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Snuff Meet In London or Surrey Area?

NoseBagNoseBag Member
edited May 2012 in Snuffhouse Archives
After reading about Snuff Head and ErmTony meeting up in their local area I'm slightly jealous...

I suppose London would be easiest to get to, but here's hoping there's a fellow snuffer living a mile away from me like Snuff Head and ErmTony have just found to their joy!

So anyone want to meet for a pint and some snuff in the south east?


  • Hope that works out as well as our meet up did!
  • MAn I wish I lived over in the UK, it looks like so much fun on T.V. With all your local pubs and stuff. I'll have to watch Shaun of the Dead when I get home again.
  • You should watch 'An American Werewolf In London' its also a great song by Warren Zevon 'Werewolves of London'.
  • Dajawu,

    You would arrive, take one look at our petrol prices, food prices, house prices and utility service prices and say, 'keep your warm beer and your snuff, I'm off home - I'll get it all mail order thanks very much!'

    There's something terribly wrong in the UK at the moment. Yes we have pubs, lovely beer, and a plentiful supplies of snuff... But the cost of every day living is soooo high. Our young people can't get a foot on the housing ladder, pertrol is £1.10 per litre, our grocery bills are going up way above inflation and our utility services are no longer controlled by the UK - so the cost of gas and electricity has gone through the roof...

    Other than that, anyone fancy meeting up in London for a pint and snuff...? LOL!!
  • Just the exchange rate alone would make it hard for one to enjoy a visit. I think our gas will catch up with yours before long. Its going up about 2-3 cents per day and every day it sets a new record. And thats causing the food and other items to go up because its costing the truckers more to transport the goods now. Grain products have gone up because of that stupid stupid plan to create ethanol fuel. Farm lands being taken over by corn growers to make a fuel that sucks and takes 1.5 gallons of fossil fuel to create 1 gallon of ethanol fuel. Stupid people!!! You want to make some money, buy stocks in grains.
  • I would be definately up for it if we could get a decent number of the guys together. Central or East London, or the Essex side would be best for me - what do you think chaps?
  • I've just Googled the train times from here to London, Think I could fit an eyeball in as a day return. Not forgetting another visit to 74 Charing Cross Road.
  • Well that's four of us so far then...

    I'll bring a selection of snuff 'samples' from Snuff Store.

    Keep 'em coming and in a couple of days we can sort out a list of suitable dates.
  • I'll have a look see if I can get down from Chesterfield.

  • SnuffHeadSnuffHead Member
    edited April 2008 PM
    Hope you can. That would be Five. Next time I speak to ermtony, I'll see if he an his wife would like to come along.
  • I'll run the idea past her when she gets in from work. Must say it could be fun!
  • UK citizens,

    Actually I live in a part of the Country that is known for having a VERY high cost of living. After most kids grow up in this State they typically move away when trying to get their first house. The salary rates and prices for houses makes it near impossible to start off here. I did some research to show you guys how bad it is here in MA. I don't know how bad it is in the UK but maybe you can use this information to give me some comparison. All numbers below are either for the State of Massachusetts or for the Town/County I live in. I live just south of Boston, MA. Also a lot of the information is from 2005 so I am sure its all gone up.

    Median real estate property taxes paid for housing units with mortgages in 2005: $3,691 (1872 GBP)

    Estimated median house/condo value in 2005: $412,719 (209,332 GBP)

    Median monthly owner costs for units with a mortgage: $1,395 (708 GDP)

    Gas Price for regular: $3.45 (1.97 GDP per Gallon or .52GDP per Litre)

    Pack of Marlboro Cigarettes: $5.50 (2.79 GDP)

    GDP was converted using 1 USD = 1.9716 which is today's exchange rate (April 25th). It was taken from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

    Below is a chart I found online that showed our Cost of living compared to the Country.
    The country's cost of living is set to 100% for all categories and this list shows how much above the average we are:
    The percent in the parenthesis is the weights for the Composite Index. So overall my area is 36.8% higher than the average. Housing is the worst here which makes it very hard for people to get their First house in MA.

    Composite Index 136.8%
    Grocery Items (13%) 115.7%
    Housing (29%) 180.8%
    Utilities (10%) 144.8%
    Transportation (9%) 109.7%
    Health Care (4%) 129.4%
    Misc.Goods & Services (35%) 113.7%
  • dajawu, sounds like I need to move to MA to save some money!!
  • Damn, seriously? The suburbs of Boston are very pricey! If you were to live in Boston itself forget it. I live in Norwood, a town just south of Boston. I rent a two bedroom 1.5 bath apartment in a complex. I pay $1295/month which is about average for the area. When I lived in Rhode Island the state just South which is only about a 45 minute drive I paid $800 for a two bedroom one bath. The area was really bad though, I am talking hookers on the corner all night long (at least I didn't have to go far), a lot of crime, etc. If I were to move into Boston and get a nice place I would end up with a small, very tight apartment and it would honestly cost around $2500 to $3000 a month.

    Now I say it is very expensive here because if you go to the midwest you could live for a lot cheaper. A house that would cost $450,000 here in the suburbs of Boston would run you around $150,000 in the midwest, and the south. Land and housing is a lot cheaper out there. I have family that has seen some of my bills and told me for what I pay for my living expenses I could have a real nice house on a nice plot of land for the same costs. So as I said the cost of living here in MA is known to be very high and most people growing up can't afford it.

