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  • Yes it is sprang I will attest for you. Not sure how long ago you left but it is growing big time.
  • Hellio, it doesn't help the bay to have that quack Gavin Newsom for mayor. Wanting to do things it seems just for popularity rather than what should be and what is really good for the city & the people living there. Some of the stuff he comes up with I wonder if he's just asking his magic 8-ball!! From what I've seen when I go there is that there still is a pretty big crowd for the finer tobacco's such as pipe, cigar etc. I've taken a lot of snuffs in public around the streets of SF & on cable cars. I don't think anyone ever really noticed & if they did notice, there was no negative reaction to it. I've even had a few people accept my offer of a few pinches to people next to me at a Giants game.. I don't know if it was because they were truly interested or because they already had a few beers!! Shared some with a group of guys I met while playing disc golf at golden gate park. All but one of them sneezed but all of them enjoyed the scent & idea of it. I had been going down there fairly often over the past year because my younger brother has been attending the SF Culinary Academy but he's only got a week or 2 left.
  • Shooter-Sprangalang, Yes Rancho Cucamonga really has grown a lot. The last 4 years my dad lived in CA, he had moved to Alta Loma which is right on top of Rancho. They have a fairly good minor league baseball team the Ranch Cucamonga Quakes. We went to a few games then always went to Vinces Spaghetti for dinner. But since my dad moved they have now got a big ol' Bass Pro Shops. Rancho Cucamonga is also where my Innova disc golf discs are made. Not to far is the big Fontana raceway and the great Pomona swap meet/car show.
  • Welcome to all newbies!

  • Hi all,
    My name is Graham, 47 years old, I have been snuffing for 29 years on and off, looking forward to shearing your experiences
  • KimKim Member
    edited September 2008 PM
    Hello! My name is Kim I live In Florida, USA. I’m new to your lovely forum. I’m working on a small Ancestral Table, which would be nice to add deceased family members favorite items. One of my Grandmother loved snuff. I can remember her using it when we visited. My parents would pick up a can at the store to take to her. So I spoke to my Aunt who told me what brand. Her favorite snuff wasn’t anything fancy, just Dental Sweet Snuff. I hope to learn more about snuff. I do not see many people in my area using snuff. I came across one black using it in the past few years. I hope to learn more about it.
  • Welcome Graham and Kim. Nice to see another lady coming out of the snuff closet.

  • bobbob Member
    So kim do you use snuff? Ancestral table definatly sounds cool. None of my ancestors used any form of tobacco my parents smoked before I was born and my dad has occasional cigars. Well welcome.
  • Welcome to the forum Graham & Kim.

    Kim, do you know if your Grandmother used the Dental Sweet Snuff nasally or did she use it orally, maybe by rubbing the snuff on her gums either by finger or twig with the end chewed a little to make it soft and hold the snuff better. The reason I ask is that this was a popular way for females in the US back in the day to use snuff.
  • KimKim Member
    edited June 2008 PM
    Please excuse me! I haven’t figured out how the forum works. I figured I’d get an email if anyone responded. I just happen to come back tonight and see that member had posted questions for me.
    Thanks for the welcome Bob, Walrus1985 & Troutstroker. No I do not use snuff. I smoke cigs and wish I could stop. My Grandmother used it orally at less in front of us and she would be so happy when we brought it to here. She lived in a little town at the time not far from a store. But she mad it seem so special we gave it to her. Knowing how conservative my Grandmother was. She probably had a couple of cans of snuff around the house. She had many children that did not live far and plenty grandchildren to run and get it. I went to Wal-Mart tonight but they did not carry snuff. The cashier said she buys her grandmother snuff at Winn Dixie. It was a brand I didn’t know. But we figured they carried all the snuff old black women like. Hello Gram by the way nice to meet you.
  • Way to go Grace! I told you you'd be stopped before 08/08/08.
  • KimKim Member
    I don't know you Grace but that is a really big accomplishment to me, because I'm struggling. So I whinning of Cigs.
    Cigs are harder to stop then street drugs. My adult son and nephew I told when they started smoking you better stop. One crisis in your life and you will be hooked. No crisis I know about, but they are hooked. My son would get on his father and my nerves about not smoking when he was a teen. Tell us all the poison in cigs (Rat poison) now in college he is trying to stop and said he could not. He found himself bumming a cig even though he refused to buy them. So he is still smoking.
    Begged me to stop taking Chantex because he heard some people had bad experiences with it. I just can't afford Chantex. It would take me (3 months supply) 333 to 400 to have a enough I'm guessing to actually quit with it. The price of gas and food going up her in the US and provide for family that's a Luxury I cannot afford. Snuff I can afford. It's a shame when milk is higher then gas.
  • SnuffHeadSnuffHead Member
    edited June 2008 PM
    Welcome Kim from Hull East Yorkshire, in the Uk. Nice to see another lady member.
  • hi folks, new here. ex smoker, still dabbling with havanas and pipes, relatively new ( though re-acquainted after many years) to snuff, and what a joy

    after initial burst with poschls (love the convenient packaging and massive flavour), i seem to be settling on following faves

    1. wilsons cherry menthol.. for those uk readers amongst us, all i csn say is, "tuuuuunes!"

