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What is the strongest snuff(in nicotine) you ever had?



  • Any snuff that I can take in a huge pinch. Sure you feel some faster or slower, but as long as you get a big pinch, you're going to feel the nicotine with any of them.
  • Viking Dark for me
  • I'd say it was Fribourg & Treyer High Dry Toast. Even as a regular daily snuff user, a pinch of that in the morning would send my head spinning.

    Though it might just have been the particular batch I received with the first tin, since a new tin of F&T High Dry Toast that I bought doesn't seem nearly as high in nicotine.
  • My nose is numb, my front tooth is numb. Is that a sign of high nicotine? Magic moments bernard
  • TomGreenTomGreen Member
    edited February 2014 PM
    Taxi Red was quiet ass kicking for me too, though I really dont like too strong snuff look this site is awesome
  • I ordered some Seville from F&T along with some 6 photo dolahkia or whats the name? Suppose to be high nicotine, any one know for sure?
  • Taxi Red was quiet ass kicking for me too, though I really dont like too strong snuff
    Not the strongest but quite strong

  • I find Cheetah to be the highest nic level, followed by Bruton and White Elephant
  • @Erik_the_Red: 6 Photo and Dholakia are two different brands of Indian snuff. Dholakia has a lot of high nicotine snuff, esp D. White, Sparrow, Sparrow Cool. 6 Photo Cheetah is a white snuff mildly scented and will blow your head off. Try them for sure, also 41 Photo White Elephant is an ass kicker for sure.
  • @mrmanos its 6 Photo Kailash :P I purchased 2 45 gram containers.
  • Also whats up with white snuffs, are they tobacco free? If not, then whats up with tobacco free snuffs? Is there something invigorating about them or is just something to put of thine nose?
  • @mrmanos its 6 Photo Kailash :P I purchased 2 45 gram containers.
    Awesome snuff, I've got 200 grams jarred up.

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  • @Erik_the_Red There are two kinds of white snuff. One is tobacco free. These are glucose based and usually mentholated. The only stimulating effect they have is from the menthol. The other type is tobacco. Its a style particular to Indian companies. They are extremely fine and dry, more so than even scotches or toasts. They have a very fast and potent nic hit. Brands include Dholakia White, Six Photo Cheeta, and 41 Photo Elephant.
  • i would agree with @lunecat and say NB Madras is the strongest i have had closely followed other madras snuffs then the white snuffs such as white elephant
  • i would agree with @lunecat and say NB Madras is the strongest i have had closely followed other madras snuffs then the white snuffs such as white elephant
    I agree! Great snuff--had it in the bullet today, really something one can take all day. More nic-hit, at least for me than WE and much easier to take. If you haven't tried it, by all means do so.

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  • @Indiansnuff, was NC Super Special snuff amongst the list that you were trying to get hold of? From the NC Arya Snuff Company, in Chennai. I would say that's the strongest snuff I've ever had, easily, although the NB Madras is pretty high to the top of the list, too. Really, Toque Quit comes across as a low-medium snuff after I've tried those two. I generally don't start using them until late in the day, just because they ruin me for milder snuffs after I've taken them. While I find the whites sharp and pungent, and very good, I'd say that they are behind the two I mentioned for sheer force, except being so fine, they give you an instant hit. The other two aren't quite so fine, so they don't have quite the same initial impact ... but ten to fifteen seconds later, they are right in there. I don't get the "Oh my god, my head is spinning" result that some people talk about from ANY snuff, but those two always give me a few hiccups - "niccups", I heard one person say.
  • @jakartaboy sadly i havnt heard back from NC yet, but i am planning to try and get hold of some
  • Up until now the strongest I've experienced is Toque Rustica. I've just ordered some NB Madras from @indiansnuff and am on the edge of my seat waiting for it :)
  • @shezzuk1 you wont be disappointed ;)
  • With out a doubt,NB Madras awesome,nice flavour and smell also.
  • @shezzuk1 ,you will need that seat after few pinch'
  • So far it's Viking Dark for me.
  • With out a doubt,NB Madras awesome,nice flavour and smell also.

    What Is nb madras who is the maker just looked on my usual snuff store website cant seem to find Iit
    Thanks :)
  • Cheers :)
  • I've got an order from Indiansnuffs on the way which contains some NB Madras. Can't wait to try it
  • ^^^^
    So far I only know of @indiansnuff selling the NB Madras.

    Maybe he has stolen a march on the rest of the snuff retailers (outside of India) & has in his inventory the strongest nicotine snuff available to the Western World?
    It will be interesting to see if some of the other snuff retailers notice @indiansnuff's new enterprise and if they feel the need to stock the products he's now stocking. Of course, that would be a good thing for snuff users -- but I kind of hope that he retains his early adapter advantage. I think he's doing a great job introducing some new snuffs to users outside India.

  • indiansnuffindiansnuff Member
    edited February 2014 PM
    I'm trying not to directly compete with anyone just fill a hole in the market for unknown Indian snuffs. I will just be happy if they all get just a little bit more attention outside of India as there is some real gems out there.
  • I would have to agree with some others in this thread and say that Toque Rustica (fine grind) is the strongest I have had.
  • I saw a few people say Viking Dark was the strongest snuff that they've tried. Well, I just received an order for half a kilo of the stuff. It's certainly a good, strong, robust snuff, but I'd have to say that in terms of nicotine, it's nothing like as strong as some of the plain Indians that I've tried and that have been mentioned on this thread. Not that strong nicotine is everything, of course. I certainly prefer the stronger snuffs, but I wouldn't much care for a house guest who grabbed my bottles of spirits and eagerly checked the alcohol content on the label to ensure they met his minimum standards. I do think it's only one factor amongst many and that some people dwell on it too much.
  • @JakartaBoy I agree with you. I don't drink alcohol to become drunk, and I don't use tobacco for the sake of feeling the very extreme effects of nicotine. Both alcohol and nicotine can help me relax, and there are times when I want more alcohol or nicotine than others, but... Point made.

    I tried Viking Dark recently, and to be honest, while I appreciate the flavor of it, I don't really feel the N too much on it. I'm not sure that the effects are from nicotine, but of the dozen or so snuffs I have tried thus far (still a new snuffer), I get much more of a "body feel" and couch lock feeling (and actually a slight tingling in the feet, as though I had been standing in one place for far too long) from Fichtennadel. Now that may be a result of the rather large pinches I take of the Fichtennadel (I usually box car a pile that is about 1 cm in each direction, averaging 250-300mg a snuff), granted, but still, if the effects were any stronger for me from that one I would hesitate to drive a car immediately after using it. Shame I can't find it in bulk, as it's rather expensive at $4 per 10g tapbox, but I digress...
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