for a white tailed dear.

    So it begs the question........Where are you chaps putting your snuff, if a bright orange snuff box is safer whilst out hunting?      :-O

    By the way, the article in the newspaper was the genuine thing.

  • picked up this repousse box at an estate sale. 830 silver with gilded interior. Love this box as if were one of my children (maybe more).

  • bobbob Member
    only have one but I love it. One of the plastic mr snuff boxes. It fills up with a days usage for me and if I lose it I won't cry. Someday I want a nicer special occasions snuff box though.
  • 1958  hallmarked  silver with a gilded interior.
    My one and only posh snuff box. 
    The other few are impractical wooden ones.
    This is small, curved, and fits in the pocket lovely.


  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    My fav snuffbox is the one with the most snuff in it.
  • i know this isnt a snuff box but its a snuff jar, i just recently bought it. very happy with my pick up. also has a spoon on the end of the cap.

    Snuff Jar

  • @ArtChoo

    Wow!  We have near twins!  The auction I bought mine at said it was an "Edward Horton, 1909", but who knows?

  • Silver snuff box from 1880
  • bobbob Member
    @SunnyDay if that ever gets stolen know I would be a suspect. No of course not but I really like that box. Nice
  • @bob hey bob its realy magic i am guarding it with my life.
    it was love on first sight!
    screw food who needs that anyways right :)

    i find the scene is just amazing with its raytracing 3d kind of style.
    the oxidation on the silver draws in the details like some modern graphic cards shadow and ambient occlusion while letting the sunlight tickle the box draws in highlights similar to hdr and bloom.

    in reality you can see even more details and i am still marveling at the beauty giving me goosebumps.

  • I know that snuffbox! The guy who had it last died of tuberculosis.
  • LadySnuffLadySnuff Member
    edited March 8 PM
    My fave is the little French dark wood box bottom right, sorry I cannot get this image to rotate correctly in this forum.
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  • i like to the toque tins to refill. easy screw, and easy taking

  • oh yeah, when i make time to fill them up - i enjoy the metal snuff bullets the best
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