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Viking Brown!

Wow! I come home and find a 25g tin of Viking Brown in my mailbox. I hurry inside with it and start working at opening up the lid with a hard metal kitchen utensil (the end of an old fashioned potato peeler actually) which I was already prepared to do as I've already read 2-3 times now that Viking's lids are notoriously well sealed.
Then comes that sexy time-stopping "pffff..." sound. I feel like I'm at heavens pearly gates.
I open up and curiously investigate and smell the contents like a child who has witnessed spring flowers and insects in its parents garden for the first time. "This is a lot coarser than I imagined" I hear myself say.
Sniff. WOW what a smell! This is tobacco! and it MEANS it! This tobacco is naked and robust in all its glory! It's dark and heavy and thick and juicy and its proud being just that. It's smells like it's meant for after work, late nights, whiskey and deep conversations. You're not supposed to get up from your leather couch when you sink into this one.
Nice nice nice! I am so satisfied that I finally have something I can put up my nose that just saturates me in 100% pure tobacconess!

Thank you Snuffhouse community for helping me find a brand for me. I bow in respect and admiration!


  • I'm glad you like it! I haven't suggested it to you but have heard about it and might order some on my next order. Anyway, enjoy! Don't forget, there are hundreds more snuffs to try so I'm sure you'll find something else that you'll like as well. Menthol-wise, Hedges L260 is probably the best so you should try that if you like menthols.
  • I have some but haven't tried it yet. Glad you reminded me.
  • Viking Brown is great, just like Viking Dark. Haven't tried Blonde. It's just a smokey rappee, harsher than a kendal brown or black snuff.
  • Mario84Mario84 Member
    edited November 2013 PM
    What I wrote there was more of a beginners excitement for my first plain snuff, so to speak. After some evenings with Viking Dark (it has become my evening/after-work snuff) I started to fall more into the subtleties of this snuff and its actually quite elegant as well. It has an elegant aroma that dances around the inside of the nose in a way that reminds me of how smoke dances in the slightest breeze. Abstract analogy I know, but that's the way I experience it. It sort of comes and goes in intricate waves... and then fades a bit quicker than I'd like. Then again, if I'm up doing just VIking Brown for too long I can feel the beginnings of me growing slightly tired of it. It's hard to explain, it's like a bi-product of the original flavor has built up for too long and I'm left with a worn out version of the flavor in my nose. All in all the flavor is very robust and strong. Granted growing tired of it takes a while. Say 4-5 hours of 4-5 hits an hour.
    A pinch of my good old classic standard, Ozona President, takes care of this though.
    I love menthol, @md363, and the snuff you mentioned is definitely on my list, along with McChrystals OG which I get the impression should be similair to the Hedges you mentioned.

    My only complaints about Viking Brown is that I can grow tired of it in the course of an evening. As in; I would be worried to travel anywhere with the Viking Brown with me as my one and only staple snuff... but I would also be worried to travel anywhere without it, lol. Snuff baggage : P
    The other complaint is that it's a lot coarser than it needs to be. It could easily be half as coarse as it is. I have to admit, I kind of like how coarse it is... but a couple of grains will roll out of my nose like miniature boulders some times and loose themselves in the forest of my moustache. It's one of those grains where the margin between sniffing the grains towards your throat and not deep enough til it rolls out your nose - is hair thin. It's either or. Getting the VB to sit just right in the nose is a skilled lucky shot, 5% will usually either go too far or not far enough.
    But, I have to say, this is not the kind of snuff where a complaint of this nature should be valid. That would be like going hunting and complaining about getting dirt on the knees of your pants. This is a rugged snuff. A thick residue of aftertaste and wiping snuff grains from your moustache or swallowing them in your throat are a charming part of the game.
    It's flavour is excellent. Reminding of leather and autumn. It is very brown in flavor. It's strong and pungent, but I can tell it's not dark (and that there is potential for something darker than this), it's not black in flavor, it's brown and reminding of dead autumn leaves and outdoor activities. Though I trust that it's plain, there is a smoky chocolaty and coffee'ish nature to it... all of this in the same way as your typical cigar.