    Can you give me some medians for you guys in the U.K? I have nothign to compare it to except other parts on the US and in that race MA is winning (or losing really).
  • RoderickRoderick Member
    edited April 2008 PM
    Heres a comparison for you.
    Estimated median house/condo value in 2005: $412,719 (209,332 GBP) UK Detached House: £342,800 Semi-detached: £200,037 Terraced: £176,732 Flat: £200,967

    Median monthly owner costs for units with a mortgage: $1,395 (708 GDP) UK £120,000 borrower paying 4.94 per cent will pay £999 per month.

    Gas Price for regular: $3.45 (1.97 GDP per Gallon or .52GDP per Litre) UK £1.06 per litre

    Pack of Marlboro Cigarettes: $5.50 (2.79 GDP) UK £5.55 Marlboro

    Average salary UK £22,000
    Hope that helps.
  • SnuffHeadSnuffHead Member
    edited April 2008 PM
    Well this thread was about a meeting in London, or the Surrey area
  • @Roderick - You guys sure have some bills to pay! There are places in the US that are far more expensive then Boston. New york for one is pretty expensive, but I think San Fransico and Los Angeles are off the charts. Thanks for the info I was looking for though!

    @Snuff - SOrry for hijacking yoru thread, all this talk about meeting got me thinking about how much I would love to live over there for a while. Sorry...
  • SnuffHeadSnuffHead Member
    edited April 2008 PM
    Dajawu, not my thread, it's NoseBag's. But really it is hard to draw comparisons, Here in the UK food is, in general the same if your in the South, or North. But house prices are higher in the South, but so is the average income. As a northerner I know I will cry in my beer at the prices charged if we have the meeting in central London, lol. But lets take it with a pinch of snuff.
  • Yeah unfortunately California leads the pack in cost of living. We have the highest percentage of million dollar homes almost 1 in 25. Along with the highest gas in the nation. But I know what you mean about the midwest. That is why my dad retired to Missouri. I'm blown away on how cheap things are when I go visit. You can find land there for a few hundred an acre. Thats unheard of. You can buy a smaller house in town for $30,000. That would buy you about an acre of undeveloped land in a rural area here in CA.
  • All makes me glad I live in Hull!

    Okay, so the petrol is still expensive but otherwise life is affordable.
  • Petrol may be more in UK but there are public transport alternatives. Passenger busses and trains are woefully inadequate here -- we are so screwed.
  • Troutstroker,

    What are they charging in Cali for gas these days? It's $4.59 at the cheapest place here.
  • TroutstrokerTroutstroker Member
    edited April 2008 PM

    The station thats closest to me is right at $4.07 as of today. But just up the Hwy about 35 miles its up around $5.63 as of last week. You can find in and around Sacramento for $3.80-$3.90. Bay area around San Francisco is about $4.00. And it seems to go up about 2 cents a day. This exact time last year I was getting for about $2.50-$2.80.

    You don't use much gas on the island do you?
  • NoseBagNoseBag Member
    edited May 2008 PM
    I've exercised my democratic right and voted today in the local elections, won't be able to change the government for another year / 18 months, but let's start with the local councils first eh?! Also what with the lorry drivers protesting in central London the other day over petrol prices, hopefully something will change soon!

    Let's get back on track with the snuff meet in London...

    I suppose we ought to meet near a tube / train station and then move on to somewhere more suitable. How about the Hamilton Halls pub which is just above Liverpool Street train and tube? We can then move on to anywhere that takes people's fancy fairly easily.

    Shall we aim for middle May. Would a weekday or weekend be best?

    Two choices then are Saturday 17th or Wednesday 21st May.

    The date with the most votes wins!
  • NoseBag Charing Cross is supposed to be the centre of London. I would suggest a meet at Wetherspoons Montagu Pyke 105 Charing Cross Road. It is only 1 minuet walk from Smith & Son! For me the day would depend on Train fare etc. That I'll check later.
  • Snuff Head...

    Charring Cross doesn't happen to be the station that trains arrive in from Hull does it? LOL!!

    I don't mind the location, anywhere near a main train station is fine. Victoria would be best for me, but as some have said they are coming from Essex Liverpool St. would be closest for them.

    Wetherspoons Montagu Pyke 105 Charing Cross Road it is then...
  • No.... trains from Hull go to Kings Cross - the old LNER station.

    Don't think I can manage either of those dates. Elder daughter (down in Cornwall) gets married at the end of May. Need to watch the funds!
  • SnuffHeadSnuffHead Member
    edited May 2008 PM
    NoseBag, as ermtony said, I would arrive at Kings Cross. For me, once in London to get to Liverpool Street station would be about the same distance as getting to Charing Cross Road (Leicester Sq. tube) Then across the road to the Weatherspoons Pub I just mentioned. Thought it was central, damn the Essex Snuffers, I'd be coming over 200 miles! You Southerners don't know anyplace north of Watford Gap. Lol!
  • AbraxasAbraxas Member
    edited May 2008 PM
    I'm from Burnley, just adopted by a southern wife and resident here. They are a funny lot down south, all think the north is one big Coronation Street . My wife still mocks my accent, although I can't quite see the grounds for it. I mean, where is the 'R' in Bath or Grass. Soft southern bedwetters.

    I will meet anywhere as a gesture of solidarity. Should we invite troutstroker?

    Have we decided a date?
  • SnuffHeadSnuffHead Member
    edited May 2008 PM
    No! Don't invite Troutstroker, He'd want us to meet at Heathrow Airport lol!
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