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Minor success at the LDT

ermtonyermtony Member
edited May 2012 in Snuffhouse Archives
LDT as in "local decent tobacconist".

Just been into the one place in Hull that still has a moderate selection of snuffs (though far from great). I bought a few odds and ends then suggested to the woman behind the counter that it might be rather nice if a wider range was carried, so that I didn't have to get the bulk of my snuff online. To my surprise she said she would see what the rep could offer the next time he was there. And better yet, she asked me what sort of snuffs I prefer.

There is hope!


  • Bravo! I'm lucky my local newsagent carries about a dozen or so snuffs. Not great but a hell of a lot better than the usual McChrystal's or nowt scenario.
  • Most tobacconists around here don't carry any snuffs any more :(

    At least that one LDT has a moderate selection, including some from Wilson's of Sharrow which can be bought loose (Best SP, SP 100 and Menthol - there may be more hidden behind those). Mind you, the 25g of Best SP I bought this afternoon won't last long but that gives me a good excuse to go back and apply gentle pressure again. Really need them to start carrying Tom Buck, particularly now that my wife has taken a liking to it. Meanwhile one of my daughters keeps walking off with various of my German snuffs!

    Hmmmm.... down to about 4 pinches of Tom Buck.... hope the postie brings me a parcel from Preston in the morning!
  • Anyone who wants Toque in your local Tobacconist just let me know their name and we'll get them supplied.
  • Hope so! We'll see what's there next time I go.

    Roderick - it's Bewlay’s Pipe Pub, 52 Carr Lane, Hull, HU1 3RF. I bet their usual rep isn't familiar with your snuffs.
  • Thanks Ermtony, I'll contact them today.
  • Excellent!

    - Tony
  • SnuffHeadSnuffHead Member
    edited April 2008 PM
    Well done ermtony!!!! Years ago I worked just across the road from that shop, when it was a real tobacconist. There was also another good one not to far away under the Guinness Clock. I go to town rarely now and last time I was very disappointed in that shops range. To you Roderick I wish you success, as you so deserve.
  • I remember the one under the Guinness Clock (also long gone) and also the one that was at the end of Whitefriargate for a few years. I seem to recall another one in the old town, but I can't remember where exactly.

    I guess it's a case of supporting the local shop while we can in the hope that they can hang on. Given the growth in the popularity of snuff there is indeed hope, though the ease of buying online presents a tricky problem!

    - Tony
  • Roderick: 01482 328338
  • Thanks Guys, Margaret of Bewlay’s is out today, but I’ll call her tomorrow.
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