    I'm very happy I bought this snuff. I feel like it's my first true and honest milestone of snuffing after having gone through President, Toques Xmas Pudding, Bernards Christmas Snuff and SG Dr. Verey's Medicated... this is the first milestone snuff for me. I don't know how to express it in a way that makes sense... but it does to me...
    It's my first plain anyway.

    I'll still be buying Viking Dark though as that one seems to be recommended more often and to a higher degree and I have a feeling that VD would be more appropriate for these dark Scandinavian winter nights. The fireplace rolling and the darkness enclosing the world in its long deep grip... and Viking Dark in your nose. Sounds fitting.
  • Every time i put in a snuff order i have to include 2-3 25g tins of viking is certainly my staple snuff..ihave also had viking dark and viking blonde which are ok in their own way but nothing like v.brown for me.I have also tried viking spear but it was like licking a stick of gum and jamming it in you're nostril, hehehe!
  • I've tried a few different snuffs and I've gotten to where I don't use that much of a mixture anymore. I love Viking Dark and Viking Brown and 6 Photo Kailash. Those are my all day snuffs. If I have it, I love a good carnation or floral scent for a treat. Other than that, I don't really use anything else; not as a rule, but by default.
  • Yeah I'm with you there Nietzsche. I have something to accompany my coffee, and something fresh and minty for getting up, work and walks... and but when I just want to relax, a pure tobacco flavor is all I want/need, and VB really delivers in that department.
  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    Just posted a review.  The thumbnail has me holding a tin of GH Kendal Brown, but I swear the video is about Viking Brown!

  • JakartaBoyJakartaBoy Member
    edited November 2015 PM
    I'll still be buying Viking Dark though as that one seems to be
    recommended more often and to a higher degree and I have a feeling that
    VD would be more appropriate for these dark Scandinavian winter nights.
    The fireplace rolling and the darkness enclosing the world in its long
    deep grip... and Viking Dark in your nose. Sounds fitting.

    Mario84, for Scandinavian nights, there would be a certain poetry to Thor's Hammer. I've never got past Viking Dark and Viking Blond. The Dark is brilliant stuff, pretty much the way you describe the brown. Although I think "coarse" is relative -- it's about as coarse as I like, but there are much coarser snuffs out there. The Blond is okay, but I wouldn't order it again, there are better snuffs out there. Some people say it's like an easier to take version of HDT, but I prefer ... well, HDT. 
  • Jaxson's new Dukes Brown seems like Viking Dark to me. Anyone else tried this new snuff?
  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    @mrmanos Haven't tried that, but have you tried any recent batches of Viking Dark? It's still good, but definitely different.
  • @Hitsuzen I have some that arrived the other day actually. I think the batch changed mid-late last year some time. I only had one tin of the old and thats what made me buy it again though I absolutely love the new batches.
  • How has the dark changed? I still have 1.5kg or so that I got in 2015, so I'm not worried about buying more quite yet, but it would be interesting to know.
  • @Hitsuzen, haven't tried any VD lately, just V. Spear, which I really like. But I've noticed changes in batches of several different snuffs. The most recent was Dholakia African, which used to be similar to NTSU. Now, it's a completely different animal, reddish brown, fine ground, mentholated with a rather strange herbal note.
  • @Sandwhichlsles It has been awhile since I had the older Dark so its a little difficult to compare the two now. I think the new batch has a more pronounced figgy raisin scent. What I do know though is that the first lot made me jump straight back onto mrsnuff to order some more, when the new batch came i still had around 5g left, it wasnt majorly different just very subtle changes. I wouldn't worry too much its basically still the same snuff
  • Hmm, mine doesn't have any figgy notes or fruit going on. It smells like tarmac and creosote... amazing.
  • I bought two 500g tubs of viking dark and definitely noticed it was different than the older sample I had been given. Less smokey, and more fermented, creosotey kind of smell. still glad I bought it.
  • Just received 500g tub of V Brown. I've been comparing it with London Brown, SG KB Plain, and GH Kendal Brown. I detect differences, but they are more similar to one another than I would have thought. Maybe I'm not detecting the subtle differences, but to me, they are all more or less the same. I'm glad I like them because I have a pretty large supply. I'm thinking of adding some menthol crystals to small tins of the VB. And I mixed it with London Brown, which made a really good snuff, though it's all more or less Kendal Brown. Only a slight scent of perhaps citrus, or leather. At any rate, I like it/them a lot.
  • GilliatGilliat Member
    edited February 2017 PM
    @mrmanos As these are my favourite snuffs, and I have them in my daily rotation, I could say that they are indeed similar as in the same class but clearly different. Maybe I spent too much time with them, but I can differentiate without error. Viking Brown is the roughest, like a workhorse, while SG KB is more refined and elegant and SG London Brown even more, it has some that sweet chocolatey something hard to put a name on. If I had have to build a layered clasification based on sophistication it would be : Viking Brown->SG KB->SG LB->F&T Santo Domingo. I have the first 3 of them in perfectly identical containers ( some airtight pharmaceutical pillbottles) and I don't even label them anymore, I just randomly grab one of them and enjoy the surprise element.

