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19th century pipe

would there any dangers in smoking a 19th century pipe I have? Should I clean it?


  • I would doubt there would be any danger. As for cleaning it, if it were me, I would go to my local tobacconist and, ask if he has a guy to clean it as I am not a pro and, would not want to break a relic.
  • Walker Briar Works have a great reputation for cleaning pipes, if you are in the US. As long as there are no major cracks or evidence of burnout it should be fine to smoke. I would suggest a good deep cleaning. All kinds of gunk can build up in a well used or neglected pipe.
    Google pipe cleaning for 1000's of pages of advice on doing it yourself.
  • If you clean the pipe alone, be careful not to remove all the "charcoal wall" inside the bowl, if you don't feel confidence to do the work go to a tobacco shop.. is very easy to clean the pipe just need specific tools for the pipe line and bowl..
  • bobbob Member
    hey the zombie apacolypse has to start somewhere sometimes right?
  • @bob = PR executive for the Umbrella Corperation :))
  • bobbob Member
    I wish. They get travel expenses.
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    I have a couple 19th century Clay pipe miscasts from Virginia and they smoke fine ironically.
  • Yeah, I have several antique clays that are either Thames foreshore finds or from the late 18th century and they are all good pipes.
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