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  • Welcome to the revolution all you new snuffers!
    We are now approaching 700 members, which is just fantastic, well done Alex!
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  • Welcome G-Dawg, there are a few members in Georgia & I know 3 are right close to you. One in Loganville, Kennesaw & Powder Springs.
  • Who is from powder springs? I have family there.
  • Mo is from Powder Springs.
  • Hi, I'm new here, and very happy to have found this forum. I've been snuffing for about a decade and its nice to see other snuffers are out there and as enthusiastic about it as I am. I've been pretty narrowly attached to high dry toasts, but this forum may encourage me to branch out and experiment a little.

  • Welcome to the forum badbusinessman,

    Thats one of the best things about snuff is that there are so many varieties (brands, scents, grinds, moisture) available. And most snuffers don't use just 1 snuff like some smokers might be loyal to just 1 type of cigarette. Most of us enjoy a wide variety.
  • Welcome, I msure you will enjoy the site
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  • Welcome newbies!

    Stefan, England
  • I'm sorry I haven't formally introduced myself yet. I'm a middle aged poolside bartender at a luxury resort in Hawaii. Married, one 23 year old son, homeowner. I grew up here in Hawaii so I'm an American. I never smoked cigarettes but a little pot in the 80's, cigars in the 90's, and now I'm a pipe smoker. Or am I? I wanted to increase my nicotine tolerance so that I could enjoy some of the better pipe tobaccos. I thought snuff would fit the bill but then I found snus. Now I'm completely addicted. The strange thing is that snuff has kept me from my pipe smoking. I enjoy snuff more than any other form of tobacco use. The others remain on the back burners except for snus. Snus is a bonafide addiction. Glad to have found this forum. There is a wealth of information here. I'm happy to have the hobby of snuffing. Thanks all!
  • Welcome to the forum Pardner, Don't be afraid to ask any questions if you have them, we are all more than willing to help.
  • Welcome to the forum Pardner. You'll soon find that there are plenty types and flavours of snuff about now your into this forum.
  • Poo-DiddyPoo-Diddy Member
    edited September 2008 PM
    I know this has been debated forever, and I've read plenty of stories about what SM & especially SP stand for, but in my opinion I believe

    SM - was meant to stand for Snuff Medicated


    SP - was meant to stand for Snuff Plain

    I'm sure I'm probably wrong, but it's my guess at the riddle and I'm sticking with it ;-)
  • Why not this.

    SM = Special Mixture
    SP = Sensuously Pleasant or even Saturate Proboscis
  • I could be wrong but I'm sticking to Sheffield Pride, ie. Wilsons Best S.P.
  • After seeing your thoughts Trout I'm thinking maybe it was meant to stand for.

    Special Medicated snuff, and Special Plain snuff.

    Who knows, I guess it will always be a mystery....
  • Ok, for my tu'pence worth I think it's Spanish and Special Menthol.

    "The booty from the captured Spanish galleons included a large quantity of snuff which was subsequently sold in London. Referred to as "Spanish" by the clerks, they soon abbreviated this to "SP", thus originating the name of the most popular blend of all."

    I rest my case.
  • Ok Now I'm in trouble. I just looked up SM snuff and what I got had nothing to do with sniffing, unless that was what the guy was doing while being whipped by the buxom wench in the leathers. How do you erase page history again, my wife uses this PC.
  • Thanks ID, you may have saved my life. LOL!
  • My two cents is that SP stands for Spanish, because its introduction to England came from the capture of a spanish frigate loaded with the stuff as cargo.
  • TroutstrokerTroutstroker Member
    edited September 2008 PM
    Yeah the majority of what I have read points to SP standing for Spanish. Since SP's aren't really 'plain' it seems using the word 'plain' wouldn't fit. The SM could stand for 'Sharrow Mills'?
  • Alright, this is taken directly from Wilsons website. SM stands for "Sharrow Medicated".
  • On Wilsons page SM is said to stand for Sharrow menthol. I think that SP stands for spiffy pirate since it's the most entertaining explaination I've ever heard.
  • I thought it meant "sniffin powder"
  • I'd take the d out of that one. Makes it sound more heroic.
  • me too untill I got home G&H CM as well as Toque toffee
  • Big Welcome Matt, I'm shure you will like the Toque snuff.
  • Hi Matt,
    Welcome to the forum. Mr Lawrie is my Father/Dad/Pop everyone here calls me Roderick.
    Hope you enjoy the samples, although I have to apologise as there may be a slight delay in them being posted. This is due to our launching 2 new toasts at the weekend and us being a little busy at the moment. Typical British understatement!
  • Hello matthall, welcome to the forum.
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