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On a fresh nose with which one would you start your day?

FriendlymanFriendlyman Member
edited August 2014 in Snufftaking
So I'm waiting for this order and it has arrived.
I'v kept my system clean all day for this. Which one should I try first? the ones with the x on
the left I never tried before.
Also, since I'm so used to poschl oil based with clog effects. Which one should I pay attention to?

x Bernard Zwiefacher 10g
Poschl Red Bull Aromatic 10g Sachet
x Poschl Bayern Prise Brasil 10g
x Bernard Brasil Doppelt Fermentiert 10g
x Arnold Andre Edelprise Extra 10g
x Dholakia Herbal Snuff 4g
x Samuel Gawith Aniseed 25g
J & H Wilsons Medicated 99 20g
x Wilsons Gold Label 25g
x Dholakia Aniseed 25g


  • I'd go with Red Bull. Hard to get that one to far in your nose and you'll know real quick if you like menthol.
  • FriendlymanFriendlyman Member
    edited August 2014 PM
    @bigmick Sorry,
    Red Bull is what had me place this order in the first place.
    I'm asking about the ones with out the x on the left side?
  • Skell18Skell18 Moderator
    Bernard Brasil Doppelt fermentiert, chocolate cakey goodness!
  • @Skell18‌ oh my, I got home and cracked open the Bernard brasil, zweifacher and the Bernard Brazil. Not at one time, I took a nice pinch. Each has its own unique yummy aromas which I need some more time to take apart and describe. The first impression from the zweifacher I think was a hint of green apple? Dose that make sense? I'll go back to it and check when I get clear.
    The Bernard I hope I don't gain weight from it since I stay a way from cake. ;)
    What's with the Bayern prise? Dose it have more menthol that the other smalzers? Do the other two have menthol? I'm asking because I liked the texture since its not so fine and the aromas SD well. I didn't just shoot up the whole pinch at once. I enjoyed taking it slower. Is it a real smalzer? I have s feeling that this clogged me up just like the other poschls. Dose it make sense? Or could it be any of the above?

    The dohlakia aniseed I didn't figure it out yet. I find it odd s little. Dose it need air? Are Indian menthols a different idea then others?

    The Samuel gawith I need to figure our how to open the tin.
    And the gold label I just didn't have a chance to try yet.
  • Ok, so I opened the Gold label. To me it has more of a soapy smell. Like lavander maybe? Rather than orange some have mentioned. I did take some out of the tin to air out because I though it had that fresh ammonia smell.

    The Samuel gawith aniseed is interesting. I need to see if I can get used to it. At first its seems lite in the aniseed. But once it reaches higher up I started tasting it more in my throat. It wasn't necessarily bad. We'll see.

    The dolokiah aniseed is interesting
    The interesting aroma it has. Might sound crazy but for a second it smells like baby powder and diaper? If you ever held a baby you might know what i mean.
    I'm sorry but this is just strange.
    Maybe this is how the Indian snuff smells like

    The three smalzers are great I just can't figure out which one is better.

    Another thing I relized is the edel prise extra has a great black gelly bean aroma which I guess is aniseed. But I think it also clogs me up if I take more then one pinch.

    I'm still playing around with them. And my nose is falling off. I wish I could avoid that part. If I'm not clogged up from those that clog I'm busy wipeing what makes the skin around my nostril burn.
  • Keep at it @Friendlyman‌ , in time you will discover what works for you and your body will become adjusted to snuff and snuffing becomes a much more pleasurable experience.
  • Gold Label. That is only due to my morning snuff being Havana Toast. When I first wake up I reach for the strongest things closest to me. It rotates between Havana Toast St. James Parish and, Spanish Gem. I need a punch in the face in the morning to stay as pleasant as I seem. Once did a shot of Jameson in the morning, I wouldn't recommend it.
  • I would avoid snuffing the silver metal snuff spoon :P
  • Up until now I would not have an answer as I am quite the neophyte - but this a.m. after my shower I had a double boxcar of Old Mill Fluer de Cafe ... oh hell yes.
  • Eder Prise is OFF THE CHAIN if you like the smell of absinthe and licorice 
  • Edel*
  • Mm bringing back old discussions is fun....

       Spanish gem, if snuffed first in the day with a clean nose, is mazing..all the flavors come out. Any other time of the day after i've been taking other snuffs of various flavors, it's not so mind blowingly great.
  • I find SPs really benefit from being the first snuff of the day. If I've had other snuffs already, the scent can seem kind of boring in comparison... but if I snuff an SP in the morning, I'm perfectly happy to keep chugging away on it all day.
  • I usually pick whatever snuff is closest and at hand. This is often Toque USA W & H or KB Original.
  • ALLexALLex Member
    Black moist snuff like Ntsu or Black Rappee
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