    2. F&T old paris... unique mad old scent.. flavoured with cuban baccy, perfumed fermented dates. sounds odd, trust me, try it!

    3. mcchrystals o&g.... what more can be said?

    4. poschl lowen prise... like a glacier in your skull

    my tastes bound to develop, but thats me at present!
  • Hello pauljmuk, welcome to the forum. Hope you enjoy it here and look forward to conversing with you.
  • KimKim Member
    Hello! Welcome to the forum pauljmuk
  • Hello, Paul - welcome to the family!
  • bobbob Member
    Love Old Paris is a great snuff love that one great snuff. Wouldn't even say anything but got a great nose fill of it right now.
  • MattMatt Member
    Hello Everyone

    I'm Matt from Montgomery, AL USA. I've been snuffing for about a day and a half now. I was looking for some loose hand rolling tobacco online yesterday morning and somehow I ended up here. Yesterday afternoon I went to a local tobacco shop and got a pouch of Drum and a little tub of Bruton's scotch snuff. Needless to say, the Bruton's kicked my butt. I can take a portion about the size of a large grain of rice in each nostril now that I have learned some techniques for snuffing here. The effects are very pleasant. Snuff really does give more energetic buzz than I am used to from tobacco.

    I'm 28 and I have smoked since I was 15. I like tobacco in general and I like a bit of variety. Whether I will transition to snuff totally , I couldnt say now, but I will definitely look into some of the European brands. The one thing that concerns me about the Brutons I am using now is that, although it's a dry snuff. It is more common here in the US for people to use it in the mouth. So I worry about additives and things like that...

    Excuse the long winded post, normally I'll just browse a forum for needed info and move on but the wealth of information here and th community of cool people made me want to post and say thanks and hello.

  • KimKim Member
    Welcome to the forum Matt. I don't know much about snuff, but I'm sure other members will come along and give you a warm welcome. Another Southerner!
  • bobbob Member
    hey matt. Yeah I worry about the same thing with the american snuffs.
  • TroutstrokerTroutstroker Member
    edited June 2008 PM
    Welcome to the forum matt. I wouldn't worry about these snuffs as they were originally designed for nasal use and just happened to work in both the nose and mouth and the oral use really took off during the depression and areas of low income as a cheap substitute for the more pricey oral tobaccos & smokes of the day. They don't have the additives that oral tobaccos like Skoal or Cope have. The American dry snuffs are just toasted tobaccos, some with added scents and some are just plain toasted tobacco like Bruton giving it a smokey/bbq scent.
  • MattMatt Member
    yeah, im enjoying the brutons but as soon as i get some dough im gonna try some of the stuff thats marketed as nasal snuff. - which should be soon thanks to roderick at toque, he was real help and is sending a couple samples! Thanks again!
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • Welcome Matt, as you will see from all of our posts there is a load of snuff out there to experiment with and enjoy and some real knowledgable folks on this site to advise - which we are all happy to do. Personally, I love Toque and Wilson's snuff and always say to newbies that they are great snuffs to try out. So welcome and don't be shy!
  • bryanbryan Member
    Hello All!

    My name is Bryan. I use snuff all day long, and I also smoke pipes and the occasional cigar. I like fine very dry snuffs most (they are the strongest in nicotine for me, least clogging, and can wait a while before having to blow the nose!), and also love Lakatia (for smoking and snuff). I pretty much like all snuff's except menthols- Packard's club being the exception- I use that when I go backpacking. It's good, but I wish it was finer so it wouldn't clog. Favorite method is with a pinch from the fingers. I use bullets when I need to be very discreet. I have several snuff containers- most are just simple small plastic bottles that I can fill with snuff and tap out onto my hand and pinch or take directly.

    Lately, I've really enjoyed American snuffs. Garett Scotch and at night I like the Sweet and Mild- good as candy!

    I recently purchased a grinder and I plan to experiment with making my own snuff. I'm going to try using different tobacco's. My plan is just to roast in the oven and grind it. Simple. I will probably try it first with some additive free tobacco- maybe American spirit. I might flavor it with oil. I like Jockey club so I'll probably use that. We'll see...

  • KimKim Member
    Welcome to the forum Bryan!
  • Welcome to the forum gents.
  • Hi, I'm Pieter and I started snuffing about a year ago. Used to smoke cigarettes, pipe and cigars for about 39 years but had to give it up because of Angina. Guys fitted a couple of stent all over my body and told me to quit smoking. But I love tobacco, started smoking when I 14 years old. In South Africa, where I live, we have a very limited choice as far as snuff is concerned but I've now realized how easy it is to order snuff from abroad. I'm waiting for my first orders to be delivered.
  • Welcome all newbies!

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