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Got two icetool cans (regular size and slim), pictures included.

Thought I'd make a small post about these, I bought and received the two Icetool snus cans I mentioned in another thread I was going to get: the regular aluminum stainless steel one, and the slim can. Took a couple of pictures:



The regular sized can is unfortunately different from the one I was expecting. I was expecting a different one that was a bit smaller in size (about the same size as a regular can of snus), and contains a rubber grommet around the main compartment for an extra seal. I did go to Northerner and order the other one, which I am waiting for now.

The regular sized one you see there has a rubber grommet that seals the catch lid, but no seal for the main compartment, which is a downer. The main compartment still seals fairly well, but with no rubber grommet, I'm sure it won't keep snus as fresh as I'd like for as long. It's also slightly larger than a regular sized snus can and quite heavy, but I can always use it as a spare can for other stuff.

What I'm really impressed with is the slim can you see there, it's amazing, and I use it now as my primary can to carry my snus, and easily fits a full 20g of portions, maybe even more than that. Impressive for the slim size. It also has a rubber grommet to maintain a good seal and keep everything fresh. Only downside to it is that there is no catch lid for spent portions, but the slim size more than makes up for that, since its strong metal construction prevents any crushing in my pocket, and it fits amazingly comfortably in my pocket with no bulging or discomfort while I have other items in there like my keys and cellphone.

The slim can is definitely worth checking out.


  • DopamineRushDopamineRush Member
    edited July 2014 PM

    No, actually, these two were from I had to go to Northerner for the 3rd can I mentioned I wanted (this one here, which is actually different from the regular sized can I got. That one has the rubber grommet sealing the main compartment, and the overall can size is apparently about the same as a regular snus can, if not slightly smaller. doesn't carry it, hence why I had to order it from Northerner. I believe that one is actually called the 'Icetool lid box', whereas the can I got is actually simply called the stainless steel can (

    The confusion in names is why I got the one I didn't intend to get. I can't really return it at this point, but I don't mind keeping it as third spare as I mentioned.
  • I'm liking the slim can for nasal snuff. Thoughts?
  • DopamineRushDopamineRush Member
    edited July 2014 PM
    @chefdaniel, I think that would be an excellent idea! I should've thought of that! It would work PERFECTLY, and due to the seal, would keep snuff fresher than the default tins they come in (those Wilsons of Sharrow tins are horrendous for keeping snuff fresh, and they even tend to jam/seize up over time). I just might do that myself. The slim can could easily work for anything: snus portions, loose snus, nasal snuff, even dip or chew.

    Another great idea you gave me: I could use the regular size aluminum Icetool can to put nasal snuff in the top catch lid compartment, and keep snus in the main compartment! Two in one!!
  • I took a few more pictures just now so that you can judge for yourself on the size differences and whatnot, check it out:



    Hah, look the catch lid is deep and large enough to be able to fit the WoS tin in it, which demonstrates there is more than enough room there for me to hold a good amount of snuff there:

  • Damn those are nice. I'll trade Old Mill Snuff for those :))
  • @chefdaniel, how serious are you about that? Up for a trade? With the other Icetool can on its way, i'll probably have little use for the aluminum tin there, would be shame to see it go unused. Just a thought! :)
  • @DopamineRush‌ Totally serious. I really like the slim profile and tight seal of that tin/box pictured on the right of the photo. I think it would work well with a few days' worth of snuff and wouldn't be as obvious as most snuffboxes. The dark color also fits my so called "wardrobe".

    Are you also interested? I'm sure we can work out a great trade for both of us. IM me your email here, or shoot it to me at and we can figure this out.


  • @chefdaniel, if you're interested in the slim can, I'm not giving that one up! I love it too much, lol. But the other Icetool can with the red catch lid is what I would be willing to trade if you're up for it. Unfortunately its not very slim as you can see from the pictures, but that catch lid will hold almost a full tin of snuff and tons of anything else in the main compartment.
  • Thanks but no thanks kind sir. I need some serious threading like the slim one. Oh well :)
  • So, the other Icetool snus can arrived today! I absolutely love it! It is just about the same size as a regular snus can, but perhaps slightly slimmer. It isn't very heavy despite its metallic construction, it has a rubber grommet seal around the main compartment as well as the catch lid, and I think this will be my primary snus can from now on with the slim can serving as my lightweight space saver perhaps when I am out with friends or social occasions. I'm just about to get to bed right now, so I will post pictures tomorrow!
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