    I never had GH KB, ( I was previously disappointed by other snuffs from them and strayed away from the brand) but I promise to put it on my next order, and give it a chance.
    Everything you do comes back to you! Respect Life, Share Peace, Live NOW!
  • @Gilliat, interesting categorization of these snuffs. I think you're right. I don't usually differentiate between the VB and the rest, but tonight I mixed equal amounts of London Brown and VB. The LB was a lot darker than the Viking. I mixed the snuffs together, and the result is pretty nice. The London Brown adds something for sure. Santo Domingo is definitely the most sophisticated of this type. I hoard my 50 gm tin of it, and only use it sparingly. Oh, try the GH KBs, they have 2, one scented, one original. They are both pretty nice, and compare well with the SG, VB,etc. I was pleasantly surprised. I too, had poor experiences with GH snuffs, but they were all in tap boxes, and pretty stale. I decided to give them another go, but only in 25gm size. The Ambassador is excellent! The Spartan is a menthol, but has some type of floral scent as well. I'm waiting for a couple more types to arrive from Mr S at the moment. I read an equal amount of pro and con reviews, but since I never really explored them myself, decided to try a few more. Give 'em another chance and you might find something you never knew you liked!
  • GilliatGilliat Member
    edited March 2017 PM
    @mrmanos , still haven't tried the GH KBs, but I will for sure. I currently have the Western Glory, Lakeland, Tia Maria opened and Ambassador is on its way to me. I am on my last tin of SG LB, and still searching to buy more, but can't find it anywhere online, so it seems stocks are depleted and I will have to live without it, which saddens me a lot. Will have to manage with Scotch Black, still have some 3 tins of it, but it is not the ideal replacement.
    LB has something that is a perfect mix of strenght, aroma, velvety nosefeel and its just PERFECT for me.

    F&T Santo Domingo survived the TPD axe, so I will maybe experiment mixing it with some VB to get that equilibrium. Although I am not yet at that stage of boredom or desperation when mixing snuffs could be a solution.

    Anyway, I am buying way too much snuff, I think I could survive at least 2 years with my current stash. Unless I discover another nostrils on my body which is improbable.

    Everything you do comes back to you! Respect Life, Share Peace, Live NOW!
  • Two years later and I'm still enjoying the Viking brown, and a 1 lb tub of Santo Domingo. It's my favorite dark plain snuff tho it isn't really plain. The scent is very subtle.
  • Update: I have always liked Viking Spear, and now I've found a way of turning Viking brown into V Spear with the addition of spearmint oil. I take a bit of paper towel, drip about 5 drops of the aforementioned oil on it, close the lid, wait till tomorrow, and voila! A near perfect recreation of the original. Well done!
  • Viking Browin is a great snuff. I love it. Especially during the cold months of the year. In the fresh air, while outside, the scents is just amazing and rather complex. :)
  • edited November 2019 PM
  • Might be my iPad, but this page does not display right.
  • Viking Dark and Viking Brown sit at the top of my list (VB in right now, nice with a glass of Red). I'll be getting some SG KB with my next order, thanks for the suggestion!
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