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How much do you spend on snuff?

ViertelViertel Member
edited January 2014 in General
So, how much do you spend on snuff weekly/monthly/yearly? I think I'm around 100 zł (it is about 35$/25E/Ł20) per month. I order some snuff I've never tried before and one-two I'd like to have more of.


  • Well it's died down quite a bit. When I first got back into snuff it was around $60 to $80 a month. Now its about $40 every two to three months on bulk I refill.
  • More than I needed,
    The whole Package 6-7 k
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • I aim at $100 per month, slowly building up my reserves. Orders over $50 attract duties and increased attention from customs, so I aim for 2 x $50 per month. It usually takes 2 weeks for an order to arrive so I put in a new one as soon as I receive an old one. I focus on building up bulk supplies of core snuffs, but allow myself to try something new and interesting with each order, line a small serve of Abracadabra or SWS. Mr Snuff gets the lions share of my custom, Toque the rest.
  • Haha. "Abraxas", not "abracadabra". Damn autocorrect.
  • about $10.00. Much for the same reasons as @JakartaBoy
  • About 30-40 dollars every 3 months or so.
  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Moderator
    edited February 2014 PM
    Haha. "Abraxas", not "abracadabra". Damn autocorrect.
    My phone does that to me every time I type Abraxas, it pisses me off

  • Hmmmm... reckon about $40.00 monthly-- due to go up.. the ONLY bill I like to pay ;)
  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Moderator
    edited February 2014 PM
    Too much or too little, but never just enough
    I know this because with every order I'm either like "man, I think I bought too much of this" or "dammit, I should have bought more of this" or both at the same time
  • Snuff accessories ,novelties and antiquity's , storage supplies and cabinetry not to forget shipping. Exactly Enough! I worked hard for my money and I will spend it on any useless or useful items I want. After all the other bills levied been satisfied. By no mean am I wealthy but I won't be denied the simple pleasures of tobacco consumption. I had said it before; tobacco is the best investment useless paper money can buy! Get more than you need now it never goes down in price. Also tobacco will always be desired, so you can trade or barter with it at some point in time.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • I've just spent another 92,10zł (30 dollars) on Viking Blonde, SG Christmas Special, SG Red Crest, Perlesreuter and metal spoon.
  • Not nearly enough but from $20-$100 a month depending on spare income. Seems there's always something else i want.
  • I spend whatever extra money I have on snuff each month which is around $60 usually, and sometimes less. Although I have only made 4 snuff orders online in total. I just got into snuff around the late summer last year. I plan on building my supply as large as I can with my allotted $60 per month for snuff.
  • Whenever I have placed an order I try to keep it below 60.00 per an order. I will tell you that is far from an easy task to do so. It always is difficult to delete items from your basket when ordering from toque or Mr. Snuff, in order to remain on budget. I do like favorite, however, I will admit that even a 10 gram tin will last me a little while, it might be overkill for me to spend 100.00 plus on snuff a (week, month, etc.). In ideal circumstances I would say that I would maybe place an order once every couple of months (order 3-6 times a year), but I have had a lot going on with moving to Arizona, seeking employment, etc. However, for my snuff needs I think around 200 annual is fair. I also use many other types of tobacco as well so I also have to take cigars, snus, etc. into account when budgeting.
  • About £30 every two months,going to wait for mr snuff to iron out the bugs before my next order though.
  • I think about 200-300€ a year. Snuff is cheap in UK and Ireland, no excise duty and Wilsons of Sharrow and Toque sell directly to customers. Large tins are 3,60-3,80€ in shops here. Can't complain.
  • 1 big purchase every year when I restock my bulk "staples" Toque :Quit, SP Extra
    6 photo: Natural, Kaliash
    Molens: Prins Regent,Macuba,Latakia Ao 1860.
    This order will run up quite a bill, but whatever it's completely worth it.

    I'll make a few small orders throughout the year to try new snuffs and see if anything is good enough to make the bulk list. St Casura for sure makes the bulk list
  • For me Snuff taking has been a rather long winded affair, in fact I have taking snuff on and off for years and tried lots of it during the time. I guess I have purchased loads of tins that I have not got on with, either to strong or to scented so I have spent a good deal of money finding out what I don't like. As of late however I have returned to a snuff that was the first I ever tried, F and T Morocco and this has become my full time pleasure. I no longer rotate or mix. So, let's face it, a medium tin of F T will last a long time so I really only spend a few quid a month on the snuff, if that...
  • I know with Indian white snuffs alone I go through 25g a week pretty much to a tee so that's like 4 bucks a week I think including shipping. That's pretty heavy use too by most people's standards lol.

    I think Euro snuffs are somewhat more expensive but I don't use them nearly as much as whites, whites are my staple Europeans are a treat at night.
  • Surprising little, since most of my current snuff is samples from Indian companies that i am currently planning to stock
  • JustinJustin Moderator
    edited January 2014 PM
    It probably averages out at about £10 or £15 a month these days - but then I'm not buying snuffboxes any more, and I am experimenting far less. Mind you, once @indiansnuff opens I suspect there might be a bit of extra expenditure!
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  • @indiansnuff, and when is the launch of your service going to be? Got a teaser website yet that will give us an idea what we can expect? I'm already excited about the large tins of WE that you mentioned.
  • @jakartaboy first stock shall be arriving in about 2 weeks hopefully. Will be opening with that, won't be many brands but it's a start lol, the rest of the orders are on various stages
  • Too Much!, yet Not Enough! #-o
  • For me about $30 a month. I'm still relatively new to snuff and searching for what snuffs I truly enjoy.
  • I am amazed at how much you guys spend on snuff, I am so tight that you could use my wallet as a grinder. I personally loath not using up a tin so unless I totally dislike the snuff I use before I buy more. All in all I might spend a fiver a month on it. A hundred...never!
  • I made 1-2 big orders per year, 400-1000€ depends on needs
  • I am amazed at how much you guys spend on snuff, I am so tight that you could use my wallet as a grinder. I personally loath not using up a tin so unless I totally dislike the snuff I use before I buy more. All in all I might spend a fiver a month on it. A hundred...never!
    @snuffynose the replenished understand not the pain of the craving
  • JohanoJohano Member
    edited February 27 PM
    I just made a quick reality check because I started saving money on new hardware.. It turns out to be somwhere around $25 a month. Not including shipping fees of course. Fees are the only reason why I rely more on local shops rather than buying bulks that are available online.
    Thats a shame, tried summing economic bags or tins with the shipping cost and it always turns out its not worth it at all for my small students budget.

    I could give up on more occasional stuff and stick to my fav plains for a while to save at least half of the sum.. but the variety out there and this forum dont make it easy! 8-}
  • I spent 8 quid on snuff the other day ...been spending about 12 pound a month on snus ...but I have invested heavily in bulk snuff when the EU rules changed so I ve got kilos of nearly everything I enjoy .... 

    In my head the money I spend on snuff isn't even 'real' anyway . In the UK tax regime a 30 pound big tub of Sharrow snuff is equivalent to about 180 quids worth of cigarette tobacco  ...and that's just by the weight . In use it goes a lot further too :)  

    So even if I go nuts on snuff , I'm still saving big on tax  .
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