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  • Ja 73 OM gud Dx en a exyl 2?
  • "@proboscis:so the Czech abs is crap?"

    Yes, at least that seems to be the consensus here. It seems that it's not made in a historical manner to the stuff of yore. Of course I've never had any of it so I can't say if it's junk or not but I think I'll try the one from Canada or one of those now available in the U.S. when I do try it.
  • RoamRoam Member
    well luck i haven't bought any while I was in Prague
  • NoseBagNoseBag Member
    edited May 2008 PM
    Hi to all new and 'old' faces on here!

    Good idea for a sticky intro thread Roderick.

    Details from my 'first post' are here, to save repetition and for anyone who may be interested in seeing my 'naughty shed'... LOL!

    I second (and third) some of the comments on here already - SnuffHouse is a fantastic resource, there's plenty of great snuff info to be found here. It's good to be around others who share the same interests and snuff taking hobby!

  • Hello all,

    I'm Paul from the UK. I have been lurking for a few months, Nosebag told me to join :)

    I first took snuff a couple of years ago but it didn't really take. I found a couple of old tins in December. Within a couple of months an 8 year cigarette habit had disappeared and I have a draw full of about 50 different snuffs.

    My current don't leave home without snuffs are Tom Buck (all time favourite), Toque chocolate and the McChrystals hoppy one.
  • Welcome to the forum..
  • Hi Paul, welcome.
  • LazarusLazarus Member
    edited May 2008 PM
    Hi everyone

    I have literally just joined up so thought I'd introduce myself

    I live in Surrey, England. I'm 26 years old and have been using snuff for about 6 months. I started using it last year but had a bit of a lapse until recently (overdid it on one night out and regretted ever taking it so didn't look at it again until fairly recently!) I buy my snuff online. There is another forum I am a member of but its pretty 'dead' so wanted to find a more active one. I have never really been a smoker but read about snuff in an article and fancied trying it...I liked it so decided to stick with it!

    As I am very new to snuff taking I have only been snuffing McChrystals and am quite fond of mentholated snuffs although my latest purchase is lemon flavoured (haven't tried it yet) I look forward to contributing to this forum in the future.

    God bless
  • Hello Lazarus, welcome to the forum.
  • Welcome Lazarus, you'll find this is the most active English speaking forum.
  • I live in Dallas, TX, USA

    I enjoy Toque Snuffs and handmade snuffs... I take only a few grams of snuff each day and take a break on the weekends. When I do order my snuffs I buy Toque Peanut Butter and Natural. Before snuff I was a lover of Levi Garrett chewing tobacco and Copenhagen snuff (moist lip tobacco).

    Sorry, I read more than I post, but I do catch up every once in a while.
  • Good luck on your crossover Grace, I hope it works for you.
  • bobbob Member
    It will work for grace I'am sure. I definately agree about the rush of snuff versus cigerattes. I'd have to smoke so many cigerattes to get any noticable lift but a decent pinch still gets me going for sure. welcome aboard. Oh yeah the bullets are great for discretion.
  • Hi everyone,

    Just to introduce myself shortly: My name is Lars, I live in Munich and work as a lawyer. I started snuffing several years ago and still enjoy it very much. Unfortunately, I am still looking for the perfect snuff for me as my nose tends to clog after snuffing more than a day - no matter what snuff I pinch or how much. But I am still hoping :)

    Best regards,

  • Hello juralalu, welcome to the forum. For me the best snuffs to keep the nose open are the fine and dry snuffs that are not overly scented. The best for keeping the nose open is Spanish Jewel if you can get a hold of some. And others like Toque Original & Toque Chocolate, WIlsons Strawberry does a good job at keeping the nose open as well as Tom Buck. Also the American Scotch snuffs. Bespoke Gin & Tonic, Dholakia Plain. Most menthols will clog me up after about 1 minute in the nose. And the more coarse snuffs tend to clog after a while. Its also good to keep the nose hydrated and cleaned out a time or two a day with something like saline spray. Also a regular nose flushing with something like a neti pot will keep your nose in brand new condition. This is good at night before you go to bed or at least a few times a week.

    Brian from California.
  • The best for keeping my nose open is Ozona english menthol type, it works even if i have a cold and
    the nicotine content is also quite good..
  • bobbob Member
    Oh Hellio all you've got to do is convert people. Just offer out pinchs and curiousity will get them in then the awesomeness of snuff will keep them snuffing at least part time.
  • Welcome to the forum Hellio. Nice to see another Californian here. Where about in CA do you call home?
  • Hello dugthegenius, welcome to the forum. No matter what side of the world your from, you can usually get a snuff order within a few days because there are some pretty proficient snuff shops out there. You could also take some of the ozona out and add some kitchen spices to it. Something like allspice, clove, aniseed etc. Something to break the monotony of the same old snuff until you find others.
  • Well done Grace, spread the word!
  • bobbob Member
    I agree with grace. If they use tobak then snuff should at least be something they'll try.
  • I guess it would be about time to introduce myself.

    Names Steve and live in SoCal or southern california for those not familiar. Been dipping Copenhagen for about thirty years and mix in some nasal here and there. Decided to quit the Copenhagen and go nasal full time.

    When in SoCal shout out.
  • Welcome guys
  • Hey Shooter, where abouts in SoCal do you live?
  • Hello Trout, I'm in a little town called Temecula in the inland empire about half way between San Diego and Riverside. I saw where you are in NoCal correct?
  • Yeah I know right where Temecula is. Lived in Ontario for a while as a kid with my Dad. He's now in Missouri. Still go that way about once a year because I still have family in Ontario, Riverside, Phelan which is next to Victorville and Pico Rivera. Used to go out to Winchester once a year for a huge hawaiian lua party with friends of the family. Did a lot of fishing at Elsinore & Perris.

    I'm a little over an hour SW of Lake Tahoe, 1 hour East of Sacramento.
  • Hi, to all the new members.
  • I know the area well Trout. I actually live just off the west dam of Skinner Lake if you remember that lake. Real close to Winchester.
  • Welcome to all the new members!
    Yes snuff is still hard to find in most tobacco shops. The best bet so far is online etailers.
    It's nice to see some lady snuffers here too!
    The Inland Empire- I used to live there, in Rancho Cucamonga. Yup it's a real place. ;)
  • Wow bunch of new people signing up to the forum. Welcome everyone!
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