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Are non-tobacco Snuffs worth my time?

I was wondering if non-tobacco snuffs were at all enjoyable or worth experimenting with or if I should completely stick to tobacco snuffs. I am interested in trying Dholakia's Herbal snuff and Poschl Snuffy Weiss. Anyone on the forum who has non-tobacco snuff experience please give me your input.


  • the only downside i find is lack of nicotine. snuffy weiss seems to disappear in my nose, and molens potpourri 2 is such a strong long lasting scent.
  • edited January 2014 PM
    Try the Thai snuffs RED, Yellow,Purple . Dholakia H. smells like medicent and snuffy is sugar
    I think I will have some now :D
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  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    The herbal ones have something to offer, the sugar ones (usually white) are pointless, IMHO.
  • Only one I ever tried was Bernard Naseweiß and I simply didn't like because it was too mentholated.
  • Snuffy Weiss is glucose based, white and clumps visibly in your nostrils and on your clothes. I'm not going to risk a rubber gloved police hand inserted anywhere for something that doesn't even give me a nicotine hit. :))

    De Kralingse Pot Pourri on the other hand, while nic-free, is a lovely herby, spicy scent that lingers in the nose, is lovely on a cold day, and mixes beautifully with non-scented tobacco snuffs. Yum.
  • XanderXander Member
    edited January 2014 PM
    Yeah, I agree. I've enjoyed the herbal ones I've tried. I've not enjoyed the white (sugar) snuffs. I've never tried an energy snuff.

    Actually, let me edit that a bit. De Kralingse Mentholin is more or less a white glucose snuff, and it was ok. Much nicer than the WoS White or Snuffy Weiss, etc.
  • The Dholakia Herbal is very nice. Brown, very fine grind, and a mixture of aromas, including a bit of menthol. Does not 'look' like the majority of non-tobacco snuffs.
  • I've only tried Snuffy Weiss.

    I ate all 5 grams.
  • I bought Snuffy Weiss on a whims, basically to show my girlfriend how menthol clears up the nose, lol.... I only tried it once. Not interesting.
    Dholakia herbal sounds more intriguing...
  • I like the herbal better than the glucose-based, with the exception of the mentholated glucose ones, when menthol is what I'm after.  Not the biggest fan of the Wilson's ones due to texture.  Also, Wilson's white tends to have scent that disappears almost immediately.
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