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  • I am Charlz9mm from the US.  I have been a snuff user for 20+ years.  I am a Youtuber and I review all sorts of interesting things.  Smoking is frowned upon at my job so snuffing is an excellent option.  Wilson's of Sharrow Crumbs of Comfort has been my favorite for years.
  • Welcome @Chariz9mm
  • Hi there, Ive been lurking on this site a bit. Helluva valuable information! Snuff has been rocking my nose for about 8 years, on and off. Decided to finally make an account cause I heard you give free stuff at MrSnuff for new members. Im in!
  • Hello. I started sniffing about 3 months ago to get away from dip and cigarettes. I'm still trying to figure out what I like. I have a few different Bernard products, McCrystal's og, and toque Spanish jem and ambrosia. Good community here from what I've read
  • SergeySergey Member
    edited February 13 PM
    Hello. My name is Sergey, I'm 32, I'm from Russia. I am glad that there is such a site. I love tobacco for a long time, about 10 years ago with interruptions of several years. Mostly German tobacco Poschl. Another is hard to find. In Europe there is more choice, its good
  • SergeySergey Member
    edited February 13 PM

  • Privet, Sergey - welcome aboard!
  • Welcome to the board @Charlz9mm , @Johano , @Plookin & @Sergey !
  • Welcome new members. I don't post often but I enjoy the snuff talk. Nowhere else is better, meaning Reddit. It's all here! History, opinions, reviews, rants and raves, recipes and more.
  • Welcome @mrmanos.  Take off our shoes and stay awhile, this is a relaxed and friendly place.

  • I'm sea bee d, I been a snuffer now for about 3 years. I use snus too. I quit cigs for the most part except on rare occasions. My favorite snuff is Toque usa whiskey and honey. Favorite snus is Siberia Brown. I placed an order with Toque and looking forward to trying their Otto Schmalzler. Never tried a Schmalzler for some reason and been interested for awhile. My next order I'm try Toque cbd snuff. Didn't order one this time cuz was skeptical. Seen cbd nasal sprays so figured if that works the snuff should too. I'm not much of a chocolate or brownie person but I think I'm give it a shot soon.
  • Hi, I have been using nasal snuff for 25 years. My alltime favorite blend was Gawith & Hoggarth's almond, which sadly I can no longer find. I usually make my own snuff from home grown tobacco using my family's recipies (like honey brine ferment), but I really enjoy almost all commercial blends, both plain and scented. I have been reading these forums for several years, and finally decided to join.
  • Ben_MacMBen_MacM Member
    edited February 29 PM
    Greetings.....My name is Ben and I am a long time lover of the leaf. I started with pipes, then cigars, and now snuff. I am looking forward to learning what I can, specifically about the different brands and experiences this beautiful powder provides. I enjoy tobacco greatly...but the mess and stink of smoke has grown old. Snuff is the rescue! I look forward to being a part of this group.
  • NikolaosNikolaos Member
    edited February 29 PM
        At seventy three I have returned to my beloved snuff. A little backround (hope not boring) I smoked camels for years. Got into cigars for awhile. One day I ordered snuff from g smith. Princess dark..........Also F&T. For a long long time I strayed. Recently I ordered from Mr snuff. Princess special  hedges french c old Paris. Wow.! Simply devine. My biggest surprise was Viking Dark. Love it. I have some boxes I am going to use like crazy. And one day I have a large can of Gallehers Irish d. Very old. cannot wait. I am so glad you are all here. and please forgive any mistakes I have made in writing this I am legally blind
  • Gentlemen:

    I am a middle aged snuff taker from Pennsylvania, USA. Current favorites include McChrystal's Original and Genuine, Fribourg's Old Paris, and half a large tub of old Prins Regent I found in a freezer I need to go through more often.

    I found this forum in a rather unusual way. I discovered a few youtube videos of Clarissa and the Countryman. They are very, very well done pieces on the English countryside hosted by Clarissa Dickson Wright and a charming fellow named Johnny Scott.

    Looked up Johnny Scott and bought a couple of books. Also learned he was a producer of Artisinal snuff. Googled that and poof, here I am.

    Thanks for having me. Wealth of information here.
  • volungevolunge Member
    Welcome all new members!

    @HugoDrax, have you tried any SWS snuff already? 
  • Welcome all !!!
  • @volunge. No, sir, I have not. I'm intrigued. I'm looking at the Arrack scented one and the strasbourg. Very open to suggestions.
  • I'm back again. Hi.
  • I remember you.
  • Hi everyone, I'm Tony from North Yorkshire, UK. I had my first try of snuff this week and I'm totally smitten. Now to try loads of different types. Nice to meet you all!
  • A big welcome to you @Zombiepyrate and all our new members ... glad to have you come aboard. I am a new member and the community here is fantastic. They are always willing to share, teach and impart their great snuff knowledge.
  • Welcome @Zombiepyrate
  • Welcome @Zombiepyrate and @Ben_MacM
  • edited March 21 PM
    Hi, Im Sir Ffing dandy and lay about. I snuffed for years on and off but recently have come back to it. Crumbs of comfort is my only regular. Used to take F and T Morocco but its gone, anyone know why. And whats happened to F and T tins O well back to my Tffin...
  • Welcome. Any relation to the ffinch-ffarrowmeres?
  • DocHollidayDocHolliday Member
    edited March 22 PM
    Hey all,
    Know I Just missed it somewhere, but how do I unsubscribe from a thread or category?
    Doc Holliday 
           Is unus bibliotheca magna , He is in himself a great library. 
  • Howdy folks from Nova Scotia Canada, long time pipe smoker new to snuff but really loving being able to enjoy my tobacco habit when time/place does not permit and looking forward to learning from this wealth of information!
  • Ben_MacMBen_MacM Member
    edited April 7 PM
    Welcome @PiedPiper66 .... Glad to have you join us. I am a fellow Maritimer in Moncton, NB. This group is excellent, always willing to share their wealth of knowledge with us newbies. My snuff journey has been great, experimenting with all the different scents on offer.
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