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Attention pipe smokers

Just read a e-mail alerting , U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) proposed its deeming regulations on tobacco that includes pipe tobacco and cigars. here is a link if you like to read more and take action. Share with your pipe smoking friends ,united we stand!
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  • What'll these evil incompetent buffoons think of next? Outlawing large sodas? Oh, that's right, they already did.
  • md363md363 Member
    It's just another one on the long list of infringing on our rights.
  • chefdanielchefdaniel Member
    edited July 2014 PM
    Rights? I heard about those once when I was very young. Haven't seen 'em around lately.
  • I feel for you guys. Things are about to get a whole lot more expensive.
  • I got an alert from my friendly local cigar shop back in the states. Absolute balderdash- while I agree that there should be measures to limit access to tobacco by minors, I believe this starts with parents.

    To say that premium cigars & pipe tobacco is being marketed to kids is absolute nonsense.
  • our Government has been taken over by socialist nannies ! Fuck them all !!!! :-&
  • chrischris Member
    Happily I am in the UK so only have to contend with EU regs. Some of the ones they have proposed look bad but they are still under discussion.

    What your FDA is doing will be a real problem for small pipe tobacco blenders with the costs for the tests. I have to agree with @SgtJon about premium cigars and kids - unless kids in the USA get a lot more pocket money than those in the UK.

    Despite the bad news it is good to see @basement_shaman back in circulation - I was starting to get worried about your absence.
  • our Government has been taken over by socialist nannies ! Fuck them all !!!! :-&
    I couldn't agree more. Perique once again nails it. If I wanted to live with my mommy I'd have stayed home.

  • People bitch and moan too much. The tree of liberty is needs to be watered with blood.
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