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Sick of Snus

peter77peter77 Member
edited September 2014 in Other Forms of Tobacco
I have been on a pretty heavy snus kick for the past 8 months. I have to admit that I am getting extremely bored with this form of tobacco. Has anyone else experience such "tobacco-use fatigue" with this form or any other form of tobacco that is a or was component their post-cigarette usage.


  • I didn't smoke a pipe all summer--it was all snuff. Now I'm back on the pipe--perhaps it's the cooler weather, who knows. I use snus during the work-week as I'm a bit limited to my snuff use (but I sure do prefer it). If snus is getting tiresome, give it a rest--I'm sure the desire will return when the time is right.
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  • As a confirmed chain snusser of 8 or 9 years I have not gotten bored with snus, more settled into what I like. I had to try every brand back when I started and still do try a bunch of the new snus what I buy rolls of has calmed down to 8 or 10 brands.
    I do get burned out on snuff now and then. I'll walk away for a week or a month then right back up on the bandwagon. E-cigs held my fascination for a while but I'm past that now.
  • nope can't relate.
  • I used dip for years after I quit cigarettes. One day I just didn't feel like using it any more. Other than a rare occasion where I took some from a friend- I don't think I will ever use dip again.

    I was an avid snus user and still have maybe six containers of General White Portion in the fridge but really don't have the urge to use it.

    I picked up cigars with great vigor around the time I quit cigarettes and have been faithful to them since.

    I started with snuff a while back and am a daily user. So I suppose I can relate.
  • shezzuk1shezzuk1 Member
    edited September 2014 PM
    I stopped snuff and snus to vape, now I snuff and snus mainly and vape a lot less. Have to say I love snus now more than ever and have a load in the freezer just waiting :)
  • With snus yes because there is such a small range of varieties, especially los which is all I really like.
  • With snus yes because there is such a small range of varieties, especially los which is all I really like.
    I wonder how difficult it is to flavor Snus at home?
    DIY e-liquids is extremely popular. Some vapers never buy store made e-liquid.

    I'm too new to all of this to be bored with any of it. I've vaped for almost a year and feel like I'm only now just getting a handle on the huge variety of flavors, and what I like to vape with the best. Plus I'd like to try DIY at some point. I dabbled in it for a very short time and it was fun. All I need is more time.

    I feel it probably helps that I vape, & enjoy Snus and now Snuff. Variety is the spice of life and all that jazz. :-)

    Perhaps you could try vaping, @peter77? I'm happy to answer any questions you might have about it. I found it overwhelming at first due to the huge selection of gear and needing to learn a new vocabulary for various parts, plus electrical knowledge, and safety. Now it's become a hobby for me.

    Let us know what you choose to try next.
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