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what tobacco types are used for chewing tobacco (us, british, danish)

virginia? burley? air? flue? fire cured?


  • All of the above plus "Oriental" which is usually Turkish, but also comes from Greece, parts of Russia and the Balkans. Latakia is smoked Oriental leaf that used to come from Syria but now is from Cyprus.
  • Swedish piccanell chewing tobacco bits is made of Pennsylvania tobacco whatever that is. Also used for cigars it says
  • Pennsylvania tobacco is known for growing oscuro leaf, deep black, oily air cured. Some is graded maduro for cigar wrappers. Strain of Virginia-type seed. Most common use is in Toscano cigars, those little dried up turds often scented with anisette. Not bad unless you light them. Some are made from dark fired Kentucky with the PA leaf. It's not good smoking tobacco IMHO, but makes one hell of a chew. Haven't made snuff from it. Yet. Time will tell.
  • @Chefdaniel: An unscented "Toscano Antica Riserva" cigar might have been the strongest smelling, more powerful thing I've ever smoked. Not bad, and here in Spain they're also quite cheap. These are made with Kentucky leaf, though.
    (Sorry for the off-topic!).
  • @MarvinLapsus‌ Funny you should mention that....the first time I smoked one of those was when I was briefly stationed Rota NS back in the seventies. It was a TAD assignment...temporary assigned duty, or traveling around drunk, depending. Not off topic at all.

    Correct. 100% Kentucky, and they also make a nice little something to gnaw on. There are still some Italian style cheroots made with PA oscuro, I think the anisette Avanti was still one of them until a few years ago when they switched to KY & TN.

    PA still grows some good wrapper/binder leaf that I've seen on Leaf Only, a USA leaf wholesaler that I buy some of my weed from for snuff making. I might grab a few pounds just for the helluva it.
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