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  • Welcome Pieter, there are lots of us with similar stories and you can get a lot of good advice from some very knowledgable people on this forum. Stick with the simple method of taking a pinch whenever you want a cigarette and you will find it works - even a year is a short time with your smoking history. I stopped heavy smoking a year ago so understand how it feels. If you do lapse don't worry about it and get straight back on the snuff. Hope you don't mind the advice!
  • RoamRoam Member
    Hi there Bryna and Pieter
  • JavaJava Member
    Welcome Pieter. I'm afraid you're eventually going to have to do what the doctor says. Over the last 10 years, I've gone in 4 times to have stents put in. I was stupid, and didn't start eating right, and didn't quit cigarettes. 3 months ago I went in again, and instead of a stent, I had a quadruple bypass. NOT a tiny little scar on my thigh where they went in and went up through the vein. This time they cracked me open like a Christmas turkey. It's been 3 months and I'm still not 100% yet. I'm going to be fine, but I'll always have a 10" (25 cm?) scar down my chest that my kids think is "creepy". The snuff doesn't bother me at all like the cigarettes did. Someone offered me a cigarette the other day, And I decided to try it, (like a moron) but afterwards, I craved snuff, not another cigarette. After 30 years of smoking, I think I've got them beat!

  • Good luck and God's blessings Java
  • KimKim Member
    Pieter welcome to the forum
  • bryanbryan Member
    How do I make a new topic? I wanted to ask how much snuff everyone uses in a day...I use between 3-5 grams.
  • TroutstrokerTroutstroker Member
    edited June 2008 PM
    bryan, you would use the link on top left that says "start a new discussion". But if you want to chime in on some of the similar discussions already started, here are some links:

    How much per day? Comment #4 on this link has some more links to other similar discussions.

    How much do you consume?
  • Hello Ziggy, welcome to the forum & the world of snuff.
  • Hello Ziggy, welcome to the new world of smokeless tobacco!! I'm also quite new to the"business", so I can perfectly identify with you.
  • KimKim Member
    Welcome Ziggy! I like Snuffstore as well. Haven't had a problem yet! Knock on wood!
  • About time I said hi to all our new members, welcome.
    It was only the other day we were talking about who would be the 300th member, then we very quickly hit the 400th member and now we're already looking at who will be the 500th.
  • Welcome Scratcher,
    I have a few customers in Japan. From the names I would guess they are European, however a couple, I'm sure, are Japanese. Have you ever met any Japenese snuffers?
  • bobbob Member
    welcome all you new guys glad you're here.
  • Hey scratcher

    Welcome to the forum, this is one of the many I found searching the web when I first started snuffing. Now its really the only one I visit. The people are great and all get along, as you can already see. So what are you doing in Japan? I always wanted to visit but then again there are a few places I want to visit. Maybe someday I will have the time and means to do so.
  • KimKim Member
    welcome to the forum scratch
  • MattMatt Member
    I can find America snuff easily at a variety of stores here in the Southeast US. But European snuffs are near impossible to find locally. One of the tobacconists in my town has two boxes of Gletscher Prise and that's all. And he was charging a mere 100% more than online prices. I just hope US doesn't ban mail-order tobacco purchases anytime soon - or ever.
  • xsysxsys Member
    Good luck with converting...
  • bryanbryan Member
    I can still get Poschl Packards, Apricot, Gletcher-Prise, Garett Sweet, or Garett Scotch at different local stores within 5 minutes of my house just south of Los Angeles, CA. But none of those are my favorite (Scotch is the closest, but not an all day snuff for me), so I order online.
  • Welcome all, you will find this a great site
  • DidacheDidache Member
    edited July 2008 PM
    Hi guys ... my son in law has been pointing me towards this forum for ages (Lazarus is his user name) so here I am! When Lazarus and Mrs Lazarus (my daughter) come round on a sunday for a boozy lunch we often trade snuff notes and try out each other's latest acquisitions. I'm 54 and a minister (the boozy lunches take place AFTER the morning service!) in south London. I've known snuff, off and on, for over 30 years. I used to be a diver and got used to a blast of snuff to clear out the old sinuses before going in - the old Wilsons blue tin as a rule in those days.

    I suppose I have been more serious about it for the past couple of years. My personal preference is for perfumed/scented snuffs, so I am a big fan of the F & T range - their Princes blend is currently the resident of my pocket snuff box. I am not overly fond of mentholated or camphorated blends and tend to prefer a moist snuff.

    My big passion is photography. You can see my website at:

    By way of introduction - me at work:

    pulpit b

    Cheers for now, and looking forward to participating in the forum ...

  • MattMatt Member
    Welcome Didache, and everyone else.
  • xsysxsys Member
    Welcome Didache, you look serious in that photo. Btw. what is your opinion on McChrystal's O&G? I am curious how it tastes to someone who doesn't like menthol and camphor... is it so bad?
  • Welcome to the forum Didache. Hope you enjoy it here.
  • Thanks guys for the welcome :)

    xsys .. not sure I've ever tried it. I might have, but can't remember. It isn't that I don't "like" them - more that I much prefer the perfumed snuffs. If a menthol was all I could get though, I would use it.

    W.C.dummy .. they are the hymn numbers. Some people like to find them before I announce the number.

  • KimKim Member
    Welcome to the forum Didache!
  • xsysxsys Member
    @Didache: I am fortunate to enjoy both perfumed and mentholated. McChrystal's O&G and F&T Macouba, Bordeaux and Santo Domingo are my favourites right now. Btw. don't you think that Bordeaux and Macouba are pretty similar?
  • SnuffHeadSnuffHead Member
    edited July 2008 PM
    Very big welcome to this forum Mike, looks like you work from a modern office. It's nice to have one more Devil Dodger on here.

    I'm an ex semi professional photographer and so far, only had time to see your London underground photo's. Very well done. As for the stop and search, I've been there. Also for taking children enjoying them selves, on donkey rides in our local park I had strange looks. It's getting to be a funny world, I sometimes think it is not worth taking a camera out these days.
  • MattMatt Member
    Whoa, what kind of snuff are you on ^^^
  • i want to become a minister to if that means boozy lunches and sharing snuff with your son-in-law...
  • DidacheDidache Member
    edited July 2008 PM
    Well, the boozy lunches and snuff fests are only once a week! We ministers do have to work as well, you know ....... even if it is just one hour a week :)

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