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Insomnia snuff?

Hey guys. I am stuck at work falling asleep. (working a double) Right now I am snuffing Toque Cherry and Tiger Cherry. ONE what is your favorite snuff mix when you are tired, and TWO are there any snuffs out there that are meant to wake you up?


  • Actually, nicotine works on me in "waking up" way. Not like caffeine, but more "natural"
  • Dholakia White is a good energy snuff.
  • White snuff and nothing but white snuff. Anything else won't touch me but a boxcar of an Indian white would wake the dead. As long as I take a big pinch every 15 minutes I can stay up for two days that way without too much fatigue lol.

    I feel you on the double-shifts I usually do one every week, they kill ya though.
  • Dholakia White is a good energy snuff.
    Dholakia White is good. I love the burn, and the nicotine rush is insane, but it never really woke me up. It made me alert because the near heart attack I got from taking it.
  • Toque Rustica is an excellent way for me to stay alert. And by the way, I am now fairly convinced that the Indian Whites have a fair (although unclear) percentage of rustica in them.
  • NB Madras and all the white snuff
  • IvanIvan Member
    A Toast then a heavy mentholated, repeat, repeat, repeat.
  • Café 11,kept me awake most of night.not every time though.
  • Any Madras snuff or an Indian White to make me feel less tired or when I need that slight push in my head. For waking up literally when feeling groggy in the morning, I would use 6P Medicated No. 66. 
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    fubar bohica and doolali tap will wake you up.

  • bobbob Member
    strangely for me I find lots of smaller pinches of strong snuff wakes me up more then other snuffs and method of ingestion. Works best with a spoon easier to measure the doeses
  • My nose is always stuffed up when I wake up but usually I cram some super kailash in there or something else medicated. Also I've noticed Arnold Andre Kensington has a really good amount of nicotine for a mentholated snuff.

    After that it's a couple of spoonfuls of cheeta or white elephant. I think it's like being slapped awake.
  • hedges
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited March 2018 PM
    Neftobak, NTSU black, Fubar Toasted/Dholakia Madras Toast/Dholakia Sparrow
  • You could try Firedrac, Indian white or FUBAR
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  • jock's choice with its synephrine containing neroli oil
  • I work night shifts as well. When I'm tired I usually pop in some American scotch snuff or Indian whites. If you can move around(even at a desk), that helps.
  • thatotherguythatotherguy Member
    edited March 2018 PM
    When I'm tired, my technique gets sloppy in a way proportional to how tired I am, so the later it is, the more I gravitate towards something difficult to snuff directly into my sinuses. Of course, I'm usually drinking coffee at that point too, so I don't strictly need a high nic snuff to keep myself awake. Menthol is nice though. Gives my brain something to focus on outside of fatigue. Therefore, Samuel Gawith Menthol is my favorite insomnia snuff. Preferably when paired with coffee which is hotter than the hinges of Hell, blacker than the darkest midnight, strong enough to float an iron wedge, and more bitter than a jilted bride.

    Edit to add: the coffee should be in my well seasoned mug, too. Doesn't taste right in a clean mug.
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