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snuff in cigar humidor

matwhomatwho Member
edited May 2008 in General
I have been keeping my snuff in a cigar humidor and it seems to be keeping ok. Does anyone know if this is a proper way to store snuff for a long time or will it go bad.


  • TroutstrokerTroutstroker Member
    edited May 2008 PM
    You should be good to go for long term storage. I guess it depends on how you like your snuff but I have never had any snuff "go bad". I've had a more moist snuff dry out some over long term, but thats alright with me. And I wouldn't keep a strong scented snuff in the humidor with a mild or plain scented snuff as the mild one might pick up the scent of the other. And you wouldn't really need to keep a dry snuff in a humidor.
  • Airtight is the main thing. I use the plastic cannisters from Wilsons. Also the plastic jars that peanuts come in work just as well if the lid is good - containers like this will keep snuff good almost indefinately. As Trout says snuff doesnt go bad as such, but dries out or picks up other flavours if stored with other stuff. Menthol is a killer for non-mentholated snufffs, thats a flavour you won't get rid of. Its fairly easy to re-moisten snuff if it does dry out, but you will have lost some flavour in the evaporation process.
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  • matwhomatwho Member
    Thanks for the replies I keep mostly the moist ones in there and since I started snuffing I dont really care for cigars or any kind of burning tobacco.
  • Definitively the best way to keep snuffs is the clay or glass jars...but you must not put differents snuffs together, then flavour will be mixed and ruin your snuffs.
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