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What is the strongest snuff(in nicotine) you ever had?



  • howdydavehowdydave Member
    edited February 2014 PM
    Nicotine content was never an issue with me...

    It's all a matter of:
    How big a pinch do you take? and
    How often do you take a pinch?

    I don't even notice the nicotine hit...
    For me, it's all about: How much does it open up my sinuses?
  • R25R25 Member
    I've been looking for a proper strong snuff for a while now, Toque Quit and NB Madras are on the low end for me, even ground up Samuel Gawith Brown No4 is only hitting a medium level, I guess years of cigars and pipes have given me a pretty high tolerance.

    The only one that comes close is 5 or 6 helpings of F&T Princes or SD with about 5 mins between each.
  • I just recently received some NB Madras from indiansnuff and it is very strong. It makes my front teeth tingle and no other snuff has ever done that. It probably isn't for everyone, but I like it a lot, not all day, but it really has a lot of nicotine.
  • With 96% of the snuffs I have, I do not or hardly feel the nicotine, the exception however is Makla Neffa Ifrika which almost always gives me a 5 to 10 minute rush after 1 pinch!
    After that comes Viking Dark, but it will take a couple op pinches within minutes in order to achieve the same effect.
  • Just opened a fresh can of N.C. Super Special Snuff......Yow....Nicups, tears, Rush........Thanks for that! Me Like. :D
  • I have never felt a nicotine hit or, caffeine hit for that matter. I once got a little more awake from a BFC of monster. I also have not tried heavy nicotine snuff so, we will see. I am worried about the higher nicotine snuff being just too hard to take for me though. White elephant just sounds scary.
  • " the fragrance of a crowd in a very hot, congested market place." Sounds disgusting. The description says it isn't but, hot sweaty man sounds just awful. I do the bacon cheese snuff and, that smell like dog treat bacon, so maybe it is not as bad as I would think.
  • Bernard's Klostermischung is the strongest stuff I've had. I don't know if it's actually the snuff or the grind allows me to take a lot more without it seeming as much.
  • White elephant just sounds scary.
    The white Indians are quite strong, but I think people tend to exaggerate just a bit. They may feel quite strong because the grind is so fine, so it's quite an intense burst, with a high burn factor. Sure, strong, but passes quite quickly and not like they knock you out so you need to sit down or you feel your pulse rate increase or anything like that.

  • White elephant just sounds scary.

    The white Indians are quite strong, but I think people tend to exaggerate just a bit. They may feel quite strong because the grind is so fine, so it's quite an intense burst, with a high burn factor. Sure, strong, but passes quite quickly and not like they knock you out so you need to sit down or you feel your pulse rate increase or anything like that.

    I don't need to sit down but my pulse definitely increases, I find they are much stronger when taken off the back of the hand or thumbnail. They don't make me buzz very hard or anything, more like a really brief but powerful stimulation.
  • I have had K.F.C. double down make me feel my heart beat but, I doubt that it was a stimulant effect. Also once when I deep fried a piece of white bread. I am never eating either of those two things again.
  • Headshot =/= nicotine


  • @Igglet if I eat too many KFC's strips I feel my heart beat stronger too
  • This is a great post, I cant wait to try some of the ones mentioned here. Personally I find every day that each pinch gets bigger and bigger. But the strongest I have in my opinion is the white elephant. But I have some of the coarser ones that are rated at high nicotine content. like Sir Walter Scotts Moro Moro, and Abraxas St Casura, and NTSU yellow. Really dont care for the NTSU coarseness, but the Moro Moro, and St Casura both are a little less coarse and have a long lasting burn. The elephant is intense and fast like a horseradish burns. None of which use all day, I prefer them at night when I can pay attention to the doses better.

    As far as the nicotine buzz goes, I quit smoking rolling tobacco in June 2012, this was when I found a decent e cig. The e cig delivered nicotine at a much higher amount than any of the filter less cigarettes I smoked. It was almost like smoking my first cigarette again. So now 2 years later Im still using the e cig, and since discovering mr snuff and the huge selection of great tobaccos, Im debating on quitting the e cig. Because, it works great...when it works...but, thats for another page.

    I guess all I was getting at Is personally I don't really get a nicotine rush from anything, but a sweet soothing burn, possibly because of the high level e juice consumed daily, in other words. Its all going to be dependent on your tolerance... But I cant wait to try the Toque rustica. I have some rustica tobacco growing in my yard now.
  • I have to change my answer and say white elephant, now that I've tried it. I read a description that said like cashew nuts and that seems close.
  • White Elephant. I would describe the initial nicotine hit as savage and prefer Viking Dark which for me has a slower release.
  • I say Willie Pete if you want a good smack in the face kind of experience. Though as mentioned, most of the fun is only initial, then it calms down quickly.
  • snuffersnuffer Member
    edited April 2014 PM
    Magnet Menthol from Dinglers in South Africa is my daily snuff
  • McChrystal's S'Nuff always gives me a great buzz; Hedges L260 is a head-murderer; best one I've tried that actually gets me feeling rather stoned is an Indian one called (I think) Yusraa or something similar.
  • It seems like the top 3 snuffs in nicotine are all India snuffs. 41 photo white elephant, Dholakia White and, 6photo cheeta. Correct me if I am wrong, I would like to know.
  • @Igglet‌, all three are ddefinitely strong, but in a very similar way - ultra fine, so rapid absorption. Sniffs like Viking Dark may or may not be just as strong, but in a different way, with a longer build up and greater persistence. Comparing them is apples and oranges. I'd recommend trying ONE of those three, and something like VD, a Madras snuff, maybe Toque Quit. They are all strong, but they behave differently.
  • Maybe add Taxi Red and Ifrica What's-it to the list, completely the other end of the spectrum from the whites in terms of grind and moisture but also very strong. Or so people say. They both sound a bit disgusting to me, so I haven't got around to trying them.
  • IggletIgglet Member
    edited April 2014 PM
    Cheeta sounds the most friendly out of all the high nic content snuffs. I prefer wet dog over sweaty sumo stuffed with salmons.
  • snuffvilliansnuffvillian Member
    edited April 2014 PM
    Recently I tried a Rifian artisan snuff made in Morocco. What a buzz!! Provides a superb headrush and a joyful dizzyness... It´s brown, mid fine, dry, tasty and easy to take, albeit some harsh to the throat. Many elder moroccans take it in long dashes from the hand. To me, NB madras was the most potent snuff in nicotine until I tried this marvel...
    I´m afraid to investigate what´s in it apart from N. Rustica... =P~
  • White elephant, Taxi Red, and prob Viking Dark.. love that stuff
  • I cant find the Toque Rustica in MrSnuff... I think you can only order this snuff at the Toque website?
  • IggletIgglet Member
    Yes and, only in economy 50g bags. @braziliandipper.
  • Get a fair old buzz from Tom Buck
  • NB madras,nice flavour a good kick.
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    I havent personally tried a lot of snuffs, but qsnuff does it for me.

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