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Went down on my girlfriend with a snus portion in...

Had a Lab Series 13 Formula Plus portion in my upper lip (energy drink flavor, tastes like Red Bull if any if you have not tried it).

All I have to say is that it was incredible. I don't even have words to describe it. Am I the first person in history to have done this...??


  • bobbob Member
    I don't know your girlfriend well enough to know.
  • I'm sure most long term members of snuffhouse will admit having taken snuff from the lower belly of a compliant partner at one stage or other, but I can't honestly say that I'm a snuss man myself. Anyone else?
  • I honestly can't say that it was a highly sexualized experience. It just struck me as a logical way of warming snuff up to the temperature at which the scent is optimal.
  • RoderickRoderick Member
    edited May 2014 PM
    A rather surprising post and a little racy for a rather conservative forum however, I think the title says it all and as we're all over 18. If it offends any of our members they can easily avoid it. There has been a little research into this and a number of cultures practise applying snuff to the genital area . I have no experience myself but I have read that it is the equivalent of Viagra for women.
  • I don't know your girlfriend well enough to know.
    @bob Rocks the House!

  • Jari_TJari_T Member
    Yeah, that was rather unsavory a topic, but I think @bob saved it.
  • Interesting how it shifted to snuff taking off the body of a partner, I may have to try that. I was originally referring to having a snus portion in though. It made the experience better. And she didn't know I had a portion in.
  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Moderator
    I'd be willing to bet that everyday in Sweden someone is eating pussy with a portion in his/her mouth
  • bobbob Member
    reminds me of an interesting epidemiological study. There was a surge of malignant but easily treatable oral cancers among young Swedish men. Of course the first suspect was snus. The final culprit was a virus that was being spread by oral genital contact. @n9inchnails
  • bobbob Member
    Though on this subject I don't do that because it doesn't seem ideally hygienic. In a large part because of alkalizing agents more so then because of the tobacco. Anything that messes with the ph of the vagina can lead to minor infections and an increased susceptibility to more serious disease. Most likely I am being overly cautious but you got be respectful to the ladies.
  • I don't have a comment on this topic but I just laughed out loud to Bob's comment in a quite room. I even scared the people sitting next to me. Thanks I needed that
  • @n9inchnails eating pussy!!! oOaahHahaHAhaHAhaHA :))
  • General may be coming out with a "FDS" snus ?
  • LOL Bob, best thing I've read all day.
  • I'd be willing to bet that everyday in Sweden someone is eating pussy with a portion in his/her mouth
    Greatest comment ever. And yeah, I didn't think of it that way. Considering the Swedes have used snus for around 200 years, I can't possibly be the first man in existence to have done this.
  • Snuff HunterSnuff Hunter Member
    edited June 2014 PM
    She will get nicotine addicted to your tongue now :P
  • Never try that with Nord 66 Southern Storm, chilli on vagina? Sounds crazy... :))
  • DopamineRushDopamineRush Member
    edited June 2014 PM
    Never try that with Nord 66 Southern Storm, chilli on vagina? Sounds crazy... :))
    Nooo, no flavors like that. Only certain flavors seem to go well with this activity. I tried it the other day with Islay Whisky snus, and wasn't as great... I'm curious what other flavors might work well with this, lol.

    Oh, I also would like to add that obviously I would never ever do this with loose snus. This must be done only with portions!
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    If your gf uses blue ocean or blåvit and goes down on you, do you get blue balls?

  • Thunder ultra raspberry is the perfect
  • Nice topic! The forum needs a little shaking up, a breath of a scandal, every now and again. :))
  • Oh My!
  • sprongdsprongd Member
    edited July 2014 PM
    I can tell you all since my wife will never know. When we had first moved in together I would make sure I always had a chew in when I went downtown. We both loved it. This forum is awesome!
  • R25R25 Member
    Thank god they don't make a fishy flavoured snus, although it would probably be a improvement for some of my friends.
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