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What is the strongest snuff(in nicotine) you ever had?



  • volungevolunge Member
    edited January 2019 PM
    I haven't tried Toque rustica, but there's a simple explanation why it doesn't hit that hard as desired. Once again: despite having loads of nicotine (supposedly), it's all 'locked', i. e. not freebased by alkalisers, which are not added to this snuff. Mixing Toque rustica with any moist and alkalised snuff should unleash (deprotonate) its nicotine and considerably boost the kick.
  • @volunge right on. Rustica of course has other actives too including MAOI (formerly a popular type of antidepressant if I've read correctly). MAOI has a suppressing effect on certain liver functions and there are dietary guidelines that go with its use. My recollection is that foods like aged meats, red wine and over ripe fruits can lead to hypertension with MAOI. Probably irrelevant in small doses of Rustica snuff but for the guys here looking for the STRONGEST experience and experimenting with chasing the nicotine rush it might be prudent to consider.

    I think a bit of menthol or eucalyptus enables our noses to uptake the bioavailable nicotine better as well. But that's again a vague recollection from a college course long ago
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    @ar47 fortunately rustica only contains the reversible sybtype ot MAOI, so dietary restrictions need not apply (tyrosine and phenylalanine). Not sure about the liver suppression, though.
  • @volunge Thanks for the tip! Looking forward to experimenting with this later.
  • Wilsons of Sharrow ani and euc always give me a great nose burn and mellowing nicotine delivery. I feel it a lot more than white elephant, also probably because I can do raisin sized piles rather than apple sized pile that punches me in my throat lmao
  • Update -- mixed Toque Rustica and Elmo's Reserve at roughly 1:2 ratio. This stuff is wild! I figured Uncle Squinty's "nose throb" was the closest I'd get to a buzz from snuff. Lo and behold, I'm floating on a nicotine cloud right now, lol. This stuff is gonna be a real test of self-control... 8-}
  • For health reasons, I think it would be best if I avoided rustica. Is there a list anywhere of which snuff's contain rustica?
  • @Notalynn if you avoid Toque USA W&H, Toque Rustica ( ;) ) and Thuc Lao, Indian Whites, and the SWS blends that contain rustica (they're clearly defined in their descriptions) I think you're safe.
  • @ar47 Thanks! 
  • @Notalynn, steer clear of Neffa Ifrikia and Neffa Green snuffs (pure rustica).

    As stated by the manufacturer, 6 Photo Super Kailash "is a mixture of the very best sun cured Rustica tobacco along with a tasty blend of aromatic Himalayan Herbs".
  • @volunge  Noooooo, I love Super Kailash! 

    Actually, it will probably be okay because I never use that more than once or twice a day anyway. Sadly, most of the snuffs I love aren't as beloved by my nose and have to be used in moderation.
  • @volunge so That's why I enjoy the Neffas so much! <:-P
  • Toque Ambrosia contains some rustica, too. That's the end of the list, I think.
    Sorry about Super Kailash..
  • edited January 2019 PM
    I really wish i'd known Rustica was more dangerous. Just received my 50g bag of toque rustica yesterday. It burns like hell but the nic hit isnt as whopping as I imagined. The whole reason I started snuffing was to try and get away from cigs and copenhagen
  • @anewamericansnuffer, you can try mixing some rustica with Taxi Red. Let the mix sit overnight for best result. But try that Taxi thing pure first. It's nice and not lacking N on it's own. Huge pinches and vigorous snorting works best with South African snuffs.
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    @anewamericansnuffer possibly your nicotine tolerance is still high? I found that with snuff, no matter how strong the snuff is, I will not really feel the nic or get a buzz sometimes, so to speak. Feeling the nic hit you is a relative thing. I take snuff dozens of times a day, so the nic blood levels do not have a chance to dip that low. To really feel an instant nic hit, that level has to shoot from the lower range to the higher range rather quickly. To consistently feel a buzz each time you snuff, you might have to first quit all other forms of tobacco (which are stronger than snuff) and even perhaps snuff less frequently so the nic blood levels have a chance to get low.
  • @volunge Thats exactly what I did. I loved the 25g red taxi and read in an earlier post to mix it with rustica to "alkalize" or whatever. soo I should end up with you mighty strong snuff
  • edited January 2019 PM
    @sammyD13 Absolute agree with you. the hard part is slowing down or quitting when u have a pretty big supply. that SWS st. james perique just keeps callin my namee
  • @SammyD13 I concur with your tolerance observation. I stopped smoking tobacco several years ago,
    did the vape thing for a couple years ( always got the strongest  N juice I could), and was using copenhagen
    as a filler up to I restarted snuffing.  I enjoy snuff for the different flavors and aroma therapy but vitamin N is a
    vital part of the experience. I guess I've been a nicotine addict for most of my adult life and am pleased to be
    using snuff as taking smoke or vape into my lungs is no longer viable for me. But as it's been previously mentioned every one is different.
  • 6 Photo M.G Madras
  • Oh yes, it's 6 Photo M.G Madras for me as well. I find 6P Cheeta Chhap Gul very potent, too.
  • D White. It is too much. Most Indian snuffs give me too much vitamin N so I generally stay away from them.

    The coarse Kendals are strong and so is Santo Domingo but I can handle them okay.
  • White Elephant is probably the strongest I've tried. I remember once not having it all day and then taking it a massive pinch and having to go to one knee because of the rush. 
  • Taxi Red or Honey Bee for me.
  • 6P MG Madras has an instant rush but it goes almost as fast as it comes. Only SWS St James Parish gives, and gives reliably, that tingly shiver up my spine :)
  • Zebra2374Zebra2374 Member
    edited October 2019 PM
    I don't think Bernard Gekachelter Virginie has been mentioned yet, and I put it on par with Toque W&H USA, White Elephant, Taxi and NTSU for nicotine strength.

  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    Garrett makes my ears ring it's so strong.
  • Update: from now on it's JNF Dragon Brand Madras for me. It leaves the rest far behind in terms of nicotine.
    All my previuos stalwart snuffs are shyly smoking round the corner...
  • Neffa blue. The tiny 8 gram tubs on MS from Belgium. That stuff makes the veins on my head vibrate! I love the natural scent but don't buy it often because it's too expensive. I wish I could buy a roll of it.
  • SG Black Rappee, or most any of the South African snuffs.

    Yes, they are quite strong, but I'm able to take HUGE snuffs of them, and they are coarse snuffs... they don't dump all the vitamin N at once.  The wave just keeps getting stronger till I either have some rye whiskey, or use a neti pot to clean me out.
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